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Dokray, from Savage Empire
Species: Human
Savage Empire
Location: Pindiro Tribe
SE Transcript: Dokray

Dokray is a warrior, and member of the Pindiro Tribe in Savage Empire.


The strange light of recognition glinted in Dokray's eyes when he first met the Avatar. Dokray explained to the Avatar that he was not originally a member of the Pindiro tribe, but had been adopted by them several months ago. He had no recollection of his time before he appeared in the mountains of Eodon, but found the name Dupre oddly familiar. He told the Avatar how he had been trying to unite the tribes against the Myrmidex threat, but the different chiefs had refused to listen to him. He was also familiar with Intanya, and highly respected the shaman of the Kurak Tribe.[1]

Dokray had a passionate hatred of Ugyuk of the Haakur Tribe, and the two had fought many times in the past. Dokray refused to join the Avatar if Ugyuk was in the hero's party.



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