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Trainers are those who specialize in instructing others in the art of battle, weapons' use, practical skills or magical knowledge. Such individuals help those seeking to hone their proficiency at such tasks in meeting the goals they desire, and repeated visits to trainers are crucial for adventurers in need of expertise in molding their experience into usable techniques.



In the earlier days of Sosaria, personal aptitudes at the arts of fighting and magic were often gained through gnostic experience, rather than through practice and training. During these times, skills could be increased through pilgrimages to the great monuments of the age or through tributes offered to the Magic Shrines of Ambrosia. Later, during the time of the Britannian Age of Enlightenment, such devotions shifted to the Eight Virtues, and aspirant seekers would meditate at the shrines of virtue when in need of boons to their talents.

It was only later, during the declines of the Age of Armageddon, that basic instructional training replaced the evocations of old, with the world perhaps having slid too far from grace to manage the miracles that previous eras had enjoyed.


Ultima VII[edit]

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Ultima Underworld II[edit]


Serpent Isle[edit]

Ultima VIII[edit]

Ultima IX[edit]


In this game, each of the five weapon styles has four techniques, one the Avatar knows at the start and three that he may learn. The trainers below have to be visited in the order listed to learn the techniques for each of the weapon categories. A corresponding level in Dexterity is required to learn each technique.

One-handed weapons

Two-handed weapons

  • First: Chop technique known at start.
  • Second and third: spin-shot and low-fake-shot techniques from Duncan in Moonglow teaches the first two techniques.
  • Fourth: throw and return technique can be found in the underwater tomb of Sir William Lett west of Yew in a book.


  • First: Single Arrow shot known at start.
  • Second: Triple Arrow shot from Leon in Britain.
  • Third: Fire Arrow shot from Raliegh in Yew.
  • Fourth: cloud of death technique from Iolo east of Britain (if still alive).


  • First: Stab technique known at start.
  • Second: Vault technique from Peg-leg Joe in Paws.
  • Third: Sweep technique from Raphael in Trinsic.
  • Fourth: Defensive Spin technique from Bakura west of Yew.

Unarmed combat

  • First: Punch technique known at start.
  • Second, Third, Fourth: Kick, Head Butt, Back-Flip techniques from Phineus in Buccaneer's Den. He teaches all three techniques.


As thou dost become more experienced, thou wilt be able to apply thy knowledge and practice to enhance thy skills and talents. This experience can be measured by the limits of thine advancement in each ability. The more knowledge and experience thou canst acquire, the better the training thou canst receive. And, as thou undoubtedly knowest, training leads to increased expertise.
The world beyond the cities - and sometimes within - can be a violent place. Many monstrosities indigenous to the Serpent Isle have a bloodthirsty hatred for humans, and even some non-sentient plants have lethal forms of protection. Fighters take up arms and armour to do battle with foes both natural and otherworldly. Some warriors travel great distances to receive proper training. Others learn directly upon the battlefield of life. Fighters discover early the importance of strength, agility and perception, else they die. Skilled with many weapons, fighters compose the bulk of the adventure-minded population and are often the protectors of entire communities.
Practitioners of my art - especially those charlatans in Moonshade - are often willing to sell spells and reagents. Weaving magic is expensive and often wizards are forced to this sort of livelihood as a source of income. While I hope never to fall prey to such necessity, I will always be willing to share knowledge with other masters - shouldst there be any - of the arcane art
Training in weaponry gives shape to the lust for combat. One must train hard for an uncertain future, for this much is known: while you sleep, while you rest, another is training. Throughout Britannia, you may find masters of all of the weapons known to man. When you have acquired the proper Dexterity, you can learn the secrets of your art for a fee.

In training with a master, a warrior teaches his eye what his ear hears in words. A master has command over a type of weapon. To gain skill with a class of weapon, you must find a willing master who will assess your ability and your Dexterity with the instrument. Should you meet his requirements, he will teach the next form of attack. Thus, you progress from Novice to Apprentice to Journeyman till you reach Master status. To reach Master class, you will travel far in search of teaching, yet a master can teach you no more than he knows. Masters must teach themselves.
- from Journal (Ultima IX)

Ultima V: Lazarus[edit]

This is an Ultima V: Lazarus-related article or section. The information within may not apply to Ultima V or other Ultima games.

In Ultima V: Lazarus, trainers were added to gameplay. For more information as to the particulars of training in this fan-remake, see: Trainers (Lazarus)

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