Party Members in Savage Empire

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This table shows all the possible Party Members in Savage Empire.

Portrait Name Tribe Class Location Notes Str Dex Int Lv
Triolo Kurak Shaman Right at the start in the Kurak Tribe. Only magic-user in the game.
Begins with a Bow, 29 Arrows, pouch (turnips, 12 berries, 6 beans, 4 tortillas), pouch (10 yopo, 10 pinde, 10 chocolatl, totem of Aphazz, totem of Motazz, totem of Heluzz)
20 26 17 7
Dr. Rafkin - Scientist In the center. Can use the laboratory to create things, can identify minerals.
Begins with no equipment.
8 14 29 6
Jimmy Malone.png
Jimmy Malone - Journalist Found as prisoner in the Disquiqui Tribe. Begins with a self-updating notebook and a camera. 16 23 20 2
Aiela Kurak Warrior Joins automatically.
Found as prisoner in the Urali Tribe.
Begins with a giant gem 19 28 22 5
Shamuru Barako Warrior In the Barako Tribe. Begins with Leather Armour, Bow, 36 Arrows, pouch (1 berry) 21 23 18 6
Dokray Pindiro Warrior In the Pindiro Tribe.
Won't join if Ugyuk is in the party.
Begins with Atl-atl, 5 Spears, Obsidian Knife, Axe, 2 meat 26 20 17 5
Dr. Spector - Scientist Joins automatically.
Hostile until power is out in Kotl.
Begins with no equipment. 14 18 27 7
Yunapotli - Automaton Entrance to Kotl. It is immortal in Kotl, however dies once power is out.
Begins with no equipment.
25 12 15 8
Kysstaa Sakkhra Sakkhra Directly behind chief of the Sakkhra tribe. Presence will cause trouble in the Barrab Tribe, if entering their village.
Begins with no equipment.
27 22 18 5
Ugyuk Haakur Neanderthal In the Haakur Tribe.
He won't join if Dokray is in the party.
Begins with 1 spear. 30 22 8 8

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