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Long ago, on the planet Mars, there was a great civilization, which was composed, not of animals, but of sentient plants. This civilization reproduced by growing pods on non-sentient and non-mobile plants, these pods containing new Martians.

The Martians, when growing absorbed knowledge from the soil, this knowledge being transferred from the composted bodies of previous generations.

Like all things however, this civilization was doomed to end. The leader of the Martian Grove of Argyre, Raxachk, wanted power above all things. When he could not take economic control of the Martian civilization, he threatened to release a deadly plague that he claimed he had created. The other groves did not believe any being could be so ruthless. They were wrong.

In order to escape the plague, the Martians in Elysium, Hellas, and Argyre used the Dream Machines, to transfer their bodies into the Dream World, where they would live on, even after their real bodies died. The Cultivator of Hellas saved some viable seeds in a survival unit, preserving hope for the Martian race.

Unfortunately, due to his position as leader of Argyre, Raxachk was one of the survivors. With his own world devastated by his actions, he waited until the inhabitants of nearby Earth developed technology capable of crossing space to Mars. Using visions, he compelled Rasputin to launch the gun early, firing those people of Earth who might be capable of opposing him to his own world, Mars.

On Mars, the inadvertent explorers separated into groups. Rasputin led his followers to Argyre, where the majority were possessed by Raxachk's Martian servitors. He then continued his plans of conquest, now setting his sights on Earth. He had the city sealed by iron gates.

Percival Lowell's group went to Elysium. Like Rasputin's followers, they were possessed by Martians, who simply wanted to grow themselves new bodies, and then intended to release their unwilling hosts.

Jack Segal's followers went to Olympus, where they became very suspicious of the other groups, and began construction of a new Space Cannon home to Earth.

The Martians of Hellas continued their wait in their Dream Machine, hoping that a human sympathetic to their need would help them create new bodies.

On Earth, a new expedition, headed by Nikola Tesla, was formed, their mission, to find a way to bring the people of the first expedition back to Earth.

Useful & Invaluable Items[edit]


On Mars, the basic currency, and staple of existence is the Oxium Blob. Without their use, the character will be forced to accept decreases of three points in every ability score, slower attacks, and a much greater chance of being hurt. Oxium can be found in Blobs in the Storage Chamber in the Power Plant. Heavier Geodes containing as much as a hundred blobs can be found in ravines, and mines. These Geodes can be broken open with a hammer, and the oxium will be found inside. Oxium can also be purchased from Calamity Jane at the trading post, in both Blobs and Geodes, for large numbers of berries. Buffalo Bill will also take it in exchange for bullets or other useful items. The best source is the infinite supply in the power plant. Remember to find the route through the mine, as it is cut off from the main passage by steam jets once the plant is repaired.



See Martian Berries


See Weapons in Martian Dreams


See Armour in Martian Dreams

In the harsh conditions of the Martian deserts, thick warm clothing is needed to protect the party from the cold. Furthermore, the thicker clothing also provides some protection from the attacks of the local wildlife, although not as much as would Magic Armor. In general the heavier the clothing, the more effective it is as protection from the arctic conditions prevailing on Mars.

Rubber Gloves-These are not particularly good protection from the cold, but are useful for performing tasks involving electrical machines.

Other Useful Tools[edit]

While the above items are essential to complete the game, in as far as they allow simple survival on Mars, other items are necessary to perform tasks pertaining to the mission. The following are simple tools that may be obtained and used in the right places in order to ease the completion of the mission.

Wrench-Needed for attaching or fixing loose objects, one is available in the supplies for the 1895 expedition.

Spade-When items have been buried for concealment, or a hole must be dug in dirt or ice, or even loose gravel must be maneuvered into certain places, the spade, found in the initial 1895 expedition supplies is essential.

Pliers-This tool is essential for any electrical work performed on the mission. Like many tools they are located in the 1895 expedition supplies.

Tongs-While they may seem useless, tongs are an essential part of the long-range survival strategy. By holding these in the hand when any manipulation of radium metal is performed, the party member is prevented from suffering radiation poisoning.

Lead Box-This is simply the only way to carry radium chips for raygun ammunition without contracting radiation poisoning. It can be obtained from Marie Curie's lab in Olympus.

Lamp-The lamp, available in many sites on Mars, is used for light both by night and when underground. It consumes lamp oil, which comes in cans and is fairly heavy, so care should be taken not to leave it burning unnecessarily.

Tinderbox-This little box allows the easy ignition of lamps and torches. It does not have a limit on its use, which is a significant advantage over one-use matches.

Sextant-The sextant, found in the 1895 Expedition supplies, gives precise coordinates for any location on Mars when used.

Spyglass-The spyglass, found with the sextant, is used to peer along a certain direction in order to check for items of interest. It cannot be used near a forest of moving trees.

Tent-The tent allows protected rest during the cold Martian nights. They can be obtained from the Trading Post, or found in the initial supplies.

