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Salkind, from Ultima VIII
Species: Human
Ultima VIII
Location: Tenebrae

Salkind is the seneschal to Tempest Mordea. He appears in Ultima VIII


Salkind served as Mordea's right hand during her rule of Tenebrae, assisting her in her tyrannical campaign to silence and execute her detractors. An arrogant and self-serving man, he took delight in tormenting those beneath him, and on more than one occasion attempted to force himself upon the Tempest's handmaiden, Aramina.[1][2]

After the scholar Bentic discovered evidence that might invalidate Mordea's claim to the throne, Salkind was quick to assist his mistress in organizing the man's execution. Afterwards, he helped to imprison the rightful Tempest, Devon, and worked to hide the incriminating documents which called into question Mordea's birthright.[3] The Avatar, however, would eventually discover this evidence and would publicly denounce the Tempest, whereupon Salkind would then make a fatal blunder in claiming that the hero could not have found the work in question, as he had had it hidden.

With her secret revealed, Mordea murdered Salkind even as he begged for forgiveness, stabbing him in the chest with a dagger before casting him into the sea to be eaten by the Lurker's minions.


  • A search of Salkind's house will reveal that he has kept a book documenting all people who might be involved in "dealings or activities that may be construed to be dangerous or otherwise damaging to the City/State of Tenebrae." The tome contains the names of all NPCs in the area, save for Mordea and Salkind.[4]


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