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Used heavily in the later parts of Ultima VI, and periodically in many later games, the Gargoyle language consists of a unique alphabet and pronunciation.


A sign in Gargish

"Gargoyle" is an English corruption of gargl, the Gargoyles' name for themselves and their language. An informal word for gargl as the name of the Gargoyle language is "Gargish".

Spoken Gargish is grammatically rather flexible. Distinctions between nouns, adjectives, and verbs are indicated by gestures and intonations. This flexibility is also apparent in the names of magic spells derived from Gargish phrases. "Vas Sanct Lor", for instance, is derived from the Gargish vas saengkt lor, but it is equally correct to say saengkt vas lor or even lor saengkt vas. Gargoyles tend to omit words they consider to be unnecessary complications, like pronouns, and they often speak in infinitives. While a Human attempting to speak Gargish might come up with something like í est ker í le vid ú prae, "I'm certain that I've seen you before", a Gargoyle would simply say ker le vid prae (or more idiomatically, ker prae vid le), "to be certain having seen before". With practice, it's possible to deduce the implied pronouns in a Gargoyle sentence, but it's not always easy.

Unlike spoken Gargish, the written language has no way to mark the intonations and gestures that make the speech intelligible, so there are suffixes that mark words as being verbs, nouns, or adjectives, and also indicate the tense and aspect of verbs. In many cases, these are words which are meaningful by themselves, such as the adjectival suffix -de, which means "of" in isolation. Here is a list of the most common suffixes:

char "part" (names a tool used for doing a certain action, such as agrachar "weapon")
de "of" (marks adjectives or adverbs formed from nouns, verbs, and other words)
ku "with" (forms adjectives, such as mirku "watery")
le "end" (marks past tense or perfective aspect of verbs)
lem "one" (similar to English -er in baker, writer, miner, etc.)
re "begin" (marks future tense of verbs)
sa "able" (similar to English -able, ible)
tas "quality" (marks abstract nouns, such as ámotas "love", vs. ámo "to love")
te "in" (marks present tense or imperfective aspect of verbs)
ve "like" (forms adjectives, such as misve "similar")

Gargoyles have an alphabet of 30 characters, arranged in a 5x6 pattern. Similar sounds are grouped together by rows and columns. For instance, the first row, transcribed as p b m f v u, represents sounds that are produced with the lips, and the sounds in the first column, p t ch kl k, are all voiceless stops.

The letter u also serves to represent w at the beginning of a syllable when followed by a vowel. The sequence k-u is sometimes pronounced ku, as in kuante, but more frequently kw (traditionally transcribed as qu), as in quas. Three of the letters (ny nl, and hl) serve only to complete the chart, and are not found in contemporary spoken Gargish.

The Gargish language has long and short vowels. They are not normally distinguished in spelling, except where this would cause confusion. For example, uus means "up," but us means "diligence." In this document, long vowels are marked with an accent: us vs. úus, súm vs. summ.[1][2]


Most gargoyles have names that describe their profession, however some (particularly the elite) have names which are meaningless in themselves (such as Draxínusom), or have meanings beyond their profession (like Beh Lem, which means "just one of many").[3]

Magical Language[edit]

The Words of Power used in magic are derived from Gargish. Indeed, many potent spells, or rituals, are spoken in Gargish.

Syllable Gargish Word
An an
Bet bet
Corp korp
Des des
Ex ex
Flam flam
Grav grav
Hur húr
In in
Jux jux
Kal kal
Lor lor
Mani mání
Nox nax
Ort ort
Por por
Quas quas
Rel rel
Sanct saengkt
Tym tim
Uus úus
Vas vas
Wis wís
Xen zen
Ylem áilem

Examples of complex spells using Gargish include the following:

