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The training and combat systems of Ultima VII: The Black Gate and Ultima VII Part Two: Serpent Isle are nearly identical. Characters possess three primary attributeistics of Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence as well as three secondary statistics of Health (Hits), Combat, and Magic/Mana. Trainers can raise one or more attribute per training session. Additionally, increasing a primary attribute usually results in a gain to a secondary attribute determined by a formula.

Secondary attribute gain[edit]

Secondary attributes increase either through direct training or by training its associated primary attribute. Training the primary attribute results only in a fixed increase in the secondary attribute.

Direct training, however, causes a "rubber band" effect. In short, the secondary attribute increases by one half the difference between the primary attribute and the secondary attribute. In formula:

Secondary gain = (Primary - Secondary) / 2

For example, the character of Spark starts with a Dexterity of twenty-two (primary = 22) and a Combat of ten (secondary = 10). Training with Markus results in a gain of six (6) to Combat due to that fact that (22 - 10) / 2 = 6.

Specifically: Combat is the secondary attribute of Dexterity; Health (HP) is the secondary attribute of Strength; Magic (MP) is the secondary attribute of Intelligence.

Trainers who teach both the primary skill and the secondary skill cause both a differential gain and a fixed gain to the secondary skill. Denby trains Intelligence +1 and Magic +1. The Avatar begins with eighteen (18) Intelligence and ten (10) Magic. Training with Denby causes a (18 - 10) / 2 = 4 differential gain plus one point for training Intelligence (+2 to Intelligence would likewise create a +2 gain to Magic).

This works even if the secondary attribute is larger than the primary. A character with low Dexterity and high Combat will gain Combat very quickly.

Black Gate trainers[edit]

Name Location Cost Train. Pts. Com. Dex. Int. Mag. Str.
Denby Britain (above Apothecary's) 75 3 1* 1 1 1
Sentri Britain (West Side) Free/30 1 1* 1
Zella Britain (West Side) 45 2 2** 1
Lucky Buccaneer's Den 35 1 1
Rayburt Cove 60 3 2** 1 1
De Snel Jhelom (East Side) 40 2 2
Karenna Minoc (NE house) 20 3 3** 2
Jakher Minoc (NE house) 20 2 1 1
Chad Moonglow (far South) 45 3 3*** 2
Jillian Moonglow (Lycaeum) 35 2 1 1
Menion Serpent's Hold 45 3 1 2
Inforlem Terfin 50 3 2 1
Inforlem Terfin 50 3 2** 1 1
Markus Trinsic 20 1 1
Zaksam Vesper 40 3 2 1
Perrin Yew (near Abbey) 45 3 2 1
Bradman Yew (Outer area) 30 2 2* 2
Penni Yew (Outer area) 35 2 1 1

These attribute gains are with an Avatar with a value of ten (10) for all attributes. Primary attributes (strength, dexterity, intelligence) always increase by a fixed amount.

*Indicates the attribute is gained incidentally. Gaining one point in Dexterity causes a one point increase in Combat. However, the "rubber band" effect will never occur.

**Marks an incidental attribute gain and a normal gain. Example: Zella trains one point in Combat due to training, but the Dexterity training adds a second point. Thus, three points are gained for an expenditure of two Training Points.

***Chad's training differs from others in that he seems to cause 2*(Dex gain) + 1 gain to Combat. Other trainers rarely go above three (3) points gained unless they are incidentals.

Serpent Isle trainers[edit]

Name Location Cost Train. Pts. Com. Dex. Int. Mag. Str.
Luther Monitor (L.F. 9 A.M. - 12 P.M.) 50 Monetari 3 3
Caladin Monitor (L.F. 9 A.M. - 12 P.M.) 50 Monetari 3 1 2
Brendann Monitor (L.F. 3 P.M. - 6 P.M.) 50 Monetari 3 3* 1
Shazzana Monitor (L.F. 12 P.M. - 3 P.M.) 50 Monetari 3 3* 2
Tsandar Serpent's Fang (Cells) 200 Gold 2 2 1
Elissa** Serpent's Fang (Basement) 150 Gold 2 1 1
Wilfred Sleeping Bull 30 Monetari 2 1 1

Numbers obtained with an Avatar with attributes all at ten (10), save for Magic as that could not be lowered.

When a character maxes out a particular attribute, trainers cease charging Training Points for it. This is also true when maxed from holding a attribute-boosting item.

*Shazzana and Brendann both train Combat, but also receive extra points for training in Dexterity.

**Only the Avatar can train with Elissa.

Training with items[edit]

Serpent Isle contains several attribute-boosting items: the Gauntlets of Quickness, Erinon's Axe, and the Belt of Strength. The first two items can be used to enhance the effectiveness of training while the third has no real effect on training.

Training sessions treat the boosted attribute as if it were permanent. Swapping between the Gauntlets of Quickness and Erinon's Axe can potentially maximize attribute gains.