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Unlike most Ultimas, the order upon which you will encounter dungeons in Ultima IX is almost entirely in the order presented below. In addition, excluding the pairings of Wrong/Covetous and Shame/Destard, you will need to complete the related shrine cleansing quest before you can venture to the next virtue's town or access that virtue's corresponding dungeon. Except for Hythloth and Deceit, you start the dungeons in the Ultima IX from their entrance. For all eight of the anti-virtue dungeons, you main goal is to journey to the column to remove its glyph. While several dungeons include other tasks, glyph retrieval is the primary objective.



Despise is the first dungeon you will delve in Ultima IX. Contrary to what the warrior Orson on the path says, you do not need to prepare in advance for this dungeon. There are plenty of supplies including several bows and plenty of arrows within the dungeon. You will also find most of a full suit of leather armor within, so combined with Stonegate, you will have a full suit of leather armor without spending a crown.

As for opponents, there are few enemies that reside within this well-lit dungeon. Your most common threat is the giant rat, but its bite does little damage and will potentially only poison your health by a small amount. In addition, there are plenty of cure and healing potions to remedy any damage. While there are a few small spiders, they pose only a slightly greater threat compared to the giant rats. Your toughest fight is the Wyrmguard at the end, but he will surrender when sufficiently damaged.

While the dungeon is not a tutorial level, its puzzles are only slightly more complex than those found in Stonegate, and the obvious solution is always the correct one. Also, the path through the dungeon is almost completely linear, and unless you seek to complete the Kiran Shield quest, you will not need to do any backtracking.


After entering the dungeon, you will find a switch and gate along with some barrels. If you search around the barrels, you will find some Wyrmguard Arms. Now flip the switch and when you enter, you will encounter Castro and Felix - two farmers turned treasure seekers - who have been taken prisoner by the local Wyrmguard. The key to free them is in a small chest next to the door to room 05. You are rewarded with some karma and clues to the locations of two of Kiran Stones.

The two itinerants can find their way out, so focus your attention on the opposite door. You will see an unlit torch on the left like the one you encountered in Stonegate. Ignite the torch and the door will open. Room 01 contains a series of broken columns that lead up to a tall unbroken one. All you need to do to complete this room is jump up on each successive column until you reach the top where you the Yellow Kiran Stone. On a nearby broken column, you will find a button that opens the exit gate.

In the hall beyond the gate, you will find a pit and farther ahead is a gate with a switch that leads to a set of stairs down to the pool room. Near this switch, you will find a journal from the guards that had resided here at some point in the past. If you jumped into the pit, you will come across a room with a healing fountain and painting at 06. Touching the painting will get you a Wyrmguard chest. Going further you will find a secret exit activated by a switch that leads to the pool room.

For the pool room, you can unlock the door by placing a filled bucket from 24 and placing it on the plate on 07. Beyond the door is a series of turns until you reach a set of stairs up. This room has a few displays and a secret area. Moving the shield at 08 opens up a small passage that leads down to a fountain and a few minor goodies. To leave the display case you, there is side area to the left of the gate that leads to a switch, which opens the gate. Beyond you will find a fountain and the body of Mourdin, which indicates that the fountain is poisonous. He has a leather chest and a note that tells you where to find one of the Kiran Stones.

Going on ahead up the stairs, you will find several rats’ nests. And because they like shiny things, you find gold and a shiny key among them. You should also pick up the bag under the spiderweb at 09. You will find a bow and some arrows in a chest in one of the corners. Now use the key to exit into an archery room with some arrows scattered about as well as some leather armor. Shooting the target above the door at 11 will open the door to the dining room.

Here, you will some food and a key that will be useful for in a moment. There is also a pressure plate in the corner, which opens the wall. This hall leads to a pantry where you will find more food and gold. There is also a chest at 12, which the key opens. This contains a map to a treasure elsewhere in Britannia and a few other supplies. The key, however, can only be used at the Heartstone Cave near Moonglow. There is also a pressure plate is actually a teleporter at 14 to takes you to 13. Here you will find some spikes, but they aren’t hard to avoid nor very deadly. Activate the switch at the end of the room and enter the far nearby chamber where you only need to step within the circle at 02 to make the Blue Kiran Stone appear. Now return the way you came and exit the dining room. There are few items in this room with the fireplace. To exit, press the button the wall and head down the hall, cutting through the spiderwebs.

You will find a small alchemy lab that you can use to create a few potions with the reagents you have. On the upper ledge are a few goodies and under it is a switch to remove a fountain allowing access to a small secret area. In this small room are a potion and a button that opens the gate out.

In the next area, you will a fenced out area and a guard journal complaining about rats carrying off the key. The key is actually in the puddle in the corner at the end of the hall, but you will also find that the exit door is across a pit. Go back to the fenced area and place a barrel to allow you to get behind the fence. Near the rubble is a switch that closes the pit. Now use the key to enter the cathedral at 15. Here you will find clues that Iolo is here with a Lute and Bow on a bench. If you need it, you can ignite all of the light sources (torches and braziers) to activate a healing ray. To leave, take the key from the bench and move on.

In this hall, you will hear the cries for help from Thadious at 03 who has found himself in a deadly trap, which in part seems intended for a multiple member group to get past (ie the Kiran brothers). Rescuing him simply entails pulling the lever at 16. He will be profoundly humbled and thank you for saving him. He will also give you the Green Kiran Stone. If you don’t save him, then you will need to get the stone from the box and quickly jump before finding yourself trapped in the pit.

Next up you will find two cells. One contains a key on a table beyond a gate. The other cell contains a magnet device at 17. Turning on this device will pull the key to device. The key opens the way forward, which is a series of caverns.

The first cavern contains a Kiran circle 20. On a nearby podium at 18 is a book telling you about Kiran, his brothers, and the purpose behind the traps and stones. This opens the way forward into a cavern with a fountain, which when clicked causes some stalactites and stalagmites to part freeing a rat and allowing you access to a chest of goodies. Next is a submerged cavern that includes a waterfall or a ‘wall of water’ at 18. Flipping the switch in here opens the rock at 08, which hid a bag, some food, and the Red Kiran Stone. If you have all four Kiran Stones, you can return to 20 and place the Kiran Stones on their corresponding colored right pedestals to obtain the Kiran Shield.

Beyond the water cavern, you will find the column chamber. There is nothing of interest in this chamber besides the column at 23 and the Wyrmguard Ooli at 21. Ooli, however is your old friend Iolo but possessed by the Column’s evil and Guardian’s voice. Battle him will force him to submit, request mercy, and reveal the truth. Grant him mercy and he surrenders himself and the Glyph within the column. With all tasks completed, you can leave the dungeon back the way you came in.