Spell Meaning Used in
Rel An-Quas Ailem In Gargl Change Reality (of) Matter into Gargoyle Ultima VII: Forge of Virtue (by Erethian)[4]
Rel An-Quas Ailem In Bal-zen Change Reality (of) Matter into Monster Ultima VII: Forge of Virtue (by Erethian)[5]
Rel An-Quas Ailem In Bet-Zen Change Reality (of) Matter into Small Animal Ultima VII: Forge of Virtue (by Erethian)[6]
Rel An-Quas Ailem In MOO Change Reality (of) Matter into Cow Ultima VII: Forge of Virtue (by Erethian)[7]
An Ort Rel Negate Magic Change Ultima VII: Forge of Virtue (by Erethian)[8]
An Vas Ailem Negate Great Matter Ultima VII: Forge of Virtue (by Erethian)[9]
Kal Bet Ailem Summon Small Matter Ultima VII: Forge of Virtue (by Erethian)[10]
Vas Ort Rel Tym Vas An Ort Ailem Great Magic of Changing Time - Great Negation of Magic Matter Ultima VII: Forge of Virtue (by Erethian)[11]
Vas Flam Uus Great Flame Up (Blood Flame) Ultima VII: Forge of Virtue (by the Avatar, to invoke the magic of Castambre)[12]
Vas Rel Ailem Great Change Matter (Form Rock Person)
Kal Mani Summon Healing (Create Life)
I Re-tem Bentas Juxark I. Praetimde Mír-Wís Re-Por I I have Virtue, Protect Me. Ancient Turtle, Transport Me. Ultima VII Part Two: Serpent Isle (by the Avatar, to summon the the Mad Mage's giant turtle)[13]
In Pri Kli Ort Ailem, Priin Ort Inten Mani Invoke Unity (of) Three Matter/Parts, Unify (Unity Invoke) Magic Maintain Life Ultima VII Part Two: Serpent Isle (by the Avatar, to reunite the Banes of Chaos)[14]


Provided here is a dictionary of all known Gargish words and their English equivalent.[15][16][17]

