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Margot, from Ultima IV
Species: Human
Ultima IV
Location: Moonglow
Description: proprietor of Magical Herbs
U4 Transcript: Margot

Margot is the proprietor of Magical Herbs during the time of Ultima IV.


Like many apothecaries of the era, Margot was blind, and therefore relied on the honesty of her customers in counting out appropriate payment in exchange for her wares. Outside of selling her herbs and reagents, she had little to say to the adventuring Stranger.


Margot as she appears in the manga
  • Margot appears briefly in Yoko Tanaka's manga, Ultima: The Quest of the Avatar. Although she is not mentioned by name, her shop, Magical Herbs, is. In her encounter with the protagonists, Shamino attempts to take advantage of her apparent lack of eyesight by shortchanging her for her wares. Deane, the young paladin destined to become the Avatar makes up the difference, whereupon the old woman thanks him for his honesty. In the process of doing so, she describes his black hair, revealing that she is, in fact, able to see.[1]


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