Dream Machines

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A Dream Machine
Dream Machines are used by the Martians of Mars to enter the Dream-World.

They were essential in saving the minds of the Martians after Raxachk had released a plague that killed their bodies. However, Raxachk himself used them millenia later to swap the minds of Martians into human bodies, leaving the human minds in the Dream-World.

In Martian Dreams the Avatar had to use these machines to return the correct minds to the correct bodies, before finally confronting Raxachk in the Dream-World, to defeat him once and for all. Four such machines were encountered.

The one in Olympus had been destroyed by the refugees after some Martians took over bodies, leaving only it as a source of replacement parts. The machine in Hellas was in need of repairs and by using psychmetric powers, the Avatar learned how to do it and made contact with the Martians in the Dream Realm. The machine in Elysium was under Martian control and only after proving good intentions, the Avatar was allowed to use it to free those trapped in their dreams.

The last machine was located in Argyre and only became accessible, after Raxachk had fled the physical world. The Avatar used it to defeat the megalomaniac Martian once and for all.


As astounding as the Martian groves, factories, and canals are, nothing excited the members of 1893 expedition more than the mysterious dream machines. No one is really sure what purpose these devices served, but users reportedly experienced strange, dreamlike visions (hence the name "dream machine"). Nothing more is known about these devices — among the few machines still functioning when the Lowell expedition arrived on Mars.

Shortly after the first reports were beamed to Earth concerning the dream machines, Lowell described a breakdown in communication among various groups of humans. The once united expedition degenerated into several bickering factions. Little more is

known about events on Mars. No one knows if there is any connection between the dream machines and the disintegration of the 1893 expedition — shortly after these reports reached Earth, communication ended.The dream machines appear to be at the heart of several mysteries. We must investigate, but cautiously...