Gargish English
a but; yet
a-sa cannot
abis bee
abis-áilem honey
abis-kans honey
abis-reg beehive
abu misuse; squander; waste
ac act (v)
ack proof; receipt
ac-tas act; process
acu detail;' needle; pin
ad on; upon
ade however
adictas addition
adix add
adsenkt agree
adsenktas agreement
adsenkt-de approve
adsi consent; incessant; regular
aes copper
afin acquaintance; relation; relationship; bond
aglo armor
ágra attack; fight; hit
ágra-char weapon
ágra-char-in-lem blacksmith; Weaponsmith
ágra-lem fighter; guard; warrior
ágra-lem-mur army; military
ágra-tas struggle
áh sixty-four
ai there is; there are
ai-re there will be
aig nail; rivet; spike
áilem dust; matter; substance; thing
áilem-char material
áilem-de solid
aio yes
ai-re there will be
ak sharp
aki hawk
aksi, axi law; principle
aksi-múr, axi-múr the three principles
al salt
alb white
ali (an)other
alt deep
alv belly; stomach; womb
am honesty; honest
amb stroll; walk
amit give up; lose
amit-tas loss
ámo love
ámo-ágra-tas competition
ámo-lem friend; loved one
an negate; negative; not; none; no
an-ad off
an-adsenk-tas against
an-ágra peace
an-ai absence
an-áilem nothing
an-ámo hate; hatred
an-ámo-lem enemy
an-ang loose; loosen; wide
an-aur credit
an-bal good
an-bal-sil-fer False Prophet
an-ben sick; ill
an-ben-tas disease
an-cel short
an-cel-lem commoner
an-cirk far
an-do front
an-ex slave; enslave
an-ex-por lock; locked; closed
an-flam cold; douse; put out
an-húr calm
an-in crush; destroy; smash
an-in-tas demolition; destruction
an-jux remove danger; safe; secure; untrap
an-kad-sa infallible
an-kal banish
an-kans famine
an-kred disbelief; discredit; doubt
an-ku without
an-ku-kred impulse; impulsive
an-lai sad; unhappy
an-lim rough; sketch; sketchy; unrefined
an-lor dark; darkness
an-lor-tim night
an-mání hurt; harm
an-mis different
an-mul shame
an-múr few
an-múr-de countless
an-nax cure poison
an-nax-áilem antidote
an-ord chaos
an-ort dispel; negate magic
an-plen drain
an-por still; motionless; stop; lock; rest
an-pur complex; dirty
an-quas real; reality
an-rap slow
an-rel static; constant; unchanging
an-sá cannot
an-saengkt unprotected; curse(d)
an-son quiet; silent
an-ten lack
an-tim never
an-uus low
an-vas-ku slender; thin
an-ver left
an-vol-de, an-vold-de wingless
an-wís foolish; unwise; forget
an-zen inanimate
an-zú awake; awaken; conscious; wake; wake up
ann year
ang cling; tight
ang-ku clingy
ang-ter narrow
angulem angle
ang-vid observation; scrutiny
anísh strange
anmánívas Anmanivas (name)
ansikart Ansikart (name)
ant pump
ánte among; enter; in; into; within
apér open; unlock
apér-an-tu private
apér-ter door; gate
apér-tu public
ápta proper; correct
ápta-de properly
aran orange
arb bush; vegetation
arb-char plough; plow
arb-de nature; natural
arb-flam forest fire
arb-kans fruit
arb-lem farmer
arb-ped root
arb-reg farm
arb-teg bark (tree)
arch arc; bent; bow; curve
arg silver
arí berserk
ark hide; keep (away)
ark-lem stealth
ark-tas secret
arr ask; interrogate; question (v)
arr-tas interrogation; question
ars art
ars-lem artist
ars-solu stage
art master
asper despise; disdain; scorn; spurn
assuk insurance
ast at
ater brick
atra ink
átri hall
au or
aud hear; listen; ear
aud-char song
aud-de hearing
aur gold; money
aurvidlem Aurvidlem (name)
aust south
aut self
aux help; support
ávatar Avatar
avir bird
axi principle
axi-múr the three principles
azer bitter
baka berry
bal evil; bad; doom
bal-lem Evil One
bal-mus rat
bal-olef stench; stink
bal-sil prophecy
bal-sil-fer prophet
bal-son noise
bal-ungo chafe; grind; wear out
bal-zen monster
basi kiss
bea fortune; luck; lucky
beh justice
beh-de proper
beh-lem just one (person)
beh-reg courthouse
belis anger (v)
belis-ku angry
belis-tas anger
bel-lem judge
ben good; healthy; well
ben-de properly; well
ben-fin success
ben-in craft
ben-in-áilem artifact
ben-in-lem craftsman; Goodscrafter
ben-in-tas precise; precision