Weed Sprayer-This handy device allows the area dispersal of a liquid. If loaded with paint, it reveals invisible objects, and if loaded with weed killer will kill plants quite nicely. Note that much Martian life is vegetable rather than animal.

Ball Peen Hammer-This handy device is used to crack open Oxium Geodes to get at the goodies within. It can be found in the 1895 Expedition supplies.

The Traders[edit]

There are two locations where oxium can be traded for useful items. One is on the slopes of Olympus Mons, where weapons can be purchased from William Randolph Hearst. The other is the Trading Post, at Arsia Mons (13S, 129W), run by William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody and Calamity Jane. All prices are given as numbers of oxium blobs.

Randolph Hearst[edit]

Item Price
Spoons 10 Oxium
Revolvers 50 Oxium
Jewelry 20 Oxium per set of 4
Rifles 70 Oxium each
Drums(10) 30 Oxium
Sabers 20 Oxium
Candles 40 Oxium for 10

Calamity Jane[edit]

Item Price
Cowboy Hats 15 Oxium
  • purple
  • green
  • brown
  • 50 Oxium per 20
  • 50 Oxium per 20
  • 50 Oxium per 20
Thigh Boots 20 Oxium
Work Gloves 10 Oxium
Wool Pants 30 Oxium
Sheepskin Jackets 40 Oxium
Mufflers 10 Oxium

Buffalo Bill[edit]

Item Price
Pistol Rounds 10 Oxium for 10
Tent 50 Oxium
Shotgun Shells 20 Oxium for 10
Tinderbox 15 Oxium
Rifle Rounds 30 Oxium for 10
Weedkiller 30 Oxium
Elephant Gun Rounds 40 Oxium for 10
Lamp Oil 10 Oxium
Sling Stones 5 Oxium for 10
Arrows 10 Oxium for 12

Locations on Mars[edit]


Mars is a big place, and because the geography looks the same, it is easy to get lost. The map that comes with the game is invaluable, and the Sextant in the hold of the 1895 capsule is the most valuable item at the start of the game. The spyglass is also useful to check if there is something of interest in a given direction.

The starting location is at 27S, 146E, while the 1893 Landing was at 28S, 153W.

The Maps of Mars[edit]

Presented below are three maps for the planet Mars. In order to present a more detailed picture, all the maps have been rotated 90º counterclockwise, hence in all cases, North is to the left of the page.

The first map has no annotations. It shows the geography of Mars as it existed in the year 1895, including the canals and approximate locations of the forests, without any notations to obscure the details of the 'geology' (Areology?). Unfortunately, it was not possible to accurately convey the details of the Noctis Labyrinthus/Coprates Chasma canyon system on the maps used.

The second map marks the locations whose names are given during the mission. The map has numbers, which obscure the geographic details, and a Key following it.

The last map is annotated in a similar manner to the second. However it shows locations of relevance to the mission, which are not of sufficient size to be visible from planetary distances. Some of these locations are essential, others are merely points of interest. The key is likewise subsequent to the map and also contains additional brief notes about the places marked.

The Unannotated Map[edit]


The Geographic Map[edit]


  • The Key to the Geographic Map
1 Olympus Mons 22 Terra Sirenum
2 Alba Fossae 23 Albor Tholus
3 Tractus Catena 24 Tartarus Colles
4 Cerauntus Fossae 25 Elysium Mons
5 Tantalus Fossae 26 Hecates Tholus
6 Labeatis Fossae 27 Phlegra Montes
7 Tempe Fossae 28 Arcadia Planitia
8 Mareotis Fossae 29 Amazonius Planitia
9 Acidialia Planitia 30 Icaria Planum
10 Arabia Terra 31 Arsia Mons
11 Noachis Terra 32 Pavonis Mons
12 Terra Meridiani 33 Aonia Planum
13 Deueronilus Mensae 34 Ascraeus Mons
14 Syrtis Major Planum 35 Noctis Labyrinthus
15 Utopia Planitia 36 Xanthe Terra
16 Australis Tholus 37 Coprates Chasma
17 Hellespontus Montes 38 Argyre Planitia
18 Hellas Planitia 39 Nereidum Montes
19 Promethei Terra 40 Charitum Montes
20 Terra Tyrrhena 41 North Polar Icecap
21 Terra Cimmeria 42 South Polar Icecap

Definitions of Terminology[edit]

Most readers would correctly deduce that many of the names given to the geographic features of Mars come from Greek legend. However some of the recurring terms require some explanation:

  • Chasma: Canyon
  • Fossae: Ditches
  • Labyrinthus: Network of valleys
  • Mensa: Mesa
  • Mons: Mountain
  • Montes: Mountains
  • Planitia: Plain
  • Planum: Plateau
  • Tholus: Hill
  • Vallis: Valley
  • Valles: Valleys

The Mission Location Map[edit]


The Key to the Mission Location Map

In addition to the numbers, there are two types of smaller circle, one filled and the other unfilled. These denote the locations of bridges across the canals. The type of circle indicates the initial state of the bridge, which cannot be changed until the power is restored.