Map Legend

1 - Yellow Kiran Stone

2 - Blue Kiran Stone

3 - Green Kiran Stone and Thadious

4 - Red Kiran Stone

5 - Castro and Felix

6 - Wyrmguard Armor after using Painting

7 - Pressure plate for Water Bucket

8 - Click Shield to open Secret Door

9 - Novice Bow in Chest

10 - Bag

11 - Bow Target

12 - Locked chest contains treasure map and a few other odds and ends

13 - Teleporter back

14 - Teleporter pressure plate, goes to 13

15 - Candle and note about Healing Light through Stained Glass

16 - Lever to save Thadious

17 - Attractor to get key from across hall

18 - Kiran Compendium

19 - Waterfall and blocking rock

20 - Kiran Pillars for Kiran Stones to get Kiran Shield

21 - Ooli (Iolo as a Wyrmguard)

22 - Wyrmguard Arms

23 - Column and Glyph of Compassion

24 - Water Bucket



Light Scroll


Wyrmguard Arms

Wyrmguard Chest

Leather Chest

Leather Leggings

Leather Arms

Leather Helmet


Novice Bow 2

Short Sword 2

Kiran Shield


Bag 2


Ginseng 1

Garlic 1

Spider Silk 1

Sulfurous Ash 4


Cure Potions 6

Heal Potions 9

Mana Breathing Potion 1

Infernal Armor Potions 2

Mana Recovery Potions 2

Invisibility Potion 1

Empty Flasks 2


Kiran Stones (Yellow, Blue, Green, Red)

Treasure Map



While Hythloth is only the second dungeon in the game, it is far longer and larger than either Despise or Deceit. If the optional section of the dungeon is included, it competes with many of the late game dungeons for length. As such, be prepared for a long journey and possibly more than one play session to complete it. The dungeon itself can be best described as a dark, labyrinthine sewer complex filled with puzzles and few treasures. This description is far different from any prior Ultima, so forget everything you know about Hythloth from the lore.

Unlike Despise, you will need to prepare ahead of time. First, the dungeon is dank and dark, so a good light source is a requirement. Torches and lanterns are fine, but there are plenty of swimming areas that will cause problems. You probably have the light spell in your spellbook, which is effective enough for underwater work. Another and better option is the flame sword, assuming you already picked it up from Lord British's hedge maze. Even without the flame sword, you should have a weapon handy for spider traps and respawning spiderwebs are quite common. Final items to bring along are empty bags and a few blue potions (for mana breath) if you plan on completing the optional section.

As for the enemies, you will find mostly small spiders with a few giant rats. In addition to these creatures, you will have to contend with respawning predatory fish near the column. These creatures will be hard to spot in the murky waters and are difficult to deal with despite their 1 HP. You can take them out with a bow when they are near the surface. A better tactic, however, is to quick-key (toolbelt) the stone spell. While not intended, quick-keyed spells can be cast when in water, which is fortunate for these nasty monsters have a bite that is worse than their "bark". If you prefer to not exploit this feature, you can stick to the bow, but the Avatar's auto tracking is poor

Another feature of the dungeon is the fact that almost all swimming sections will poison you. While bringing some cure potions is a valid preparatory step, you will find plenty of cure potions in the dungeon. In addition, you will find the Swamp Boots really early in the dungeon, which through magic presumably keeps you from being environmentally poisoned. Admittedly, this reduces the usefulness of cure potions and the cure spell to recovery from attacks by large spiders and their ethereal phase cousins.

While the dungeon is long, most of the puzzles are straightforward or simple to solve until you get to the optional section. The dungeon's central goal is passage to the surface with the column and glyph becoming secondary. In fact, the design of the dungeon presents the column as more of an after thought, which is probably due to the first half of the dungeon being originally built as Britain's Sewers. In any case, passage through both the main and optional sections of the dungeon require the collection of 4 colored statues and placing them on their corresponding colored pillars. Each pairing results in the opening of a gate or other blockage. During the main section, the four gates lie at the end of that section.

For the optional section, the gates and other blockages are more spread out, but the same task lies before you. As a result of the difficulty of the optional section and possibly the length of the dungeon, a teleporter was placed after you pass the invisible-walled section of this optional half. Technically, you complete a small area of this optional area before reaching the teleporter. The remaining and hardest portions of this half lie past a lock-boxed gate. This section does have some rather unusual and involved puzzles. Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of goodies that can be found in this area. All you will find are 2 rubies, a mandrake root, one nightshade, and a few other more common reagents with only a free cutlass as a reward of any consequence.


Main Section

After teleporting from Ambrosia, you will find yourself at the very bottom of Hythloth at position 01. Heading straight around the bend, you will come across a statue on a pillar. This is a clue as to how you will progress through the dungeon. Along the north are two sewer protrusions. Take of the chest in the closed off protrusion, and head into the open passage.

He will come to an intersection with a gate blocking your path to the north. West leads to a large sewage chamber. The east, however, is the direction you should go to first. In the small 'clean' pool under the spiderweb, there is a little valve at 04, which will lower a lift in the large sewage room. Before you leave this room, you should look at the east wall and spot a protruding brick. This brick will open a passage that leads to the earlier closed off chest at 03, which contains the Green Statue and a couple of goodies.

Back at the intersection, head west and deal with the spiders - one of which appears as a result of a spider trap. Looking around, you will find a few nightshades. For some reason they aren't translucent, but you are supposed to only see them when using ethereal sight. Now head into sewage room where the fun begins. You must swim through the sewage and past a nice predatory fish. A quick-keyed stone spell is your best bet, otherwise you will have to swim to a ramp and kill it with fire (from a fire sword if you have it). The ledge on the north side has a couple of minor goodies, but the ledge to the south has a very useful treasure. In addition to a few potions, which you should go ahead and imbibe, you will find at 06 your first true magic armour piece - Swamp Boots. Unlike traditional swamp boots, these have been magically enchanted to protect the wearer from toxic substances entering through the skin (unofficial explanation). You will still get poisoned by rats and spiders and green potions, but you will be completely protected from sewage and swamp water. At this point, cure potions become significantly less useful unless you are easily annoyed by green haze.

Now, head to the lift at 05 and climb up on it. It will rise up to take you to a small overhead room that contains a Yellow Pedestal at 07 and a pulley system. Remember this pedestal for later and pull the lever on the wall to activate the pulley system. This opens up the earlier north gate. Now back onto the lift or just jump on it if you never left it, and the lift will lower back down. Go to the intersection watching out for more spiders and head north.