ben-ku kind; kindly
ben-lem virtuous
ben-mon manage
ben-mon-lem manager
ben-mon-tas administration; politics; political
ben-om-mání prosperity
ben-reg hospital
ben-sop excite; surprise
ben-sop-tas excitement
ben-tas health; virtue
bet small
bet-arb plant
bet-drak drake
bet-fil thread
bet-lem child
bet-mantik pouch
bet-mens shelf
bet-op village
bet-sarp worm
bet-ter-mír well (water)
bet-tim young; new
bet-zen insect
betra Betra (name)
beur butter
bib drink
bif crossroad; fork
bij jewel
bólesh Bolesh (name)
braca breeches; pants; trousers
brák arm
bris broken
buci horn
buk mouth
buk-kul tooth; teeth
buk-marga lip
buto button
can allow; let
cani' dog
car part
car-de-arb branch
carn meat
cas accident; chance
cel noble; high
celsus tall
cerub brain
ceu example
cev goat
chan allow
chan-por admit
chan-por-tas admittance
char part
char-zen member
circem about
cirk close (proximity); near
clav key
clen dependent
clens client
cliv incline; slope
clok bell
clud complete
cod tail; trail
coel climate; weather
cons effect
cor breast; heart
coxi digest
coxi-tas acid; digestion
cras dense; heavy; thick
crin hair
crios blood
cu collar; neck
cu-de throat
cui spoon
culk cushion
cult culture; education
cur cart
curo run
dáemón daemon
de belong; possess; of; from; than; like
de-ku-est probable
deji cast (throw); hurl; throw; toss
del line; row; verse
de-lem owner
delsa soft
delsa-teg smooth
delsa-teks linen
denae again
deresh Deresh (name)
des reduce; lower; down
des-áilem hail; meteor storm
des-de below; under
des-in-tas foundation; underpinning
des-lem handyman; laborer; worker
des-por descend
des-ter valley
des-ter-múr underworld
desbet Desbet (name)
dig finger
dig-kir ring
dim remit; return; send
dis apart; asunder
do back
dol cunning; deceit; treachery; trick
domu building
don give; drop; yield
don-an-hur comfort
don-lai please
don-múr distribute
don-múr-tas distribution
don-poen grief (v)
don-sadis punish
don-sadis-tas punishment
dot debt
drak dragon
draxínusom Draxinusom (name)
dúk guide
dur duration; for (period of time); while
eger desire; need
eger-ku necessary; needed
ek six
enu list
equi horse
er so
erb grass
esh, ew and
est be; exist; is; are
esta such; that; those
esta-de thereby; therewith
esta-tim then
et albeit; although; though
evol development; growth
ex, eks freedom; free; release
ex-por hatch; open; unlocked
ex-rap burst
exferlem Exferlem (name)
fai-an-kred do
feb decline
fed bond (v); connect; tie (v)
fed-tas affinity; bond; connection; tie
fel wrong
fel-tas error
fel-wís false; falsehood; lie; fable
felúka Felucca (the moon)
fem female
fem-bet-lem girl
fem-in-lem mother
fem-lem woman
fem-orn dress
fem-prol daughter
fen window
fer bring; bear (v)
fervi boil
fervi-ku boiling
fest disgust
fest-as contempt; disgusting
fig fix; fixed
fil cable; cord
fin end
fin-ku over
fírm close (v); shut
fla whip
flam flame; fire; heat
flam-char oven
flam-ku hot; warm
flam-tim summer
flur flower
fódus Fodus (name)
fol leaf
for strong
for-por shove
fora aperature; fissure; hole
fora-ku hollow
foranámo Foranamo (name)
forbrák Forbrak (name)
forlem For-Lem (name)
formi ant
forskis Forskis (name)
frèt brother
fu crazy; deranged
ful brown
fum smoke; steam; vapor
gargl Gargoyle; Gargish
gat cat
gen knee
gens gender; sex
glór glory
glub ball
grat thank(s)
grav authority; energy; field; power
grebdil Grebdil (name)
gres out; exit; way (out)
gres-por begone; come out; exit; leave; go out; hatch
har hour
harm harmony
harp clamp; grappling; hook
hiúman human
hoc till; until
horel clock
horffé Horffe (name)
hori gray
húr wind; air
húr-ex-cu cough
húr-son whistle
í I, me
ídde mine (possession)
íde my
ílem we, us (he/she/they and I)
in make; create; cause; form; become
in-áilem produce
in-aur profit
in-aur-ku profitable
in-bet shrink; focus
in-des diminish; reduce
in-ex free; release
in-flam ignite; burn
in-húr blow
