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Rock Worms
Rock Worm from Martian Dreams manual
Only appearance: Martian Dreams

Rock Worms are the most dangerous enemies encountered in the underground of Mars. Not only have they grown to huge size, they are also very fast, heavily armoured and can kill a lesser man with one bite. Even worse, their skin is coated with acid!

Their size is likely due to their habit of making their homes near the element, radium, which makes it unfortunately difficult to acquire.


These gigantic tube worms live coiled up under the earth with only a hard, slime-covered tube visible at the surface. The tubes are made of a caustic material regurgitated by the worm. This same acidic ooze coats and lubricates the rockworm's body, allowing it to emerge with startling speed from its subterranean resting place. The slightest vibration on the surface draws the rockworm out. The speed of its attack, the caustic ooze and a horrible thorny maw make each rockworm a threat. Making matters worse, rockworms tend to clump together in colonies and can be vicious when provoked. They are best left undisturbed whenever possible.

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