You will encounter another intersection with all three ways apparently open. The dungeon opens up a little bit from here, so I will focusing on each path separately.

Going to the west, you will find a room with hole at 08 that leads to a larger underwater area. Jump in and quickly look for at 09 the Red Statue. Then turn the valve to temporarily raise the water level, which will all you climb out... with a bit of positioning.

Along the eastern path from the intersection, you will find a small scroll at 18 that contains a clue or actually a puzzle solution. Now head into the open room and pick up the not inconspicuous chain armour at 10 that causes the walls to close in on you. Race to one of the gates and wait for it open. Once the gates open, you will need to move quickly to exit the room before being smashed. Note: that if you somehow end up behind the crushing walls without dying, you will find a teleporter that brings you back to the middle of the room.

Beyond the crushing wall room is an intersection with two downward paths and one to the north going upward. The only way open is to the south, which is another room with a small pool with a valve inside it. Turning this valve opens up the eastward gate from the intersection.

This east room is filled with water and two passages, one of which is closed. Jump onto the ramp and head through it. You have now arrived at one of Ultima IX's few jumping puzzles, but his one is nothing like Ultima VIII's. You can use trial and error, the clue from the scroll, or the path shown on the map. If you end up in the water, there are some steps to the north of the ledge you entered to get back up. Once you make it to the far ledge, you will find the Green Pedestal. Go ahead and place the statue onto the pedestal to open up one of the four gates blocking the exit from this section. Then turn the two valves to either side of the pedestal.

Once you are done, head back the intersection east of the crushing wall room, and enter the northern room. There is at least one giant rat and at 12 you will find a chest of goodies including the Blue Statue. North of this room you will a sewage filled passage and the exit passage from this section. You should avoid the sewage passage and head back to the intersection near 18.

The northern path from the intersection near 18 will take you to a room with the Red Pedestal at 14 in the center. If you already have the Red Statue from the western route, place it to open up one of the four exit gates. Beyond this room is a T-section. West takes you toward the column. There are also two side rooms containing a binding pentagram at 15 and the Blue Pedestal at 16. Approaching the pedestal sets off an arrow trap, but you can defeat it by attacking it with the lightning spell. Go ahead and place the Blue Statue if you have it (or note the location if you don't) and move onto the column room.

Inside the column room is a Wyrmguard is no threat. The real protection for the column and glyph at 17 are the hard to spot predatory fish. There 4-7 of them in total and they tough to dispatch with anything less than the spamming the stone spell. There are some spaced out ledges along the center of the room. You will also find some very minor loot on ledges along the walls. There is also a few items on the floor if you are adventurous enough. Deal with fish or move quickly and fight through the pain to reach the column opening, which is on the north side of the column. Once you have the glyph and left the room, head back to the T-section.

In the flooded room east of the T-section, you will find the Yellow Statue at 13 under the sewage water. Turning the valve on the wall will empty out the sewage in the room and passage beyond, which leads to the exit gates.

Once you have Yellow Statue, head back to the flooded room with the lift and enter the upper chamber. Placing this statue along with the other three statues listed above will have the exit path completely passable. Now through this exit passage and you will enter the second part of the dungeon.

At this point, you are entering the second half of the dungeon is largely optional. The first area you encounter is the translucent sewers. It is a little more difficult to navigate due to the nearly invisible walls, but the map will help. Head around to the east and you will the Purple Statue at 19. If you plan on skipping the optional section, leave the statue. Now go thru the north or south passage and around to find a key at 20, which will open a chest that contains a pulley system at 21. Flip the lever and the opposing gate will open back to opaque walls.

Easy Exit

What follows is the easy exit from the dungeon. If you are completing the whole dungeon, skip ahead to the optional section.

Now head down the passage. The first room on your left has a teleporter that will take you to the exit. Stepping on the teleporter takes you to a tiny room at 39. There is a hole down to the underwater exit passage. Swim south and then west looking up to spot the exit hole at 40.

Optional Section

If you selected to take the longer route, you will encounter tougher puzzles. With the Purple Statue in your inventory, head into the opaque section. On the left is the teleporter room. Inside your will find a valve and a key inside the pipe at 22. Turn the valve to force the key onto the ground. This key allows you access deeper in this part of the dungeon.

Further down the hall on the left is a seemingly empty room. Opposite it is a room with the Orange Pedestal at 35. You will also find in this room some chain mail arms. At the end of the hall near the wall, you find a locked box, which the key from the pipe will open. The lever inside lowers the wall giving you access to the next area.

In this room are two gates at 25 and 26. There are also two sets of four little valves that must be turned in the right order to open their corresponding gate. The puzzle is essentially an exercise in trial and error and memory/note-taking. When you turn a valve, a red or white light turns on depending on whether the valve belongs to the red-light set (A to D) or the white-light set (E to H). When the next correct valve in the sequence is turned, another red or white light comes on. When an incorrect valve is turned for that set of valves, all the red or white lights turn off. When all four valves are turned in the correct order starting with either A or E, then the corresponding gate at either 25 or 26 will open. For ease, you can follow the map guide and turn the valves in the order of A thru H to cause both gates to open.

The best direction to go from here is through the west gate at 26. In the next room, you will find a Dark Red Pedestal at 27. Head down the passage until you reach the room with a birdbath under the bridge at 28. Drinking from the birdbath shrinks you down to a small size. This will allow you to swim thru a small passage to reach an underwater valve. Turning this valve raises the sewage level and releases predatory fish. Climb back up and you will return to full size.

Now head back to the now filled passage and swim up to reach the hole at 29 and climb up. Head out of the passage and you will reach of a room filled with ledges.

The objective in this room is to use the valves around the door at 30 to adjust the positioning of the ledges to make a path to the other side. The valves are labeled A thru D within the circle on the map and should be turned in that order. Now you can jump over to valve E on the western wall of the center column. This will position the ledges in such as way to allow you exit this room.

If you progress down the passage, you will encounter a gate, so you will need to enter the hole at 31. You will find yourself in the room with a pulley device that opens the gate you just encountered. You will also find behind the rocks at 32 the Dark Blue Statue. Beyond the door and down the passage, you will a find a translucent wall that lets you look back at the area from before where you found the Purple Statue. Also located here at 33 is the Purple Pedestal, which opens up a gate beyond the northeast passage from the valve/lights room. Now with the Purple Pedestal finished and the Dark Blue Statue in your inventory, you can go through the passageway at 25.