  • Filled Circle-These circles indicate bridges that are extended across the canals and can be crossed before the reactivation of the power.
  • Ring Circle-These rings show the locations of bridges that are initially retracted into the banks and which cannot be extended across the canals without power.
1 1895 Landing Site The starting location of the mission.
2 1893 Landing Site Site of the first manned landing on Mars.
3 Trading Post The best place to obtain the necessities for survival on Mars.
4 The City of Olympus The inhabitants are the only large group of humans who are not possessed by Martians. They are somewhat paranoid.
5 The City of Elysium Martians have possessed all the humans in this city. While arrogant and condescending, they are not hostile unless attacked.
6 The City of Hellas This city is has only one inhabitant, a man named Marcus. It has a berry garden, and a well-stocked laboratory
7 The City of Argyre The home of Raxachk, the insane Martian who killed his species, the human inhabitants of this city have been possessed by the maniac and his servants.
8 Power Plant This location is marked twice, as there are two underground entrances. The western entrance is much easier to use, as the eastern entrance leads into a complex maze of mines. Some of the equipment here must be repaired in order to restore the power for the Martian equipment. The facility also contains immense supplies of Oxium.
9 Syrtis Major Iron Mine The mine here is prone to cave-ins, but is the only available source of iron ore for major construction projects.
10 Polar Tower This is one of the towers designed to melt the North Polar Icecap to provide water to fill the canals. This tower has a broken motor.
11 Polar Tower This is another tower designed to melt ice. It has a broken lens.
12 Polar Tower This is the Master Control Tower of the ice melting system. As well as requiring the exact time to be input into the control panel to activate the system, the tower itself is completely choked with weeds.
13 Pumping Station The pumping station is the facility designed to fill the canals with the water from the melted icecaps. It contains the equipment required to seal a robot against water damage.
14 Cooter's Place The main supplier of the invaluable substance Oxium is Cooter McGee. This old mine in Noctis Labyrinthus is his chosen home.
15 Cooter McGee's Prison When Cooter refused to turn his supplies of Oxium and his maps to Rasputin, this old mine in Coprates Chasma is where he was imprisoned.
16 Gun Barge The Barge here is mounted with cannon. It was designed for a canal-based attack on the gates of Argyre.
17 Abandoned City Centuries before the extinction of the Martian race, this city was abandoned. There is nothing remaining here except dangerous plantimals.
18 Polar Laboratory This underground complex was used by the scientist Kaxishek in his project to design an indestructible body for his people. The entrance is sealed in the ice until the polar towers are restored.
19 Wormsbane Plants The plants in this area grow wormsbane seeds, which can be grown to repel some types of worms.
20 Berry Plants In this passage through Xanthe Terra, there are numerous berry bushes, which produce every type of berry except Rouge Berries.
21 Olympus Mons Mines The mines under Olympus Mons contain veins of coal. The deepest shafts also have supplies of radium and hostile cave worms. This is the site of the new Space Cannon.
22 Fortified Building This building contains a freeze ray gun and radium, which can only be obtained after the power is turned on. It is somewhat hazardous to approach due to the presence of Sand Leviathans near the building.
23 The Ruby Slippers In the valley running west into the icecaps, there is a formation of five stones:

Beneath the center stone (the white one in the diagram above) there is a patch of disturbed earth. Digging here will reveal the Ruby Slippers, which can solve every problem on Mars in three clicks of their heels.

The Canals and Bridges[edit]

The canals are a major obstacle for travelers, because they are impassable without the aid of a bridge or a barge. At the beginning of the game there are four bridges open, and four bridges closed and usable the locations are:

Locations of the Useable Bridges:

  • 10N, 111W
  • 4S, 121W
  • 25N, 121E
  • 36N, 163W

Locations of the Unusable Bridges:

  • 23S, 120W
  • 41S, 157W
  • 30S, 65E
  • 13N, 111W

The Cities of Mars[edit]


In the final years of Mars, four cities existed, all connected by a rapid transport system. With the dispersal of the personnel of the 1893 expedition, three of these have significant human populations.

Olympus 10N, 110W This city is inhabited by a suspicious group of individuals. They are VERY cautious about who the have dealings with. However the assistance of many of their people is required for the mission. They have nearly completed a new Space Cannon to return themselves to Earth.
Elysium 20N, 114E The city of Elysium is apparently inhabited by insane humans. They claim to be Martians, and are not cooperative with "humans". While not actively hostile, they are difficult to have dealings with.
Hellas 27S, 77E Hellas is the only city without a significant human population in 1895. The city has a well equipped laboratory, and a berry garden. There is also a sealed survival unit in the city, containing the last viable Martian seeds.
Argyre 31S, 107W This city is the hardest to enter of the four. It is ruled by Rasputin, whose raiders have helped create the paranoia of the other inhabited cities. Even the transport system does not allow access to the city, which has been sealed off from the outside world with a wall of solid steel.