in-jur promise (v); swear
in-jux threaten; endanger
in-ker convince
in-korp die; kill
in-lor illuminate
in-mání heal
in-mání-lem healer
in-mis copy (v); duplicate (v)
in-nax poison (v)
in-ort enchant
in-ten maintain
in-por go; come
in-por-dis avert; avoid
in-saengkt protect
in-sel decision
in-spak range
in-ten maintain
in-vas enlarge
in-wís learn; teach; study
in-wís-de teaching
in-wís-lem teacher
in-wís-lók interpret
in-wís-lor create an image; draw; paint
in-wís-tas lesson
in-zen born; birth
in-zú fall asleep
inforlem Inforlem (name)
init begin; start
inmánílem Inmanilem (name)
insep test; try
insu island
int join
int-rep-ku assemble; match; merge
int-vas grow; enlarge
int-zu marry; married
int-zu-tas marriage
intes between
inwíslóklem Inwisloklem (name)
ish normal
ista this
ita thus; so
iten journey
jist fiction
jup skirt
júr oath; promise
jux, juks danger; harm; damage
jux-ark defend; protect (from harm)
jux-wís alert
kad fail; collapse
kah sacrifice
kah-mání-zen-de sacrificial
kal summon; call; greet; hello; usher in
kal-ort cast (a spell)
kalix chalice; cup
kans use; consume; eat
kans-char plate
kans-in-lem cook; Foodmaker
kans-sa consumable
kap box
karbas canvas
kas helm
kat fall
ker sure; certain
ker-de to be sure; certainly
ker-tas conviction
kimik chemical
kír circle
kír-char wheel
kír-ku round
kír-por orbit; roll
klár, qar bright
klau, qau chamber
klep, qep take; get; steal
klep-lem thief; pirate
klí, three
klí-tim thrice
kódeks, kódex book; codex
kódex-reg library
kon opposite
kons organization
kor courage
korb basket
korp death; dead; deadly
kort chrysalis; cork
kreb frequent
kred believe; think; consider
kred-char mind
kred-don, kredon entrust
kred-in idea; invention
kred-in-lem creator; inventor
kred-lem believer
kred-tas belief; opinion; theory; thought
krill Krill (name)
ku with
ku-ánte within
ku-por combine
kua, qua which; as
kuad, quad cube
kuae, quae problem
kuar, quar four
kuas, quas illusion; illusionary
kui, quí any
kui-áilem anything
kui-tim anytime
kul knife
kuo, quó how
kupsi blade
kur attention; care
kur-ku attentive; caring
la the
lab glide; slide; slip
lago bottle
lai happy; happiness; joy; pleasure
lan tongue
lanx plate; platter; tray
lap stone; rock
laplem Lap-Lem (name)
lat flank; side
le limit; end; action completed; could
le-in achieve
le-in-tas achievement
leb pot
lect electric
leg read
leg-te reading
lem he, she, it, they; him, her, it, them; one; those
lem-de his, her, its, their
lem-múr everyone; those
len gentle
len-tas gentleness; kindness
líbrum book; librum
lig line
lim polish; refine
ling, liy language
lint sail; ship (v)
lin-tas boat
lint-reg harbour, harbor
lint-tas ship
lit letter
loc location; position
lók discuss; say; speak; talk; tell
lók-an-adsenktas protest; recriminate
lók-de talking
lók-trak represent
lók-trak-lem representative
lor light
lor-fil ray
lor-rel lens
lor-rel-in-lem Lensmaker
lor-tim day; daytime
lor-tim-init morning
lor-tim-pos tomorrow
lor-tim-prae yesterday
lor-wís-lem Lensmaker (title; scholar of light)
lud fun; game; humor; humorous; play
lud-áilem toy
lud-ku funny; playful
lud-lem player
lum humility
lum-lem humble
luo pay (v); payment
lup wolf
mac wall
mag dear; important
mag-áilem mass
mag-ars science
mag-ars-lem scientist
mag-dig thumb
mag-enu archive; record
mag-kred religion
mag-mo statement
mag-múr committee
mag-sed throne
mag-teks flag
mag-trav operation
mag-wís news
makis apparatus; machine
mal apple
mán remain
mán-char remains
mání life; healing; live
mání-áilem food
mání-de medical
mantik bag
mantik-teks pocket
mánu hand
mánu-orn glove
mar sea
marga edge
mas male
mas-bet-lem boy
mas-in-lem father
mas-lem man
mas-orn robe
mas-prol son
med center; middle
mek sword
mek-lem swordsman; fighter
mel black
mens table
ment chin
min less
minzur amount; measure
minzur-char ruler (measurement)
mír water
mír-an-nax cure potion
mír-de wave