Heading down this passage, you will find a T-section that would normally be blocked on both sides. The northern gate, however, is now open thanks to the Purple Statue. Head down the passage and you will find an L shaped room with the Dark Blue Pedestal at 34. This pedestal will open up room back at the T-section. Before you leave, though, there a opening to go underneath the L-shaped room. Dive down and swim through the tunnels until you find a passage upward. This is where a blue potion or two will come in handy. There is a little ledge that will help you climb into the small room here. Inside, you will find the Dark Red Statue located underneath an overturned vase.

In order to progress, however, you will need to place the Dark Red Statue, so backtrack to the pedestal at 27, place the statue, and return to the room with the now opened hole. Down the hole you will find the exit gate at 38, but slightly before it is a passage upwards at 35, which leads to a room with a chest and high platform. On the little, translucent platform, is the Orange Statue. And here comes one of the very few times the Gust spell has any use in the game. Casting the spell knocks it off the pedestal.

Return to Orange Pedestal at 23 and place the final statue. This opens up the floor at 36. Inside the water is a predatory fish, a cutlass, and the final valve of this dungeon located at 37. Turning it opens the gate at 38.

Head to the underwater passage and gate at 38 and follow it south and then west. There is a passage upwards at 40 that will take you back to Britannia's surface and the Shrine of Humility.

Map Legend

1 - Start point

2 - Statue placed on pedestal, probably a clue to your main goal to get through the dungeon

3 - Green Statue

4 - Valve to lower Lift (5)

5 - Lift

6 - Swamp Boots

7 - Yellow Pedestal

8 - Hole down to flooded chamber with statue

9 - Red Statue

10 - Chain leggings and trap

11 - Green Pedestal

12 - Blue Statue

13 - Yellow Statue

14 - Red Statue

15 - Binding Pentagram

16 - Blue Pedestal and Magic Arrow Trap

17 - Column with Glyph

18 - Jumping Puzzle Solution

19 - Purple Statue

20 - Key to Chest (21)

21 - Chest with Gate Mechanism

22 - Room with exit teleporter

23 - Orange Pedestal

24 - Chain arms

25 - Red Light Gate

26 - White Light Gate

27 - Dark Red Pedestal

28 - Shrinking Fountain

29 - Hole in Ceiling to higher level

30 - Platform moving levers

31 - Drop-down Hole

32 - Dark Blue Statue

33 - Purple Pedestal

34 - Dark Blue Pedestal

35 - Orange Statue

36 - Removable Floor - Orange Pedestal Triggered

37 - Final Gate Valve

38 - Final Gate and Oxygen Bubbles

39 - Teleport Destination

40 - Up to the Exit



Light Heal Scroll

Light Scroll


Swamp Boots

Chain Leggings

Chain Arms


Quarter Staff (from Wyrmguard)

Gnarled Staff





Nightshade 6

Spider Silk 6

Garlic 3

Ginseng 5

Mandrake Root 1

Black Pearl 1

Sulfurous Ash 3

Blood Moss 1


Cure Potions 12

Heal Potions 9

Invisibility Potion 1

Mana Recovery Potion 1


Topaz 3

Ruby 2


Aspects of Interest

It would appear that at one point, the developers were going have reagents bundled rather than individual. Found in the optional section are the following: Sulfurous Ash with a quantity of 3 Ginseng with a quantity of 2

It looks like the shrinking Avatar part of the Hythloth would have been a little more difficult. If you use the fly cheat near this area, you will find a room that is not connected to the map but has a switch to raises the water level in the shrink section. It would seem that originally, the Avatar would have to swim down the small tunnel while small, climb onto a pillar then jump to a higher up pillar that has a ruby, and reach up to the ceiling to get at the switch (raising the water level in the surrounding area) and make a very long swim back out. Not sure if this part was removed due to bugs or difficulty.

An unequippable dagger can be found in the optional area.



Deceit, the third dungeon of the game, starts you off in a prison cell with your journal, your tool-belt, and almost no equipment. Fortunately, the Wyrmguard decided not to force you out of your armor, which will come in handy to reduce the damage you will receive as you attempt to complete the dungeon. While there is little you can do to prepare, you should put on your best armor.

The dungeon, itself, is filled with magic and puzzles, but most of these either focus on using archery and speed in varying combinations or require using buttons to manipulate targets or orb shooting statues. As archery is such a big focus, you might notice that the lack of a backpack prevents tallying of your gold and arrows. Fortunately, your journal contains this information on your vitals page. In addition, your spellbook will generally not be missed during this phase especially given the limited number of spells available thus far apart from the heal spell. As a remedy, the main chamber of the dungeon contains a teleporter to a room with a mirror that full heals and there are a number of healing potions around to restore any health you lose from a lucky fireball or one of only a handful of monsters that inhabit the dungeon and almost all of these can be avoided.

These enemies, however, include a skeleton and mimics. All of these are best damaged by impact attacks meaning fists or staves. There are no staves anywhere in the dungeon, and your fists won't be very effective without preparation. This area, however, is actually the one way in which you can prepare for the dungeon. As you keep your armor, there are two elements you should focus on. As there are no toxic waterways or swamps during the third section of the game, you should switch from swamp boots to something better. Additionally, there is a treasure map that will lead you to the Fists of Fury, which increases your damage. Finally, strength and training in fists will improve your effectiveness with this attack style.


First open the secret door and touch the spider statue at 05 to go ghost. Open your cell by pushing the button, then touch statue again to go human. Take the key, then again go ghost. Unlock the door and push button, then go human and take everything, before opening the next secret door. Touch the brazier at 08 and the orb when it is green to open the door (don't touch the chest). Push the buttons 11, 12 and 13 to get stuff and a weapon, defeat the Skeleton.

The next room is a big puzzle. Follow the path on the map over the lava to 15 and push the left button, then run over the new bridge and enter the lift. At 17, push the right buttons, push button 19 then return to the beginning. Now push the right button 14, and go to 22. Use the controls to blast the two sun faces with the statue. Return to 17 and then on the way back, push button at 25 and use the teleporter.

You are now at 26 and need to build a four-part bridge. Go to the controls at 28 and move the stone with the sun face nine times right and nine times up, then go to the statue at 30 and use it to hit the sun face. Use the new elevator to reach the teleporter at 35. Use the teleporter, get bow and arrows, then shoot sun faces to reveal exit. Use elevator back to the beginning. Shoot sun-face at 43 then half-drain lava with the valve. Now reach teleporter at 45 and teleport. Stand on carpet and shoot sun-face, take the orb, then backtrack. Drain lava at 49 with crystal ball and get the orb out of the chest. Now return to 34 (drain lava) and again go to 35. Drain lava and use other teleporter 62. Shoot 15 sun-faces at 64 and get the third orb. Backtrack again and reach the teleporter at 53. At 54, push the button, then quickly shoot the three sun-faces that appear in the maze. Take the orb and all the loot.