The North Polar Towers[edit]

As Percival Lowell had theorized, the canals were designed to transport water melted from the polar icecaps across the deserts of Mars. The towers, with lenses of pure ruby, were designed to focus sunlight on the North Polar icecap, and melt the ice. There are three towers, each with a problem that must be corrected in order to allow the tower to resume its normal function.

  • 59N, 23W which is covered in weeds, and has the Tower Master Controls.
  • 55N, 125W which has a broken lens.
  • 55N, 100E which has a broken guidance motor.

Other Significant Locations[edit]

Several locations of significance exist elsewhere on the Martian surface.

Syrtis Major

10N, 71E

This mountain contains the only currently accessible vein of iron ore on Mars. It also is the current location of the three Explorers, Dr. David Yellin, Richard Sherman, and Major Greg Duprey.
Noctis Labyrinthus

20S, 113W

This is a maze of canyons, with several entrances, only one of which being listed above. Within the maze is the home of Cooter McGee, the only supplier of Oxium for the population. His underground home is entered at 12S, 81W.
The Power Plant

8N, 14W

This underground complex could generate and broadcast the power to operate much of the ancient Martian machinery, if it could be repaired. Outside the entrance is the main power transmitter tower, which could be damaged by the power surge if the power was restored. The cable required for repairing the tower is stored in the power station. To the east of the entrance there are caches of oxium and tobacco left by Cooter McGee.
The Pumping Station

18N, 167W

The ancient pumping station is riddles with steam leaks. It is quite possible that no human could even approach the main controls if the station was operating. The pumping station is also noteworthy for a device designed to seal the Martian robots for use in wet or humid conditions. If operating, it would fill the canals from the reservoirs filled by the northern towers.
North Pole Lab

50N, 112E

This complex is dug deep into the North Polar Icecap, and the entrance has been covered by the ice that has formed since the demise of the Canal system. It contains an operational robot, and records allowing the construction of mechanical bodies for a spirit to inhabit.

The Barges[edit]

The Martians used the canals for transportation as well as irrigation. By 1895, only four barges remain in an operational condition, sitting on the bottom of the canals.

Ordinary Barges 25S, 120W

8N, 162W

Two ordinary barges, with no special characteristics, survive.
The Cargo Barge 27S, 62E This large barge is equipped with rails to allow the transport of ore carts from the mines to manufacturing plants. It is large and slow.
The Gun Barge 4S, 9W The gun barge was originally designed to deal with the large aquatic worms that inhabited the canals and caused danger to shipping. It is currently close to Argyre, suggesting that it was used against the city during the final war. It is smaller than the other barges, and can easily reach up the small canal to the entrance of Argyre.


Beginning the Mission[edit]

Getting Equipped

Initially, you are at the 1895 landing site, with Spektor and Nellie Bly in your party. Talk to all the people for advice before doing anything else. In particular, get the prybar from Dallas Garrett. After talking to everyone, go to the hold, and equip the party from the cases. The following tools are essential, but there is much else of use.

The lamps

The tools in the carpet bag

The gear in the backpack

Next go to the door, and use the prybar on it. You will be asked the Martian Dreams Copy Protection questions by Nikola Tesla, that must be correctly answered before you may leave.

The first place to visit is the 1893 landing site to the east. Go there and collect the armour, weapons, weed sprayer, and weed spray. Ask Lt. Dibbs to join, as he knows many useful facts.

Dibbs' advice is to go to the trading post at Arsia Mons to equip for survival. This advice is good, and talking to the people there will send you on an important quest. This is the first part of the mission.

Rescue Cooter McGee

The quest is to find Cooter McGee, who is missing. Go to his place in Noctis Labyrinthus at 12S, 81W and find his note. Search through Coprates Chasma until you find an old mine. Cooter is trapped in the main shaft behind a barrier keeping off hostile worms. Accept his reward, and get the map. It shows the location of the Power Generators, which must be repaired.

Acceptance at Olympus

The citizens of the city of Olympus have become cautious to the point of paranoia in their dealings with the other inhabitants of Mars. In order to be given entrance to the city, a chit supplied by the gate guard must be signed by three people who the Olympians trust as being sane. The only three people outside the city are the three explorers, Dr. David Yellin, Richard Sherman, and Major Greg Duprey, last thought to be at Syrtis Major. Before making the journey, be certain that the party inventory includes a wrench.

Two of the explorers have been trapped in a mine just to the north of the canal spur leading to Syrtis Major. While a power drill is available to dig them out, the free member of the team, Yellin, does not have a wrench to assemble the device, whose parts are in the building to the west of the tracks.

To assemble the drill, move the drill from the box onto the base, and use the wrench. The drill can then be pushed along into the mine. When in the mine push the drill west at the turntable, and then north at the next junction. When the drill is against the cave in, use it to bore through the debris. When through, ask all the explorers for their signatures. Sherman will join the party in gratitude.

Repair the Power Systems[edit]


Reactivation of the Power Plant

Initially, no electricity or electrically powered device on Mars will operate. This is because the main generator has broken down beyond the mechanical maintenance crew's capacity for repair. This is the first important task required in order to complete the mission.

