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Hellas greenhouse
Hellas is an old martian city on the Mars of the late 19th century, located at 27S 77E.

Hellas had once been known as the most beautiful city of Mars, but when Raxachk released the plague, everything fell apart, and the inhabitants fled to the dreamscape. The Avatar in Martian Dreams found a human hermit named Marcus Chaney in the ruins, and with his help, the Avatar managed to contact the inhabitants after repairing the Dream Machine. The martians had decided to not try and steal human bodies, as the martians of Elysium had done. Instead, they had a plan for re-growing martian bodies.

However, growing new bodies for them failed, as the plague had moved to the soil, leading to Prektesh's death. So in turn the Avatar created mechanical bodies, which the martians then used to re-locate to Earth.



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