Richard Sherman

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Richard Sherman
Richard Sherman, from Martian Dreams
Species: Human
Martian Dreams
Location: Syrtis Major
MD Transcript: Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman, originally from Philadelphia, is an explorer who became stranded on Mars in Martian Dreams.


After his arrival in the ill-fated first capsule, Sherman, together with Dr. David Yellin and Major Greg Duprey went out to explore the Syrtis Major mines in search of iron ore for the construction of Andrew Carnegie's space cannon. This nearly turned to disaster when a cave-in trapped Sherman and Major Duprey deep within the mines.[1]

The Avatar was able to free the trapped explorer with the assistance of a Martian drilling machine, and after being rescued, Sherman gladly joined the hero's party. Sherman vouched for the hero's sanity, allowing the hero to pass Nathaniel Peters and enter Olympus, and further agreed to join the Avatar's party, hoping his knowledge of the local geography would be of help. He explained that Olympus was busy with building the space cannon, but had a steel shortage. He also explained how they'd put markers at interesting locations throughout the land, explaining the location of the many bridges which crossed the canals.[2]

Sherman decided to leave the group when Chsheket was finally transferred into her metal body, saying that she was now a much better guide than he could be. He instead chose to rejoin his friends Dr. Yellin and Major Duprey, eventually returning to Earth with the construction of the new space cannon.


  • Richard Sherman is the Martian Dreams incarnation of the Avatar's companion, Shamino.


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