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Hellhound, from Ultima IX manual
Only appearance: Ultima IX

What type of pet do Daemons keep? Hellhounds! These fiery dogs come from the same extradimensional plane as their masters and are quite dangerous. Immune to any fire damage thanks to their nature, their bites and fire breath can prove to be lethal. Also they act as bodyguards for their masters, shielding them from damage.

They are found near lava and in the company of Daemons.

They appeared only in Ultima IX: Ascension, but they are not necessarily a new species; pictures of Hellhounds were seen in the Void in both Ultima Underworld I and II.


Born of lava and fire, the hellhound brings the vitriol of the Pit to the material plane. If his fearsome demeanour does not paralyse a warrior, his fiery breath may burn one to the ground. Magical incantations of fire are without use, yet attacks of water and icy magic are quite effective.
- from Journal (Ultima IX)


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