The generator station is marked on the map, to the north of Argyre. Inside talk to the mechanical men, and get the broken belt. Take the belt to Captain Trippet in Olympus. Trippet will fix the belt, so you can take it back to the power plant, and put it back onto the rollers. Next use a spade to move a pile of coal into the furnaces. If a huge lump of coal does not reach the end of the belt, move another pile of coal into a furnace. When a lump does reach the end, Stoker will place it into the furnace, and operation of the power plant will become self sustaining. In an eastern chamber there is a room full of oxium, so a reliable source of oxygen has been found. Unfortunately, there are steam jets from broken pipes that block the passageway out, so the exit must be reached through the coal mine.

Playing Electrician

Despite getting the generators working, no power is being broadcast by the towers. This is due to damage caused to the old cable of the main transmitting tower by the power surge as the generators became operational. To repair the tower, you need the cable from the crate in the antechamber to the oxium store room, and a pair of pliers. Go to the tower to the west of the power plant, and, while wearing rubber gloves, use the pliers on the cable to the tower top. This will allow the broadcast of power to all the Martian machinery.

The Dream Machine of Hellas[edit]

Visiting the Machine

A trip to Elysium will give the impression that the inhabitants are seriously insane, as they all claim to be Martians. However the sole inhabitant of Hellas, Marcus Chaney, tells a different story, warning that the other members of Percival Lowell's expedition have been trapped in the Dream Realm by Martians who have possessed their bodies. In order to investigate the situation and rescue them, the Dream Machine in Hellas must be repaired. Using a green berry and talking to the machine indicates what is required.

The Power and the Head Gear

The only available set of head gear is in the Dream Machine chamber in Olympus. The chamber is guarded by Legrand Antoine Couillard, a Mason who seeks word of his brother Jean, lost in the mines under Olympus Mons. If Jean's Masonic symbol is returned to him he will allow access to the chamber. Before leaving Olympus, go to Marie Curie's lab and borrow the lead box and a pair of tongs.

Journey into the Olympus Mons mines, north at the first intersection, then west and south. Eventually you will find the rockworm lair, where Jean is dying. Kill the rockworms, and take the Masonic Symbol and all the radium, using the tongs and placing it in the lead box. At least one large Chunk of Radium is required to power the Dream Machine, while the small chips can be used for raygun power. There is a raygun down a side passage.

Returning the symbol to Legrande allows access to the dream machine chamber where the head gear lies on the floor.

The Panel and the Repairing

In order to get a control panel for the Dream Machine, a trip into the tunnels under the Olympus canal is required. A panel can be detached from the useless systems under the canal, and taken to Thomas Edison, who will modify it to operate a Dream Machine.

Once the three required components are collected, go to Hellas and cross the canal to the Dream Machine. The panel should be used on the console table, and the wrench used to fasten it in place. With tongs equipped, the chunk of radium should be used on the machine, then the head gear used. Green berries will now indicate that the machine only needs a dreamer to operate.


In the Hall of Dreams

When you use the Dream Machine, you will appear in a Hall, with five monoliths. Remember that in the Dream Realm, escape is possible by simply talking to yourself, and death only awakens the dreamer. The first four monoliths are the prisons of several members of Percival Lowell's expedition, while the last is the refuge of a city of Martians. Go to the bottom right monolith and use it to visit the Martians of Hellas Grove, who can give much useful advice and information. Pay particular attention to the history.

The Growth and Birth of a Martian

The top left monolith is the prison of George Washington Carver. He is trapped unless he undergoes the life cycle of a Martian, but has been unable to do so because of hostile worms. Follow his instructions, and protect the plant from all harm until the pod is ripe, and then cut it open to free Carver.

The War of the Wells

The top right monolith contains the nightmare prison of Herbert George Wells. Collect the green paint and wander the maze, using dream material until you have collected the weed sprayer, the pistol ammunition, and the revolver. Put the green paint in the weed sprayer, and follow the path to the vertical wall, and go up to it exactly between the flags.

At the top, talk to Wells, then use the weed sprayer on the footprints to reveal the Proto-Martians. Kill them with the revolver.

Power to the People

The bottom left monolith houses the prison of Nikolai Lenin. To free him, and solve his accounting problem by dividing the money into 25 piles of ten roubles each. Give the excess funds and the gem to Lenin for the state to use for the benefit of the people.

Bull in a China Shop

After entering the prison of Louis Comfort Tiffany, run off the edge of the cliff and fall downwards until hitting the spikes. Once recovered, get the red rug and ready it as a weapon. Go to the china shop and use the rug to lure the minotaur out the northern exit, and close it. Do not drop the rug off the edge of the landscape as the minotaur stops chasing it and goes back into the shop.

The Growth of a Martian

As the reader should have realized, the Martians of Elysium have possessed the bodies of humans in order to grow Martian bodies for themselves to use. Unfortunately, they do not have access to viable seeds, as the plague destroyed them before they could be placed into save storage.

