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The following Ultima IV Walkthrough is a heavily modified version of the original by Fallible Dragon available at (http://www.ultimacodex.com/archive/ultima4/walk).

Creating your character[edit]

The initial gypsy sequence will determine your character's starting stats, magic ability, equipment capabilities, and starting location. See Character Creation for more information on this sequence.

Virtue Class Starting Location Magic Ability Stat Bonus Best Armour* Best Ranged Weapon(s)
Honesty Mage Moonglow full +3 INT Cloth Magic Wand
Compassion Bard Britain 1/2 +3 DEX Leather Magic Bow/Magic Wand
Valor Fighter Jhelom 0 +3 STR Plate Crossbow
Justice Druid Yew 3/4 +1 DEX +1 INT Leather Magic Bow/Magic Wand
Sacrifice Tinker Minoc 1/4 +1 DEX +1 STR Plate Magic Axe
Honor Paladin Trinsic 1/2 +1 INT +1 STR Plate Magic Axe
Spirituality Ranger Skara Brae 1/2 +1 DEX +1 INT +1 STR Leather Magic Bow
Humility Shepherd Magincia 0 None Leather Sling
  • Fighters and paladins will use magic chain armour, and paladins will also use magic plate.
  • All classes can wear Mystic Armour.



Sold by Margot
Skara Brae
Sold by Sasha
Sold by Shiela
Buccaneer's Den (JO/II)
Sold by Shannon
Black Pearl 9 8 7 1
Blood Moss 6 4 6 9
Garlic 6 9 2 9
Ginseng 5 6 4 7
Mandrake Root Can be found at lat D'C" long L'C" during double new moons.
Nightshade Can be found at lat J'F" long C'O" during double new moons.
Spider Silk 3 6 9 9
Sulphurous Ash 2 2 3 6



Armour Price Location
Cloth 50 gp Britain, Trinsic, Paws, Buccaneer's Den
Leather 200 gp Britain, Paws, Buccaneer's Den
Chain 600 gp Britain, Jhelom, Trinsic, Buccaneer's Den
Plate 2000 gp Jhelom
Magic Chain 4000 gp Jhelom, Trinsic
Magic Plate 7000 gp Jhelom
  • Mystic Armour - Search in the middle of the oak grove in the Empath Abbey (only after becoming a full Avatar)


Weapon Price Location
Dagger 2 gp Britain
Oil Flask 5 gp Buccaneer's Den, Vesper
Staff 20 gp Britain
Sling 25 gp Britain
Mace 100gp Minoc, Trinsic
Axe 225 gp Jhelom, Trinsic
Bow 250 gp Trinsic, Vesper
Sword 300 gp Britain, Jhelom, Trinsic
Halberd 350 gp Jhelom, Minoc
Crossbow 600 gp Jhelom, Buccaneer's Den
Magic Axe 1500 gp Minoc
Magic Bow 2000 gp Buccaneer's Den
Magic Sword 2500 gp Minoc
Magic Wand 5000 gp Buccaneer's Den
  • Mystic Weapons-- Search in the middle of the training room in Serpent's Hold (only after becoming a full Avatar)


The moongates appear and disappear depending on the cycle of Britannia's twin moons Trammel and Felucca. (Trammel is the one on the left at the top of your screen.) Trammel's phase affects where the moongates appear while Felucca's phase affects where they transport you.

The Moongates work like a public transport: at every location there is a departure time (Moon Phase) and three subsequent destinations. A Moongate appears, blinks twice when Felucca moon phase changes and then disappears; whenever it blinks the destination changes. The full timetable is shown in the table below.

Departure City Moongate Location Moon Phase Destinations
Moonglow Lat I'F", Long O'A" New Moon 1. Black Stone; 2. Britain; 3. Jhelom
Britain Lat G'G", Long G'A" Crescent Waxing 1. Yew; 2. Minoc; 3. Trinsic
Jhelom Lat O'A", Long C'G" First Quarter 1. Skara Brae; 2. Magincia; 3. Moonglow
Yew Lat C'F", Long D'C" Gibbous Waxing 1. Britain; 2. Jhelom; (3. Yew)
Minoc Lat B'D", Long K'G" Full Moon 1. Shrine of Spirituality; 2. Trinsic; 3. Skara Brae
Trinsic Lat M'C", Long G'I" Gibbous Waning 1. Magincia; 2. Moonglow; 3. Britain
Skara Brae Lat H'O", Long B'H" Last Quarter 1. Jhelom; 2. Yew; 3. Minoc
Magincia Lat K'H", Long L'L" Crescent Waning 1. Trinsic; 2. Skara Brae; (3. Magincia)

Beating The Game[edit]

Ultima IV is an extraordinarily non-linear game, but the ultimate goal is to achieve Avatarhood by reaching the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom deep within the Stygian Abyss. This first section will briefly detail what is required to complete the game, while the second section will show how to achieve mastery in all eight virtues and find all the required items to reach the Codex.