After returning, place all four orbs on a pedestal and you've created the bridge. Use the teleporter at its end to enter the column chamber. Kill the Hellhound, then go to the brainwashed Mariah. Kill her armed duplicates, but not her, then use the new elevator to reach the column and take the Glyph, then ride further to the teleporter.

Push the button at 74 to clear the way back into the dungeon, then exit.

Map Legend

1 - The Avatar's cell

2 - Avatar cell's Portcullis

3 - Secret that appears

4 - Bones and two disappearing walls

5 - Phase Spider statue

6 - Button on wall to open the Avatar's Cell

7 - Bag and Chain arms on barrels

8 - Brazier

9 - Mimic chest

10 - Door that unlocks when light is green

11 - skeleton and cutlass button

12 - healing potion button

13 - shows path over lava in next room

14 - reveal lift button

15 - raises falling pillars walkway

16 - fireball shooting statue

17 - button panel

18 - stairs up to lift that appears after pushing button at 19

19 - button to make lift appear

20 - button to move lift to center platform, healing potion

21 - button to make return lift appear

22 - panel to shoot and move orb statue

23 - target face that removes magic barrier over teleporter

24 - target to cause lift to return

25 - teleporter to 26

26 - teleport from 25

27 - false glyph and button to lower bridge to 33

28 - crystal ball showing how to proceed

29 - buttons to move target block at 31

30 - statue that shoots orb

31 - target block

32 - globe pedestal

33 - two fireball shooting statues

34 - lift that appears with successful orb hit on target at 31

35 - teleporter to and from 36

36 - teleporter from and to 35

37 - Healing mirror

38 - target bow

39 - arrows and statue

40 - target to raise stairs

41 - pressure plate to make 42 appear

42 - target for plank back to 36

43 - target to make bridge extend

44 - lava drain valve

45 - teleporter to and from 46

46 - teleporter from and to 45

47 - stand here for moving target

48 - pillar with blue globe

49 - chest with red globe

50 - crystal ball showing bizarre sheep room

51 - globe pedestal

52 - globe pedestal

53 - teleporter to and from 54

54 - teleporter from and to 53

55 - warhammer

56 - pillar with yellow globe

57 - chest with full heal

58 - targets

59 - globe pedestal

60 - lava lowering pillar

61 - chest with chain gauntlets

62 - teleporter to and from 63

63 - teleporter from and to 62

64 - chest with 2 healing potions

65 - button to start puzzle

66 - pillar with green globe

67 - lift up

68 - teleporter to 69

69 - teleport from 68

70 - Hairam

71 - lift

72 - column and glyph

73 - teleporter to 74

74 - teleport from 75, button to remove rock debris illusion

75 - exit



Full Heal Scroll


Chain Coif

Chain Arms

Chain Boots

Chain Gauntlets



Target Bow





Heal Potions 6


Mimic 3



Wrong is either your fourth or fifth dungeon you will face in Ultima IX. Unlike some of the other dungeons, however, your main threat is not an enemy you fight, but one you avoid. While there are normal enemies found sporadically in the dungeon, the main enemy is a guard who will instant capture you when he touches you. Presumably this is due to the Avatar surrendering without a fight.

Fortunately, there is a wide variety of applicable options for getting past the guards. The two obvious routes are full assault where you kill any guards you encounter or confrontation avoidance. The killing route may not be very virtuous, but it carries no karma penalties allowing you to kill any guard in your way. Of course, you can also steal in Ultima 9 without penalty, but that act still isn't virtuous.

Ranged or magical attacks are generally the best option for attacking guards. Melee is also possible, but you must be quick, well-armed, and strike fast, preferably from behind. The frost sword that you might have picked up earlier near the blue dragon can come in handy here since it has a decent chance of freezing the guard in his tracks allowing you to finish him off.

The more obvious route, and probably the way the dungeon was meant to be completed, is to avoid the AI's completely. This is actually not too difficult except when AI's get stuck in front of a closed gate, which thankfully can be dealt with by simply opening the gate. Even so, the tight spaces of the dungeon make sneaking more difficult. You do have two things on your side: the AI is rather short-sighted and incapable of using levers most of the time. In addition, most enemies in U9 will rarely run after you. One good tactic is to sneak around a guard, clear a room of goodies, lure the guard into the cell, and close the gate.

There are other ways to complete the dungeon. One really effective method is to Charm your way past the guards and then clear the charm when you have made some distance. This tactic works great with high intelligence Avatars carrying some mana potions. For those who have already completed Sacrifice, another magical route is to use the Freeze spell. As the spell is non-duration, this tactic is much cheaper magically but just as effective at getting by guards and it won't end in a guard's death due to being charmed.

Another route is to use invisibility, but since you won't have the spell, you must rely on the potion. The big issue here is not expense since black pearls are one of the easier reagents to obtain thanks to a bug with the Create Reagents spell. The main problem is the sheer quantity of invisibility potions required that would rapidly fill out valuable inventory space. As a result, your best option is to use them conservatively either for tight spots or when you are detected while attempting to sneak past guards.

Obviously, a mixture of these methods is better than strict adherence to any one of them since it will allow you to conserve on potions, inventory space, and mana. While, getting around the guards is a challenge and puzzle in and of itself, the dungeon has it own puzzles, dead-ends, and challenges. There are also plenty of secret passages that will have to be used in order to progress, so this is an additional challenge in the dungeon unless you use the map and solution included here.


After starting at 01, get the key from 03 and unlock the nearby grate. Walk to the torture chamber and flip switch, exit through western grate. Take the key from nearby room and then enter the cell at 06. Kill the fake Raven and read the journal, then go to 08. Use the combination, then run through the fire and use the valves to douse the fire and rescue Raven. Now search the entire upper level to your leisure and take all treasure. Also save Cleo at 04. Once all is done, go to the lower level at stairs number 2.

Go to 10 and move the inkwell to push the button to open the door. Search the entire area for treasure, and also free the imprisoned Jean-Paul at 11 (but not the other one!), before opening a grate to reach three buttons at 12. Push the left then the middle button (hands off the right one!), then quickly proceed through the now open door. Once you reach the flooded room, quickly climb on a ledge, kill the fish and then drain the water with the valve. Proceed until you reach room 16.

