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The Breath of Air is one of five artifacts which were created when the great Blackrock Obelisk of Pagan shattered. It appears in Ultima VIII and is affiliated with the Titan Stratos.


Breath of Air
During the apparent conflict between the Titans and the "Destroyer," the Great Temple of Pagan was destroyed and the ceremonial blackrock obelisk within it sundered into five portions. One of these fragments fell to the lands of Argentrock Isle and became known as the "Breath of Air," as it was used as a source of power by the Titan Statos.

The Breath of Air held portion of Stratos' power, as it had been a part of the sacred column which had allowed the Pagans to summon her and her brethren into existence. Using it, the Titan could share her mystic powers with her adherents, enabling the devout to utilize the healing arts of Theurgy.

During their quest to leave Pagan, the Avatar stole the Breath of Air from Stratos, robbing the land of healing magic and severing the flow of energies which kept the ancient Stellos alive. They would later use the artifact against Stratos herself on the Ethereal Plane, destroying her that the hero might steal her powers and rebuild the Obelisk.


The first fragment, called the Heart of Earth, fell to Lithos, who keeps it in the fabled Pit of Death. Hydros set hers, the Tear of the Seas, on the floor of the ocean in a deep undersea city. The third fragment, the Breath of Air, is said to be on the island of Stratos' followers. A fourth fragment fell to the lands that became the cemetery, though many years later it was given to the first five Sorcerers and used to bind the Titan of Fire to their will.

There is considerable speculation about a fifth fragment. Apparently the tip of the great obelisk was seen hurling through the air almost entirely intact. However, no one ever saw the item land, so its location remains a mystery. Were all of the fragments to be gathered together and taken to an area near the location of the ancient Temple, it might be possible to recreate the effects of the obelisk. Of course, it to would still be necessary to fabricate a magical field of some sort to channel the energy from whatever source first gave the obelisk power.
- from The Destruction of the Temple (Ultima VIII: Pagan)


  • It's possible to render the game unwinnable by using the Breath of Air on Stratos prematurely. Doing so will teleport the Avatar to the Ethereal Void, whether or not the player is prepared for the endgame.

Forming the Blackrock Obelisk
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