Main Goals[edit]

Information by Virtue[edit]


  • Town: Moonglow -- Lat I'H", Long O'I" (Verity Isle)
Mariah the Mage will join you.
  • Shrine: Lat E'C", Long O'J" (Dagger Isle)
Honesty derives from Truth
Mantra of Honesty: AHM
Rune of Honesty: found under Mariah's chest in Moonglow.
Letter given you on achieving partial Avatarhood: I
  • Changing your Honesty
+2 - being honest to herbs reagents woman
-1 - stealing a chest
-10 - cheating reagent woman
  • Dungeon: Deceit -- Lat E'J", Long P'A" (On an islet just off Dagger Isle)
Abilities raised by the magic orbs: +5 Intelligence
The Blue Stone of Honesty is found on the seventh level of Deceit.
  • Moongate: Lat I'F", Long O'A" (Verity Isle)

Moonglow's moongate is linked to the new moon.


  • Town: Britain -- Lat G'K", Long F'C" (Mainland, just off Britanny Bay)
Iolo the Bard will join you.
  • Shrine: Lat F'M", Long I'A" (South of Lock Lake)
Compassion derives from Love
Mantra of Compassion: MU
Rune of Compassion: Search at the end of the hall in the Inn in Britain.
Letter given you on achieving partial Avatarhood: N
  • Changing your Compassion
+2 - giving to beggar
+2 - fleeing from non-evil enemy
+1 - letting non-evil creatures flee
-5 - attacking non-evil creatures
  • Dungeon: Despise -- Lat E'D", Long F'L" (North of Britain in the Serpent's Spine Mountains)
Abilities raised by the magic orbs: +5 Dexterity
The Yellow Stone of Compassion is found on the fifth level of Despise.
  • Moongate: Lat G'G", Long G'A" (Near Britain just off Britanny Bay)
Britain's moongate is linked to the crescent waxing moon.


  • Town: Jhelom-- Lat N'O", Long C'E" (Valorian Isles)
Geoffrey the Fighter will join you.
  • Shrine: Lat O'F", Long C'E" (Valorian Isles)
Valor derives from Courage
Mantra of Valor: RA
Rune of Valor: Search in the southeast tower of Jhelom
Letter given you on achieving partial Avatarhood: F
  • Changing your Valor
+0/1 (random) - killing an enemy (evil)
-2 - fleeing from enemy
  • Dungeon: Destard -- Lat K'I", Long E'I" (Northwest of Trinsic)
Abilities raised by the magic orbs: +5 Strength
The Red Stone of Valor is on the seventh level of Destard.
  • Moongate: Lat O'A", Long C'G" (Near Jhelom on the Valorian Isles)
Jhelom's moongate is linked to the first quarter moon.


  • Town: Yew -- Lat C'L", Long D'K" (In the Deep Forest)
Jaana the Druid will join you.
  • Shrine: Lat A'L", Long E'J" (Near the shore on a peninsula northeast of the Deep Forest)
Justice derives from Truth and Love
Mantra of Justice: BEH
Rune of Justice: Search in the cell with the criminal
Letter given you on achieving partial Avatarhood: I
  • Changing your Justice
+2 - being honest to reagents woman
+2 - fleeing from non-evil creature
+1 - letting non-evil creatures flee
-1 - stealing a chest
-3 - attacking non-evil creatures
-10 - cheating reagents woman
  • Dungeon: Wrong -- Lat B'E", Long H'O" (East of the shrine)
Abilities raised by the magic orbs: +5 Dexterity, +5 Intelligence
The Green Stone of Justice is on the eighth level of Wrong.
  • Moongate: Lat C'F", Long D'C" (In the Deep Forest)
Yew's moongate is linked with the gibbous waxing moon.


  • Town: Minoc -- Lat B'E", Long J'P" (Off Lost Hope Bay)
Julia the Tinker will join you.
  • Shrine: Lat N'N", Long M'N" (In the middle of a lake east of the Bloody Plains)
Sacrifice derives from Love and Courage.
Mantra of Sacrifice: CAH
Rune of Sacrifice: Within the fires of the forge in Minoc
Letter given you on achieving partial Avatarhood: N
  • Changing your Sacrifice
+5 - giving blood at the healer
+1 - getting killed
-2 - fleeing from enemy
-5 - not giving blood at the healer
  • Dungeon: Covetous -- Lat B'L", Long J'M" (Just south of Minoc)
Abilities raised by the magic orbs: +5 Strength, +5 Dexterity
The Orange stone of Sacrifice seventh level of Covetous.
  • Moongate: Lat B'D", Long K'G" (Just east of Minoc)
Minoc's moongate is linked with the full moon.


  • Town: Trinsic -- Lat L'I", Long G'K" (Northeast of the Cape of Heroes)
Dupre the Paladin will join you.
  • Shrine: Lat M'P", Long F'B" (Southwest of Trinsic)
Honor derives from Truth and Courage
Mantra of Honor: SUMM
Rune of Honor: buried in the southwest corner of Trinsic
Letter given you on achieving partial Avatarhood: I
  • Changing your Honor
+5 - solving quests (finding items)
+3 - giving to a beggar
+2 - being honest to regents woman
-1 - stealing a chest
-3 - attacking non-evil creatures
-10 - cheating reagents woman
  • Dungeon: Shame -- Lat G'G", Long D'K" (By ship via Lost River)
Abilities raised by the magic orbs: +5 Strength, +5 Intelligence
The Purple stone of Honor is on the second level of Shame.
  • Moongate: Lat M'C", Long G'I" (Just south of Trinsic)
Trinsic's moongate is linked with the gibbous waning moon.