Requirements for Growing a Martian:

In order to grow a Martian body, the following items are required:

  • a bucket
  • a spade
  • a machete
  • a live Martian seed
  • nitrogen
  • phosphorus
  • potash
  • a chunk of ice

Initiating the Growth Process

Before any agriculture is possible, a trip to a polar icecap with the bucket and spade is required. Dig a chunk of ice from the icecap and put it in the bucket to melt into water. In order to obtain the viable seed, a container of oil is required to remove the rust from the automatic door of the storage unit in Hellas. The oil can be found in many of the old Martian complexes, such as the Syrtis Major mines or the Power Station.

The chemicals can be found in the lab in Hellas.

To grow the seed, dig a hole in any dirt with the spade. Drop the seed into the hole and use the spade to put the dirt back over the seed. Pour the bucket of water over the seed, and then use the chemicals as fertilizers: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potash. This initiates the growing process of the pod plant from the seed.

Plans are Bearing Fruit

The seed will take about nine days to grow, and while constant attendance is not required, at least three visits to the site are required for the growth to continue. Once there is a ripe pod on the plant, use the machete to cut it open, and move the Martian body into the Dream Machine chamber.

Use the Dream Machine personally, and visit the Hellas leader Prektesh, who will insist on entering the new body. Leave the Dream-World and place the Martian Body in the Dream Machine. Use it to transfer the mind of Prektesh into the body.

The Ancient Evil Remains

While the ancient airborne plague has apparently subsided, like many Earth diseases, it has merely settled into a dormant phase until it can enter a new host. Unfortunately for Prektesh, the plague is now in the soil, and thus in his new body. It also retains its original deadly character. When Prektesh dies, take his body to the Martian leader of Elysium, Tekapesh, who can be convinced to allow access to the Elysium Dream Machine and thus to leave the bodies of the trapped humans.

The Dream Machine of Elysium[edit]


Auction at the O.K. Corral

The prison of Wyatt Earp is the north-west obelisk. Within the dream, fight the Proto-Martians and then recover the money from the bodies of your companions. Leave the chamber and follow the path to the auction. Bid on the grey horse, and free him from his nightmare.

Another occupant of this dream is an old friend named Smith the Horse, with his usual out-of-date clues.

The River of Time

Samuel Clemens is trapped in the north-east obelisk. By guiding the barge to the dream stuff and using it, brown berries can be obtained, which reveal the hidden reefs. Maneuver the barge down the river and collect 25 pages, which should be given to Clemens. Continue to the end of the river and post his manuscript.

Crunch - The Movie

Georges Méliès, actor and producer, is in the smallest set in history, with the only exit rusted shut. Each step on a pale square causes the walls to contract. To open the door, go to the far side of the set, get the dream stuff, and use it to create some oil. Take the oil back across the set and use it on the door.

Across the Sea of Stars

The final obelisk is the prison of Percival Lowell. Use telekinesis to get the winged sandals, and use them to fly to out through the Solar System to Uranus. En route, collect the Bow and Arrow and the Mirror. Speak to Lowell, and then attack the monster with the bow and arrow. Move past the charmed monster and fly Southwest to Pluto. Use the mirror to signal Lowell.

Freedom From the Nightmare

Once all of Lowell's expedition members are free from their nightmares, return to Tekapesh, and convince him that you will search for a better alternative to the plantal bodies for the trapped Martians. He will release the humans, who can now assist in completing the mission.

More Martian Exploration[edit]

Breaking the Ice

In order to fill the canals of Mars, water must be available. Unfortunately, the polar towers designed to melt the ice have failed over the centuries, and must be repaired.

Items Required for Tower Repair

In order to begin the process of repairing the towers, a journey to the towers in order to retrieve the damaged components is required. The party should already have collected the weed sprayer. The items required are:

  • The broken guidance motor, from the tower at 55N, 100E, to the north of Elysium.
  • The broken lens, from the tower at 55N, 125W, to the north of Olympus.
  • The weed sprayer, from the 1893 landing site. It must be loaded with weedkiller.
  • A pocket watch.

Finding the Fix-it Men

While the party has a variety of skills and equipment, it does not possess the knowledge or tools required to repair either the motor or the lens. The motor, a DC design, can be best repaired by Thomas Edison, who lives in Olympus. The only man on Mars with the glassworking skills to repair the lens is Louis Comfort Tiffany, who inhabits the city of Elysium.

Repairs and Consequences

Once all the items required have been obtained and repaired, a visit to each of the towers is necessary. Use the repaired lens and motor on the towers they came from, then travel to the last tower. Use the weed sprayer to kill the vines choking the tower, then enter the control room. Use the pocket watch to find the exact time, and use the panel to enter the time in 24 hour standard as a four digit figure.

While the towers are now melting the ice, the canals will not fill until the connection between the water reservoirs and the canals is opened in the pump station.

The operation of the towers does melt enough ice to allow access to the secret lab.