There is no reasoning with the brainwashed Jaana, so quickly push the button at 17 to imprison her in a cage. Lie that you'll free her if she opens the door but don't do so. Take the Glyph from the column at 18, then free her (she's now harmless). Push brick at 14 and teleport to near the entrance at 15. Exit the dungeon at stairs number 3.

Map Legend

1 - Skull to open secret door

2 - Cell you are thrown into if captured

3 - Room with your inventory

4 - Cleo's cell

5 - Bag with Wyrmguard gauntlets

6 - Fake Raven cell

7 - Skull puzzle

8 - Raven's cell

9 - Chest with Wyrmguard armor

10 - Button to open portcullis under inkwell

11 - Jean-Paul

12 - panel of buttons and locked chest

13 - Montego

14 - Teleporter to 15

15 - Teleport from 14

16 - Anaaj

17 - Switch to drop cage

18 - column and glyph

19 - To Wrong Fortress



Create Reagents


Wyrmguard Helmet

Wyrmguard Gauntlets 2

Wyrmguard Boots

Leather Helmet

Leather Gauntlets


Longbow 3

Short Sword 2

Shield 3

Two-Handed Axe 3


Battle Axe




Ginseng 1

Garlic 1

Spider Silk 1

Sulfurous Ash 1

Blood Moss 1

Nightshade 1

Mandrake Root 1

Black Pearl 1


Cure Potion 1

Heal Potion 4

Invisibility Potion 1


Mimic 2

Emerald 1

Topaz 2

Amethyst 2

Necklace 1


Map of Covetous in Ultima IX

Covetous shares some similarities to Wrong in that the dungeon presents a very different kind of challenge than countered with other dungeons. The first challenge is the inability to use magic. This is particularly significant due to the effectiveness of spells at this point in the game. Additionally, alchemical substances do not function in the dungeon either. As a result, your traditional means of healing is not available. Fortunately, the green pools within have the ability to restore health, but they are not portable, which means you will need to note their locations for healing.

The other major challenge is the abundance of Skeletons. While you have encountered them before, they have never been in such large numbers. The main threat these undead pose is they can reform whenever all required bones are available within a certain radius. The main tactic for dealing with them is breaking them apart via an impact weapon (staves or fists) and removing the same bone from each of their remains. The largest and most distinctive bones are best, so either the skull or ribcage.

As for the dungeon itself, Covetous returns as a mining cavern complete with a large central lift. It is also one of the longer dungeons having four levels with the first and fourth levels being particular large.

The main puzzle of the dungeon is to get to the bottom level of the dungeon via the lift. This goal involves repairing the lift on the first level, gaining access to the lift by getting past Lothar, and opening up the barriers that prevent you from going down to the next level. While there is a way to circumvent several of the bottom levels in order to get the blackrock crystal ball, you still need to retrieve the glyph, which requires gaining access to the bottom level.

Each level is composed of long tunnels and large chambers, which are usually well lit. Even so, lanterns and torches would be advisable for certain areas. On the first level are some torches and useless healing potions. Throughout the dungeon you will find plenty of gems and blackrock especially on the final level. In addition, you will find purple pools, which give helpful visions when blackrock is placed in them.


Level 1

First, go to 03 and take the big gear. Then go to the stairs that lead to 05. Turn off the water, put the gear into the mechanism, then turn the water back on. Now backtrack to 02, where you meet Lothar. Defeat him with the Gringolet, then use his key to unlock the elevator.

Level 2

Push the mine cart at 07 to free the way, then use the next mine cart (drive in it) so that you can get the key at 09. Afterwards find Skully near 08 and promise to help him, take him with you. Now backtrack to the elevator and unlock the next level.

Level 3

Follow the path and blow up the blockade at 12 to finally find Skully's grave at 13. He in return gives you the key to the last level. Do not forget the Crown of Radiance near by. Unlock the elevator for the last level.

Level 4

First, get the Bladed Staff at 15, before making your way to the column at 21. The brainwashed Julia waits there, but by staying calm and reminding her of her past will turn her peaceful. Take the glyph, then backtrack. Now you have two options how to reach the final boss:

  • Sacrifice the Gringolet at 16.
  • Return to level 2 and blow up the grate at the NW. In the next level defeat the giant skeleton, then blow up the next grate.

Confront Khelereth at 18 and kill him, then take his crystal ball and blow up the last grate to get to the exit.

Map Legend

1 - Start

2 - Lothar

3 - Big gear

4 - Waterfall valve

5 - spindle for big gear

6 - locked chest with button to open lift door

7 - Pushable mine cart

8 - Skully on a pole

9 - key to open locked chest at 10

10 - locked chest with button to open lift door

11 - Crown of Radiance

12 - Rock debris wall

13 - Skully's grave

14 - locked chest with button to open lift door

15 - Bladed Staff and loads of gems

16 - Sacrifice Gringolet here

17 - Khelereth

18 - Blackrock Crystal Ball (teleports to 19 when clicked)

19 - Blackrock Crystal Ball

20 - Ailuj

21 - column and glyph



Crown of Radiance


Bladed Staff


Usable Powder Kegs 5 (three more when going after the helm of radiance)


Heal Potions 11


Topaz 6

Diamond 16 (4 of these are invisible on the first level)

Sapphire 16

Emerald 16

Ruby 9

Amethyst 12

Blackrock 21 (a cart in the flooded gem mines produces 3 blackrock chunks when clicked - unlimited)



Map of Shame in Ultima IX

Shame is the smallest dungeon you will encounter in Ultima IX as you will spend most of your time in one large chamber that is subdivided in an upper open space that spans across multiple lower rooms. The dungeon is essentially one long sequence of complex puzzles that leads to a teleporter. This teleporter leads to a glass mediation room within a larger cavern where one could collect a gold chalice. This whole sequence is intended a final series of trials for Paladin-hood.

In addition to the chalice chamber (which holds the Chalice of Honor), this final cavern also contains the column and the toughest Wyrmguard Eve you will face in the game. This cavern also includes a lightning sword and a teleporter to leave the dungeon.

There is little that you can or should do to prepare for the dungeon. Lighting is quite adequate within and invisibility potions won't work on most of the eyes or traps inside (excluding the first one you must pass to get inside). The only other element of preparation is upgrading your armor and weapons as best you can for the fight against the Wyrmguard.


