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Wilfred, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Human
Ultima VII Part Two
Location: Inn of the Sleeping Bull

Wilfred is a knight of Monitor, of the Bear Command, son to Devra and Angus, brother of Argus on the Serpent Isle. He appears in Ultima VII Part Two.


Wilfred refused to run the Inn of the Sleeping Bull after his father Angus disappeared, and was set on finding and killing Batlin, to avenge his father's death.

After Batlin's death, Wilfred was found at the demolished Inn. Hearing the news of Batlin's death, he offered to train or join the Avatar. However, Wilfred runs away from battle as soon as injured.


  • Wilfred, as well as Tsandar in the Silver Seed, are the only trainers available after the death of Batlin.
  • While a member of the Avatar's party, Wilfred offers his training free of charge.

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