Building Better Bodies the Martian Way[edit]

The Mad Scientist

During the great plague that exterminated most life on Mars, there was an eccentric scientist named Kaxishek. Infected with the plague, he reasoned that its progress would be slowed by cold, so constructed a laboratory under the northern icecap. There he constructed an artificial metal body, immune to the plague. However he lacked one raw material required to complete the body, and so failed to save his race.

The Secret Laboratory

Under the ice north of Elysium, this lab contains both the incomplete prototype of an indestructible metal body for the Martians and the robot that is designed to prepare the final component.

The robot, Cutter, is inactive due to lack of power, but using a radium chip to reactivate it is simple. Cutter states the need for a gem of Azurite, which it can cut into a Heartstone, the last component required for the prototype body to be useable.

For Want of a Gem...

There is only one man on Mars who is concerned enough with money to collect items of no survival value. William Randolph Hearst has the azurite gem required for the prototype, but demands a pointless task before relinquishing it.

In order to earn the gem, a camera must be retrieved from the peak of Olympus Mons. One of the slopes that can be climbed up is behind Hearst's shop, the other is on the other side of the mountain. Large quantities of ammunition for rifles and elephant guns is required, as there is a large tribe of Proto-Martians on the top of the mountain, who will defend their territory with insane violence. After dealing with them, the camera must be returned to Hearst. Despite the apparent terms of the bargain, he will provide a photographic plate from the camera. The plate must be taken to Georges Méliès in Elysium, who is the only person with the expertise to develop it. The developed photo can be returned to Hearst and exchanged for the azurite.

Success ... or Not ?

When the Azurite gem is returned to Cutter, it can cut it into a Heartstone, which is simple to install in the prototype. The heavy device can then be taken to Hellas, where a trip into the dream machine is required to convince Ambassador Chsheket that the new body is indestructible. Putting the body in the dream machine and using it transfers Chsheket back onto the real Mars, where she joins the party.

It is all very well for the Martians to have artificial, robotic bodies. However the devastation of Mars means that their best option is to return to Earth with the expeditions, and very few humans will accept something as different as the new bodies.

Sarah Bernhardt in Olympus could make a dye to mimic the colour of human flesh, but the only berries suitable for the purpose are found in Argyre, which has been sealed off by Raxachk

Canals and Iron - The Space Cannon[edit]


The Filling of the Canals

The ice is melted, but the canals are empty. A trip to the Pumping Station is in order. There is only one small problem - the valve is closed.

The wheel that controls the valves must be turned in order to fill the canals. However the ancient pipes are cracked and leaking, spraying superheated steam across the only route to the wheel. No human could possible survive to reach the wheel, much less turn it to refill the canals. Fortunately, the party now has a member capable of surviving such adverse and hostile conditions. Chsheket can walk through the steam in order to turn the wheel, as her joints are sealed against intrusion.

There is also a sealant device in the complex, which creates a coating that mimics the texture of human flesh. If coloring was available, it could be used to simulate the appearance of human flesh for the metal Martian bodies.

Iron and Water Go Together

The playing out of the iron ore vein in the Olympus Mons mines has halted the construction of the Space Cannon being built there. There is iron ore in the mines at Syrtis Major, which must be extracted and transported on the cargo barge back to the Space Cannon project in the Olympus Mons mines. You must find the vein of Iron Ore in the east branch of the Syrtis Major mines, and use the drilling machine to dig it out. The ore should be put into a mine car with a spade, until the car is full. Note that maneuvering the car on the rails required the turntables in both mines to be repaired using the wrench. When the car is filled, it should be taken down the rail to the canal, and taken by cargo barge to Andrew Carnegie in the Olympus Mines. The trip is somewhat hazardous, as the barges are vulnerable to attack by canal worms and any passing animal or plant on the shore.

Finding the Fire

Once the iron ore is delivered to Andrew Carnegie, he requires the retrieval of the Phlogistonite propellant from the 1893 landing site. Once the site is reached, it becomes apparent that the phlogistonite has been stolen, leaving only a metal band as a clue. Taking the band and reporting this to Carnegie gains the suggestion that the band be taken to Theodore Roosevelt, the informal policeman of the Olympus settlement. If a microscope is retrieved for him from the laboratory at Hellas, he can identify the fingerprints on the band as belonging to Rasputin, the leader of Argyre.

Robert E. Peary, Roosevelt's roommate can assist by suggesting the use of steel cannonballs to destroy the gates of Argyre so that the phlogistonite can be retrieved. Carnegie can manufacture the steel cannonballs, which can be used in the cannon of the small gun barge to blast down the gates of Argyre.

City of the Insane

Inside Argyre, it becomes apparent that, like the inhabitants of Elysium, Martians have possessed the people. Rasputin himself is the victim of the ancient maniac Raxachk.

Raxachk reveals that the phlogistonite has been hidden in the Dream-World, and returning it will create a cataclysm capable of destroying both the Dream World and the surface of Mars. With the phlogistonite beyond reach unless the Martians can be freed from their ancient prison, the only items that can be retrieved are the rouge berries for making dye.

