Old Jak

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Old Jak
Old Jak, from Ultima IX
Species: Human
Ultima IX
Location: Valoria
Transcript: Old Jak
Old Jak is a former fighter of Valoria, whose fighting days, especially after losing one arm, are long past.

The Avatar met him in his shop in Ultima X, where he, obviously not shivering in fear like most of the others in the city, offered the Avatar his goods. He also offered training in the third single-handed weapon technique of Slashing for 2000 gold pieces. [1]

Valoria Shop[edit]

Prices in Ultima IX were as follows: [2]

Original Version
Provisions Cost Potions Cost Spell Scrolls Cost Weapons Cost
Bandages 10gp Invisibility 500gp Daylight 600gp Two-Handed Axe 300gp
Torch 5gp Mana Recovery 200gp Searing Rain 3000gp Bladed Staff 405gp
------- ----- Heal 150gp ------- ----- Broadsword 205gp
------- ----- ------- ----- ------- ----- Fire Sword 3000gp

Economy Patch
Food and Drinks
Provisions Cost Potions Cost Other Magic Items
Cost Weapons Cost Armor
3 gp
Bandages 10 gp Invisibility 300 gp Daylight 600gp Two-Handed Axe 800 gp Chain Arms
400 gp
6 gp
Torch 4 gp Mana Recovery 72 gp Searing Rain 3000gp Bladed Staff 1005 gp Chain Chest
800 gp
10 gp
Lantern 22 gp Heal 55 gp Ginseng
12 gp
Broadsword 705 gp Chain Gauntlets
300 gp
7 gp
Magic Bag 654 gp Cure 30 gp Garlic
5 gp Fire Sword 1400 gp Plate Chest
3200 gp
2 gp
800 gp
Mana Breath
72 gp
Sulfurous Ash
25 gp
960 gp
Plate Gauntlets
950 gp
Empty Flask
3 gp
Infernal Armor
270 gp
Oil flask
4 gp
Plate Helm
1010 gp


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