Lt. Dibbs

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Lt. Dibbs
Lt. Dibbs, from Martian Dreams
Species: Human
Martian Dreams
Location: 1893 Landing Site
MD Transcript: Lt. Dibbs

Lt. Dibbs is a Lieutenant in Her Majesty's Black Horse Guard. He was the commander of the ceremonial guard at the British exposition and thus in the capsule when it was launched by sabotage.


The Avatar found Dibbs at the 1893 landing site in Martian Dreams, where the Lieutenant had been waiting for someone from a rescue mission for a month. He told the Avatar that the main problems on Mars would be the cold nights and the lower oxygen level. He then introduced the group to oxium, explaining how it helped to solve the second problem.[1]

Lt. Dibbs suggested that the Trading Post would be the next logical location, telling its coordinates. Then he went on to recount how numerous people in Olympus had seemingly gone mad by using the Dream Machines, going to Elysium, making the people of Olympus completely paranoid of "tainted" folk as a result -- this being the reason why Dibbs himself couldn't return. He added that work on a new space cannon was in progress there. On Argyre, he added that he didn't trust Rasputin in the slightest.[2]

He then gave the Avatar the coordinates to the various locations he knew of, before joining the party. His experience as a soldier helped him to act as the group's tank in battle, also he was key in recommending the hero speak to Captain Trippet about repairing the conveyor belt


While all of our party were fine, upstanding men, willing to face anything, some of them had more combat experience and thus were more useful to the party as front-line fighters. Lieutenant Dibbs was an excellent fighter at range, and a good shot, but tended to be a bit overenthusiastic when he closed with an enemy. He sometimes forgot that he was holding a weapon and moved in hand-to-hand!


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