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Chsheket, from Martian Dreams
Species: Martian
Martian Dreams
Location: Dream-World
MD Transcript: Chsheket

Chsheket may look like a red-haired human woman, but she actually is a female Martian in a metallic body. She plays a major role in Martian Dreams.


Her plant body died a long time ago, while her spirit was trapped in the Dream-World, acting as the ambassador of Hellas. The Avatar and the party constructed a metallic body for her spirit to return to reality, since a plant body couldn't be regrown, which was made clear after the horrible end of Prektesh. Thankful, she accompanied the party on their quest, helping reinstitute the water supply of Mars in the pumping station, since her body was very strong and immune to many adverse conditions.[1]

Chsheket's body later was perfected to look fully human with the help of Sarah Bernhardt's skill with makeup. Dr. Spector, blushing at her nudity, provided clothes. She left Mars after her remaining people got shells like hers and, 100 years later, she met the Avatar and Dr. Spector to give them instructions on how to begin the quest by travelling into the past with the Orb of the Moons in order to close the time loop.


Chsheket visits the Avatar in the Martian Dreams introduction
The original painting
  • Curiously, Martian berries are able to affect her, despite her metallic form.
  • Her uncovered shell strongly resembles the female robot from the 1927 film, Metropolis.
  • The original paining of Chsheket in the intro (before it was digitalised) can be seen on the right.


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