The Body of Success

Given the rouge berries retrieved from Argyre, Sarah Bernhardt can make a dye to colour the rubber sealant used in the pumping station. As demonstrated by testing the coating on Chsheket, the problem of camouflaging the Martian's new bodies is solved.

The help of Jack Segal and the people of Olympus is enlisted to free the other Martians from the Dream World. Without the Martians being unwitting hostages to protect Raxachk's control of the phlogistonite, an attempt at retrieval is now feasible.

Defeating the Plans of Insanity Incarnate

Upon the return to Argyre, it is clear that Raxachk is gone, freeing Rasputin. He has set his plans for the conquest of Earth into motion. The only way to stop him is to pursue him back into the Dream World, and defeat him there.

The Nightmare of the Avatar - Falsehood

In the Dream World, an old enemy is waiting. Faulinei, Shadowlord of Falsehood, has returned for a rematch with the foe that defeated him at the Lycaeum in Britannia.

The Shadowlord proposes a simple test, with failure entailing service to him, and victory allowing passage onwards. All that must be done is the successful telling of the identity of a false Dr. Spector, and the real Dr Spector.

While no clues are given in conversation, the false Dr Spector casts a Martian reflection in a mirror, while the true Spector has a human reflection. Simply tell the false Spector he is a liar in order to open the door and pass the challenge.

The Nightmare of the Avatar - Hatred

Past Faulinei waits Astaroth, the Shadowlord of Hatred. Like his brother he offers a challenge: to find an expression of love to defeat the Hatred in the test.

Once in the challenge, use all the dream stuff until the magical healing potion has been created. Find and speak to the Martian, then use the healing potion on him.

The Nightmare of the Avatar - Cowardice

Last and deadliest of the Shadowlords, Nosfentor waits for the Avatar to pass her brothers. Passing her challenge will allow Raxachk to be confronted.

The test severely injures the Avatar, who must endure the pain and run up the gauntlet of traps, and attack the Giant Maw, which is killing the three explorers.

Dealing with a Maniac

When confronted, Raxachk is willing to release the Phlogistonite if three simple challenges are met. Each is a trial by combat, against progressively more dangerous foes. Each arena has quantities of dream stuff, which can be used to create weapons, ammunition and useful items. The berries created in each test are essential.

While there is no easy way of confronting the opponents in the first two combats, which are jumping beans and ammonoids, the purple berries of the second test allow the easy defeat of the Giant Maw that is the third test.

By using the berries, then using telekinesis to shape the other dream stuff in the test, an elephant gun and brown berries can be created and retrieved without triggering an attack. By using the brown berries, the hidden monster can be found and dispatched from a distance, without exposing oneself to attacks by the tentacles.

Once the challenges are defeated, Raxachk reneges on the deal. After all, "I have constructed this citadel to be too strong for any weapon your pitiful race can imagine to penetrate. Even if you had the mental power to gather your own dreamstuff, your race will be unable to imagine a weapon powerful enough to harm me for a hundred years or more." Oops.

Overconfidence Costs

In his arrogance, Raxachk has neglected to determine the origin of the Avatar. Worse, he has underestimated the inventiveness of the human race when it comes to creating new and better weapons.

While the Avatar cannot produce dream stuff from the void, it is possible to access the hoard belonging to Raxachk himself. By using a brown berry to see the switch, and a purple berry to use it, it is possible to enter the chamber containing the dream stuff hoard. By using all three berry types at once, it is possible to extract a piece of dream stuff from the hoard.

Using the dream stuff allows the creation of the M60 Machine Gun. This weapon can slice through the walls of Raxachk's citadel to strike a target inside with chilling ease, and against living flesh there are few weapons to compare with it. Killing Raxachk is the only way to stop him from conquering Earth.

End Run

With the defeat of Raxachk and the retrieval of the phlogistonite from the Dream World, Mars begins to shake with a tremendous series of earthquakes. The phlogistonite must be returned to Andrew Carnegie in the Olympus Mons mines.

The rapid transport system will hold together long enough for the trip back to Olympus, and the passage under the canal will not collapse.

Returning the phlogistonite to Carnegie completes the mission, and allows the return to Earth, along with the disguised Martians.


There are other powers than those possessed by the ancient Martians and Raxachk. The Orb of the Moons uses such a power. The limitless potential of Magic can solve many problems, and when dreams can become reality, who knows what other artifacts may exist, just waiting to be found and used?

The Ruby Slippers of Oz

Near the southern polar icecap, in the geographical location 57S, 49E, there are five stones laid out in a pattern similar to a reversed number 3. Under the center stone, there is a patch of disturbed earth. Digging here will reveal the Ruby Slippers.

There's No Place Like Home...

In order to solve all the problems of Mars in a short interval, use the slippers three times in order to click the heels together. Then simply agree to see the end of the mission. Of course it is far more satisfying to solve one's own problems, without recourse to strange magic, but they ARE useful.

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