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The Obelisk
The Obelisk of Pagan is a very powerful magical object. Not only is it capable of giving strength and power to other magical beings, but it is a gateway to other worlds; essentially, a Black Moongate.

The Obelisk was built by the Pagans of Blackrock at the Guardian's orders, to "create" the Titans to protect them from the "Destroyer." In reality, its purpose was to strengthen the Guardian's four elemental lackeys. After its creation, the Guardian ordered his worshippers to leave, then he travelled through it into Pagan and destroyed the gate afterwards, erasing all evidence of his involvement.

The Obelisk was smashed into five fragments: The Obelisk Tip, Tongue of Flames, Tear of Seas, Heart of Earth and Breath of Air.

It was the Avatar who recovered the fragments and pulled the Titans' power into them, recreating the Obelisk in the Ethereal Void in order to leave Pagan. The Obelisk led the Avatar to the Hallway of Worlds, which allowed the hero's return to Britannia.


The early days of the Great Temple were a dark time. The blood from the wars flowed freely as Pagan fought Zealan in the grand struggle of religious cleansing. Battles were planned and executed. Lives were lost all in the name of archaic beliefs. All the while, Pagans toiled daily to construct the Great Temple on the apex of Mount Morgaelin, as commanded by the benevolent being called the Guardian. The fear of the Destroyer was strong.

Years of sweat ultimately resulted the Temple's completion. There the Pagan leaders met to focus their energies into the worship of the Elementals. Tremendous magical forces were used to collect a strange black mineral and shape it into a large, dark obelisk. From inside the Temple, the followers channeled their thoughts through the obelisk to the four elements, giving them even greater power. Soon they had amassed enough energy to become the great Titans of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire.

The war continued, but now the Pagans had considerable assistance. Lithos moved the lands to trap the Zealans, while Hydros removed her waters from their reach. Pyros' fires raged and grew, fueled by the winds of Stratos. It was only a matter of attrition before the Zealans and their petty beliefs fell.Then came the Guardian's final words of warning: `Take your people and depart from the Temple. The Destroyer has come.'As the Pagans left the Temple, the red head of the Destroyer filled the darkened sky, its yellow orb-like eyes staring malevolently at the mountain top.

Then, out from those very eyes lightning shot out, striking the Temple. A few moments later and the great edifice was no more.The cry of shock was heard throughout the land. The Pagans pleaded for the aid of the Titans. They were not disappointed. The four Titans appeared to challenge the invader. The land was all but destroyed as rock, rain, wind, and fire hailed down from above. The battle was long and fierce.Finally, however, the Titans returned victorious. The land, though scarred from the terrible fight, was still theirs.There was nothing left of the Temple -- no ruins, no stones, no dust.
- from The Destruction of the Temple (Ultima VIII)

Forming the Blackrock Obelisk
The Pieces Obelisk Tip Heart of Earth Breath of Air Tongue of Flames Tear of Seas