Dr. Spector

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Dr. Spector
Dr. Spector, from Martian Dreams
Species: Human
Martian Dreams
Location: 1895 Landing Site
MD Transcript: Dr. Spector
Savage Empire
Dr. Spector, from Savage Empire
Location: Kotl
SE Transcript: Dr. Spector

Dr. Spector (full name Johann Schleimann Spector) is a friend of the Avatar on Earth, and as his title suggests, an academic. He also is an archaeologist and adventurer. He appears in Savage Empire and Martian Dreams.


Spector as "Zipactriotl"
Spector was thrown to Eodon some time before the Avatar, with his assistant Fritz. He went insane after an encounter in the ancient city of Kotl, starting to have world-conquering plans, which included putting the usurper Huitlapacti on the throne of the Nahuatla Tribe by granting him invulnerability.

Dr. Spector was at first going by by his Nahuatla-equivalent name, "Zipactriotl" (pronounced Zee-pack-tree-OT-tl). The Avatar had to restore Spector's mind by shutting down the control panel in Kotl, before he would help on the quest (prior to this, the insane Doctor was actually a threat). After the Myrmidex threat was ended, he returned to Earth along with the Avatar. [1]

Spector also stood at the Avatar's side after they both received a mysterious package that showed a photo of both of them in the past. He was very helpful in the quest on Mars 100 years in the past, being the brains of the party. Dr. Spector assisted the Avatar with repairing the electric towers that supplied Mars, locating the essential clue that proved Rasputin was responsible for stealing the Phlogistonite, and assisting with the construction of the Martian bodies. He returned to the present with the Avatar once their mission was completed.[2]


Doctor Spector, another fine friend, did not have much combat or target shooting experience. We found it better to let him keep to the rear of our formation and let others do most of the fighting.



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