Push button 01 to shut off the barrier, then stay close to the door to pass. Shoot the sun at 02 to turn the eyes and then make your way to 03, where you provoke the eye to shoot, then evade to let it hit the wall-face instead. In room 04 touch the armors, then manage to let the statue's energy balls hit the newly appeared wall-faces. Push the button in room 05, and provoke the statue to hit the moving wall-face (very difficult). Then kill the zombie and push the button in the hidden area.

In room 08 push the left, then the right button. Touch every statue when it is black, until all seven of them are black. The eighth which then appears must be touched when red, to get the black orb. Now backtrack and manage to enter room 07. Here you have to figure out which button summons which face, and then use it to play billiard with an energy ball, until the wall opens. In the next room don't touch the red floors, shoot the sun symbol to get more space, reach the button to get to room 09. There, pull all the levers without being seen by the eye, then go to room 10, where you put the orb on the pedestal to lower the stairs. On the upper floor, touch each of the lights, then touch the black statue. It will be re-colored until it is white, then a teleporter appears.

Say the mantra, then walk up into the cave of the chalice at 21. Do not give in to Blackthorn, who destroys the chalice. Take a spare one, then backtrack. Jump down near the wall and get the Lightning Sword at 17, since the Wymguard Eve at 18 is very strong. Afterwards take the glyph out of the column at 19 and leave the dungeon.

Map Legend

1 - Barrier and Arrow Trap

2 - Two Portcullis-closing eyes

3 - Eye shoots orbs

4 - Two floating ball of light that either shoot an orb or a fireball

5 - Button makes moving target and orb shooting eye appear

6 - Statue room with arrow trap

7 - Table of buttons that activate targets or cause a statue to shoot an orb

8 - Shifting red floor pieces that teleport you to 7 when you step on them. At 7 all of the targets appear and shoot fireballs at you

9 - Rotating Eye that undoes levers if it sees you

10 - Orb pedestal

11 - Binding Pentagram

12 - Blue Light

13 - Statue over teleport pad

14 - Yellow light

15 - Red light and fireball shooting eye

16 - Glass Mediation Chamber

17 - Lightning Sword

18 - Wyrmguard Eve

19 - Column

20 - Teleport Pad out

21 - Chalice room, Blackthorn, Chalice of Honor



Lightning Sword

Long Sword

Kite Shield


One of every potion except for cure poison.



First part of Destard
Second part of Destard

Destard is more of classical Ultima dungeon than any of the others in Ultima IX. Unlike Shame, this dungeon is mostly enemies with some traps and an occasional puzzle. The dungeon, itself, is very similar to historical Ultimas being mainly a dragon roost. You will find some man-made areas built by either her human followers from Dawn (U9) or the Wyrmguard forces.

Enemies you will face are many and varied. Apart from the large dragon Talornia, there are daemons and hellhounds, giants bats and rats, Wyrmguard, and even undead including a Liche. The daemons are manageable, but you must remember that daemons are invulnerable as long as their summoned creature is still alive. You will also find one of the most difficult enemy types in the game: Slasher Daemons. These unusual daemons look like giant wasps and are commonly found around dragons. They have a 100-point magical shield that is impervious to non-magical damage that must be taken down before dealing damage to them. Worse yet, their flight capabilities will force you to engage them with fire and mana arrows or spells before directly harming them. They also use lightning as their primary attack, which adds up damage quickly.

Thankfully there are no special difficulties with this dungeon, so you only need to prepare for multiple tough fights. This generally means having plenty of mana and health potions, some potent spells, and the best armor and weapons you can muster, which should be plate mail if you have had a chance to go to Trinsic. Completing the honor path beforehand gives you access to both the lightning sword and the Blackrock Sword, both of which reduce the challenge of the fights here. The last remaining key to preparation is emptying your inventory. While not as rich as Covetous, the dungeon does have a small gem mine and a substantial treasure trove.


Once in the cave, go to 02 and put something on the pressure plate. Than fight your way north and get the first eggshell at 06. Backtrack, then free the prisoner Bane at 08 and talk with Adreanna at 10. Go to the column at 11. When the brainwashed Geoffrey stops you, be challenging to him without actually taking arms, and he cowardly will let you pass. Take the Glyph and use the teleporter at 12 to enter the other level.

Pull the lever at 14. Right after the door, Dartane confronts you. Be firm and kill him, then take the red skull at 15 and put something on the pressure plate. Next open the secret door at 16 to get the second eggshell at 17. Backtrack and carefully take the kay at 19. Find the body of Sir Drake at 20 and find out the Word of Power for Destard. Use the pressure plates at the northern room and push both buttons afterwards. Get the journal from 21 and keep it for later. Go east until you reach a room with poison gass. Push the brick to turn that off and follow the secret passage to the crypt at 22. Get the key and then defeat the giant zombie at 25. Take the third eggshell from his grave.

Now backtrack and go to 28. Cutting the nets, you can get the fourth eggshell. Next go to 39 and say the Word of Power to clear the exit, then go to 27 to get a key and the red candle. Get more gems in the mines before backtracking. Open the secret door south of 35 and take the key before entering the dark chapel at 28 by pushing all four buttons. Get the blood from 33 and the key, then move the picture at 29 to get another key. Get the red orb at 30 and the severed head from the secret chamber behind 31 (touch dragon statue).

Now go to 35. Place orb, candle, blood and skull on the four pedestals at 34 and the head on the pentagram. Quickly kill the summoned Daemon and get the spell scroll (unique). Now return to Adreanna and exchange the journal for the last eggshell. Put the shells on the pedestals at 07 to free the way north. Talornia at 36 tries bribery, but be firm and kill her. Take her head. Now go to 37 to take the magical treasures and speak one last time with Adreanna before leaving the dungeon.

