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Ultima IX
Words of Power: AN NOX
Reagents: GA, GS
Circle: 2nd
Ultima VII Part Two
Words of Power: AN NOX
Reagents: GA, GS
Circle: 1st
Ultima VII
Words of Power: AN NOX
Reagents: GA, GS
Circle: 1st
Ultima V
Name: Negate Poison
Words of Power: AN NOX
Reagents: GA, GS
Circle: 1st
Ultima IV
Reagents: GA, GS
Mana: 5
The Forge of Virtue
Words of Power: AN NOX
Reagents: GA, GS
Circle: 1st

Cure removes any and all of these effects from the patient. When poisoned by the swamps, traps or foes, when hit with paralysis or a horrible curse, this spell is the rescue. All poison or adverse magical effects are flushed out, restoring the subject's well being. However, it doesn't heal the patient's injuries, so for this, the Heal spell is required.

In Ultima IX, if a person is strongly poisoned, then the spell has to be used several times in order to fully remove all poison from the body.

Should an entire group need curing, then the Mass Cure spell can be used on them all at once.

Red potions fulfill the same purpose as this spell.


Curing a diseased person
Venomous creatures abound throughout the lands of Britannia. Rarely are they evil, nature having provided them with their sting as a means of defense against larger predators, but without proper attention wounds can fester and lead to the death of a victim. Furthermore, evil mages may cast noxious, poisonous energy fields during battle or erect such barriers to prevent the virtuous from reaching their caches or sanctuaries. Fortunately, the great wizard Jaanth Nor devised a countering magic for the effects of all venom and recorded his findings for future generations to use. The Cure spell is effected by the use of a mixture of Garlic and Ginseng and the calling of the victim's name to soothe envenomed soul. The curative powers of the Ginseng nullify the effects of the poison in the victim's system, while the use of Garlic wards off the return of any virulent residues that may lie dormant in the blood.
Few deadly problems are as easy to arrest as poison. So common is the use of poison that alchemists have been able to devise a formula, using the relatively common plants garlic and ginseng, that is effective against nearly every form of poison in nearly every user. However, the magic works on individuals only; thus, simple as it is, novice mages in a party mush have magic endurance among them great enough to cast An Nox as many times as they have afflicted members. Even then, safety is not secured. Strength already sapped by toxins is not regained without peaceful rest or healing magic.
This spell cures poison and restores a person afflicted with paralysis. It has also been known to work against an assortment of other malicious maladies.
This spell neutralizes the effects of all poisons on its subject, including those of a paralytic nature.
A fortified magical preparation, the Cure spell purges the body of all forms of natural poison. Drawn from the pure energies of garlic for warding and ginseng for healing, this spell serves any adventurer who might encounter rats, spiders, or more poisonous creatures on his travels. As the world thickens with the poison of evil and its venomous agents, I must teach Cure to my apprentices for their own protection. Necessity motivates the sharpest learning.


  • In Ultima VI, the Dispel Magic spell replaces this one, as well as having several other beneficial effects.
  • In Ultima IX, in gameplay mechanics, this spell replaces a part of the green bar (poisoned health) with red (good health), before it is drained by the poison.

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