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Altara, from Ultima Underworld II
Species: Human
Ultima Underworld II
Location: Killorn Keep

This article is about an NPC in Ultima Ultima Underworld II. For the NPC in Ultima IX, see Altara (U9).

Altara is the sorceress of Killorn Keep. She appears in Ultima Underworld II.


Altara had previously numbered among the political movers influencing the High Council in the capitol of the world Killorn Keep inhabited.
Altara in the cluebook
When she and others like her attempted to initiate reforms running contrary to the Guardian's wishes, she found herself exiled to Killorn. Having been deemed useful to the Red Titan on account of her knowledge of inter-dimensional theory, she evaded execution.

Immediately finding herself persecuted by the politically ambitious Mystell, Altara did her best to keep her dissident views a secret, and would only speak with the Avatar regarding her opposition to the Guardian should the hero mention Bishop, another opponent of the Titan from the realm of Tarna. After taking the Avatar as her confidant, Altara would entrust them with a specially prepared dagger designed to slay the Listener, a creature which was being used to spy upon events in Britannia.

Should the hero successfully kill the beast and keep Altara's treachery a secret, the sorceress would assist them further by constructing a magical scepter on their behalf, allowing them to cut the lines of power which the Guardian was utilizing on various planes. In order to complete this artifact, however, she would require the adventurer bring her two items: the egg of a dread spider and an amethyst rod.

After the completion of the rod, Altara would continue to do what she could to aid the Avatar, and would eventually develop a spell on their behalf which could imbue items with magical potency. In time, however, her actions would attract the attention of the Guardian and Mors Gotha, even if the hero did naught to betray her to Mystell. Fearing for her safety, the enchantress would flee Killorn Keep in the days before the castle launched it's attack on Britannia, leaving the Avatar a letter to inform them of her departure.[1]


  • Some time after her exile to Killorn, Altara was contacted by Bishop and asked to provide details of the keep, that he might include them in his work Gems of Enlightenment - a compilation of information from various worlds designed to aid those seeking to oppose the Guardian.[2]
  • She offers training in Mana and Casting skills.
  • Altara makes mention of teleport storms, foreshadowing the events of Ultima VII Part Two.[1]
  • Should the Avatar betray Altara to Mystell, she will refuse to aid them, flippantly demanding that they bring her Relk's head on a platter before she speaks with them again. The hero can, in fact, regain her trust by doing just that: killing the man and presenting her with his skull.[1]


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