Map Legend

1 - Start

2 - Chest containing a Charm spell

3 - Pressure Plate that opens 4

4 - Barrier to Hatchery

5 - Dragon Egg

6 - Red Magic Eggshell

7 - Magic Egg Seal that maintains barrier to Talornia

8 - Bane

9 - Key to free Bane

10 - Adreanna and White Magic Eggshell

11 - Column and Wyrmguard Yerffoeg

12 - Teleport Pad to 13

13 - Teleport Pad to 12

14 - Fireball Shooting Dragon statue

15 - Large Red Skull

16 - Moveable Dagger Display Case on wall

17 - Green Magic Eggshell

18 - Healing Fountain

19 - Key in Bowl

20 - Book containing Word of Power for Destard

21 - Darim's Journal

22 - Liche

23 - Bone Boots

24 - Bone Helmet

25 - Xarnthal Tomb and Yellow Magic Eggshell

26 - Blue Magic Eggshell

27 - Red Candle

28 - Instructions for Summoning a Demon

29 - Painting makes key to 30 appear

30 - Treasure room contains Red Orb and Bone Chest

31 - Sliding Dragon Statue

32 - Severed Head behind Sliding Dragon Statue

33 - Vial of Blood

34 - Pedestals for Objects in Summoning Demons

35 - Portal where Demon Appears

36 - Talornia

37 - Lots of jewelry and loot

38 - Mana Fountain

39 - Destard Seal




Summon Demon

Light Scroll

Infernal Armor

Light Heal

Create Reagents


Leather Gauntlets

Chest of the Troll

Wyrmguard Chest

Bone Chest

Bone Helm

Bone Boots


Broadsword 3


Battle Axe


Ginseng 2

Garlic 1

Spider Silk 3

Sulfurous Ash 4

Blood Moss 4

Mandrake Root 5

Black Pearl 5


Invisibility Potion 4

Mana Recovery Potion 5

Infernal Armor Potion 2

Poison Potion 1

Empty Flask 1


Mimic 2

Bracelets 8

Necklace 1

Cut Emerald 1

Sapphire 7

Topaz 6

Emerald 6

Amethyst 5

Cut Topaz 1

Ruby 5

Diamond 4

The Abyss[edit]

Map of the Abyss in Ultima IX

The Abyss can be very confusing. 1) The separation into four elemental planes, 2) tough enemies and 3) a hard to understand puzzle.

In the first level, you should find and kill the Dragon to get his key in order to open the chest with some nice Blackrock Armour pieces (use the X-chest if you are lazy). Then jump into the hole to reach the next level, the shaft. In the shaft, you need to get four energy globes.

You start at 17. Push the lighter stone in one chamber to open the secret door to chamber 22. Stay on the face on the ground and jump away when an energy ball approaches, then take the orb and use the teleporter at 17. At 05, go to 08 and push both buttons to take the orb. Go to 08, douse the braziers and use the teleporter to 09. Try to get through the traps to reach 13. Put something on the pressure plate, up the stairs and over a balance beam, touch the ankh and the lighter stone. Now go to 16, run through the trap and take the orb, before using the teleporter to 17. Go to 30 to push the hidden switch, then backtrack to 19 where you melt the ice crystals to get the orb, then take the teleporter to 21.

The Elementary Planes

At the bottom of the shaft, put all four orbs on the pedestal to unlock four more teleporters in the four chambers. Teleport back up and search for them. Each leads to an elementary plane where a creature has to be killed to shut off one barrier and open the exits.

In the air plane you can collect orbs to get a Lightning Sword, but you should already have one from Shame. Instead find the Dragon and kill it, in order to deactivate barrier 1. Use the new teleporter to exit. On the fire plane, use the left way until you can enter the center area, where you defeat the big Daemon to shut off barrier 2, then exit. On the Earth plane, first find the big Creeper Plant, where you can find a Blackrock Armour, before killing the big Golem to deactivate barrier 3 and exit. On the water plane move upstream until you find the Sea Serpent and kill it with Mana Arrows to eliminate barrier 4, before exiting.

Now return to 21 and enter the last area. Make your way to the bottom, then watch Lord British dueling and killing Blackthorn. Afterwards enter the column to take the Glyph and speak to Lord British to exit the Abyss.

Map Legend

1 - Start

2 - Target on Floor

3 - Air Access Orb

4 - Teleport to 5

5 - Teleport from 4

6 - Fire Access Orb Pedestal

7 - Fire Braziers that need dousing

8 - Teleport to 9

9 - Teleport from

10 - Pressure Plate that raises 11

11 - Block Stairs

12 - Sliding Brick switch that opens secret to teleporter

13 - Ankh that opens 14

14 - Coffin that contains Time Stop and Message from the Time Lord

15 - Earth Access Orb

16 - Teleport to 17

17 - Teleport from 16

18 - Ice Hound Pen

19 - Water Access Orb and Teleport to bottom of tower

20 - Teleport to 1

21 - Orb Pedestal

22 - Air Realm Portal

23 - Start of Air Plane and Teleport Out

24 - Mana Restoring pool

25 - Air Titan

26 - Lightning Sword

27 - Start of Lightning Sword Orb Puzzle (use Ethereal Sight)

28 - Fire Realm Portal

29 - Earth Realm Portal

30 - Water Realm Portal






Ring of Fire

Time Stop



Blackrock Leggings

Wyrmguard Helmet

Blackrock Chest


Siege Bow

One-Handed Axe

Steel Buckler


Novice Bow

Two-handed Axe


Lightning Sword

Glass Sword


Sulfurous Ash - 2

Nightshade - 1

Garlic - 1

Blood Moss - 1

Spider's Silk - 1

Ginseng - 1

Mandrake Root - 1

Black Pearl - 1


Cure Potion - 3

Invulnerability Potion - 1

Health Potion - 4

Infernal Armor - 1

Mana Recovery - 3


Diamond - 3

Emerald - 1

Mimics - 8

Guardian Dungeon[edit]

Map of the Guardian Dungeon

The final dungeon of the game. It is entirely possible to bypass it and directly go to the final confrontation.

First Part

After passing the barrier, step on the pressure plate at 02 and quickly run through door 03. Proceed to use the map to find all keys and push all buttons. There isn't much to find and the room at 05 is a trap, so quickly turn the two valves to prevent yourself from drowning. Touch the orb at 06 and douse the candle at 07 to get the key. Open the secret doors and get the Glass Sword at 08. Take the first energy cube from 09 (the green cube), then follow the path and enter a pit to flip a switch.

Once in room 10, do whatever you think is right with the girl Maria, the Guardian nonetheless will be amused at your choice. Enter the teleporter, to enter the second part of the dungeon.

Second Part

Touch the picture to unlock the door. Take the key marked on the map, then unlock the door across the corridor to get equipment. Next go west and touch the marked picture, and push the brick in room 20, get the key and the yellow cube. Get the blue cube from room 18 then teleport to 16 and get the red cube. Teleport back and use red cube to unlock door. Unlock north gate for second half of the level.

Talk with Ciara at 24, then open the gate at 21 with Telekinesis. Kill Agmar in the room north of the gate, move picture and press the button. Now take the treasury key from room 22. Return to Ciara and exchange key for cube. Put the red cube on pedestal 25 to dissolve field, then get the key move to the first button (map), then use the second button (behind secret door). Insert the three remaining cubes into the pedestals in the next room. Push the meteorite on the altar.

Lastly, go to room 27, where the teleporter is no online, and takes you to the Guardian's throne room.

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