  • Town: Skara Brae -- Lat '", Long '" (Near Spiritwood)
Shamino the Ranger will join you.
Sprituality derives from Truth, Love and Courage
Mantra of Spirituality: OM
Rune of Spirituality: Search in the treasure chamber of Castle Britannia
Letter given you on achieving partial Avatarhood: T
  • Changing your Spirituality
+(3 * cycle) - meditating at a shrine
+3 - talking to Hawkwind the Seer
-3 - using wrong mantra at a shrine
  • Dungeon: Hythloth -- Lat P'A", Long O'P" (On the Isle of the Avatar)
You must descend the ladder from the first level of Castle Britannia to enter Hythloth.
Abilities raised by the magic orbs: +5 Strength, +5 Dexterity, +5 Intelligence
The White Stone of Spirituality is no longer in Hythloth. Use the balloon near Hythloth to fly over the Serpent's Spine mountains (northwest of Britain - Lat F'A", Long E'A") and get it from near the Ankh. Alternately, you can blink west while at Lat F'A", Long E'P".
  • Moongate: Lat H'O", Long B'H" (Just north of Skara Brae)
Skara Brae's moongate is linked with the last quarter moon.


  • Town: Magincia -- Lat K'J", Long L'L" (In the ocean)
Katrina the Shepherd will join you.
  • Shrine: Lat N'I", Long O'H" (On the Isle of the Avatar)
To get to the shrine you need the Silver Horn found at Lat K'N" Long C'N". Use it when approaching the shrine to stave off the daemons.
Humility exists outside the principles of Truth, Love, and Courage.
Mantra of Humility: LUM (mul reversed)
Rune of Humility: In Paws in a mountain nook in the southeast part of the village.
Letter given you on achieving partial Avatarhood: Y
  • Changing your Humility
+10 - Speaking humbly (The second floor guard is an excellent choice)
-5 - Talking proud
  • Dungeon: The Great Stygian Abyss -- Lat O'J", Long O'J" (On the Isle of the Avatar)
The Abyss is the final dungeon of the game and is discussed in another document.
The Black Stone of humility can be found by searching at Moonglow's moongate on double new moons.
  • Moongate: Lat K'H", Long L'L" (Just north of Magincia)
Magincia's moongate is linked with the crescent waning moon.

Other Items[edit]

  • You will need a sextant to find your position (lat, long). Ask for item D at a guild shop.
  • The magic wheel of the HMS Cape (which increases your ship's hull rating) is found where it sank at Lat N'H", Long G'A".
  • The Silver Horn which drives off the daemons from the Shrine of Humility at Lat K'N" Long C'N".
  • The Book of Truth is found in the Lycaeum by searching in the Library in the T section.
  • The Candle of Love is found in the village of Cove (Lat F'K", Long I'I" off Lock Lake) by searching behind the secret wall near the Ankh. You can get to Cove by blinking east from Lat F'L", Long H'O" (you can get out by blinking north and west or by using Gate_Travel). Alternatively you can sail a ship through a whirlpool, which takes you to Lock Lake.
  • The Bell of Courage is found at the bottom of a deep well at sea at Lat N'A", Long L'A".
  • The Skull of Mondain can be found at Lat P'F" Long M'F" during double new moons.
  • The Key of Three Parts can be found by using the Virtue Stones in the correct altar rooms on level eight of the dungeons
Truth -- Blue, Green, Purple, White
Love -- Yellow, Orange, Green, White
Courage -- Red, Orange, Purple, White

If you ask Lord British about his health, he'll offer to heal you.

The End Game[edit]

To win the game, head for the Great Stygian Abyss. It's on the Isle of the Avatar at Lat O'J", Long O'J". Use the Wheel to help you get past the ships in the harbor, and then center yourself over the volcano's maw. Read the book, light the candle, and ring the bell. Cast Mondain's skull into the abyss. Now descend into the dank dungeon.

For a complete dungeon solution, see Dungeon Solution for Ultima IV.

Word of passage: veramocor
Virtues: Honesty, Compassion, Valor, Justice, Sacrifice, Honor, Spirituality, Humility
Elements: Truth, Love, courage
Sum: Infinity

Ultima IV on the NES[edit]

There are a couple of changes in this version:

  • The Bell of Courage is still on an island, but the coordinates are 208, 176.
  • You'll find the Candle of Love in Cove's shrine (look on the second floor).
  • The Book of Truth is located on a shelf in the middle of the library's east side.
  • On another isle at 145, 180, you can get the Horn used to ward off monsters at the Shrine of Humility.
  • The Scale of Exodus should be taken to Zircon in Minoc if you want to an excellent weapon for one of your fighters.

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