mír-for current (water)
mír-korp-nox deadly poison
mír-ku watery; wet
mír-mání healing potion
mír-sarp sea serpent
mír-wís turtle; giant turtle; dragon turtle
mis same; too
mis-squa parallel
mis-tas balance
mis-tim also
mis-ve similar
mit sweet
mit-mání-áilem cake
mo noun; word
mol hammer
mon to lead; lead (v)
mon-de responsible
mon-lem leader
mon-wís advice
mont mountain
mord bite
mors behavior; tendency
mot engine
mul pride
mun minute
múr number; multiple; group; many
múr-flur garden
múr-in-zen fertile
múr-lor-tim month
múr-om community; society
múr-pri-lem council; government
múr-skis reorganize; sort (v)
mus mouse
nag swim
naks, nax, nox poison (n); poisonous
naxátilor Naxatilor (name)
násh Nash (name)
neb mist
nem lumber; wood
ner nerge
nes require; must; has to
nes-tas demand; request
ni no; neither
nim quite; very
nix snow
nod knot
nóm name
nub cloud
o by
oblek amuse
oblektas amusement
ok eight
ok-de eighth
ole oil
olef smell (v)
olef-ku smelly; stinky
olef-tas odor; smell
om spirituality
om-de sacred; holy
om-jux desecrate
op city; town
op-som tax
op-via street
or passion
orb moon
orb-lap moonstone
orb-rel phase of moon
ord order
orga instrument
oric ore
oric-de metal; steel
oric-reg mine (n)
oric-te mine (v)
orn dress (v)
orn-tas ornament
oro argue
oro-tas argument
ort magic
ort-lem mage
ort-mír magical potion
os bone
ov egg
pa by
pál pale
pál-os Palos (name; pale bone)
pan bread
pap paper
pap-de page
par equal
par-de equally
pat potato
pecu special; unusual
ped foot
ped-aglo boot; shoe
ped-ágra kick
ped-dig toe
ped-por step
pek sheet
pek-áilem wool
pek-teg cotton
pel shovel; spade
pen five
pend hanging; stick
pend-char glue; paste
pend-ku sticky
per use; function
per-sa valuable
per-tas functionality; usage
pinek brush
pisk fish
plen-tas crowd (n); full
plir coil (v); fold (v)
plir-kir twist
plir-tas coil; fold
plor cry
plú more; most; much
plú-ben better
plum feather
poen regret (v); repent
poen-tas regret; repentance
pons bridge
por motion; move; movement; moving; bring; transport
por-áilem take; remove
por-an-do push
por-char leg
por-in asborb
por-lem porter
por-mír stream; river
porci pig
pos follow; after
pos-an-do forward
pos-tim future; will; shall
pot weight
prae before; precede
prae-jist history
prae-tim past; was; ago
prae-tim-de ancient
praen grip
praen-char net
predi property
presk almost
prí one; unity; first
prí-de single
prí-de-kans meal
prí-in unify
prí-lem lord; queen; king; ruler
prí-tas singularity; unit
prí-te rule
prol descendant
prop intention; objective; plan; purpose
pud powder
pul chicken; fowl
pulker beautiful
pulker-mo poem
pupit desk
pupit-de drawer
pur simple, clear
pur-sed bench
purg clean; wash
purg-áilem soap
purg-ku clear
purg-te-kap bath
purg-zen-tu bathe
qua, kua what; which; as
qua-lem who; some
qua-ter where
qua-tim when
qua-wís why; because; reason
quad, kuad cube; square
quae, kuad problem, trouble
quaeven Quaeven (name)
quan Quan (name)
quant degree; size
quar, kuar four
quas, kuas illusion; illusionary
quas-áilem duplicate
quas-korp fear; illusion of death
quas-rep-ku mix; mixed
quas-zen clone
quí, kui any; anything
quó, kuo how
ra valor
rad base
rap current (time); quick; urgent; now
rap-curo dash; flee
rap-sa available; handy; ready
rap-tim quickly approaching; nigh
rati account (v)
ratitas account (n)
re (in order) to; to begin; will; shall
re-in begin
re-por transport; take; carry
re-te have; possess
rea react' respond
rea-tas reaction; response
rec erect; straight
reg home; house
reg-char room
reg-vas-uus roof
rei business; event; industry
rel change; changing
rel-por moongate; moongate travel
rem gift; prize; reward
rep frame; structure
rep-ku together
res answer
reskí remember
reski-tas memory
rig hard; stiff
rig-an-flam ice
rig-kans nut
rig-teg scale (animal skin); shell
rir laugh
rit ritual
rót turn
rúneb Runeb (name)
can; able; may
sá-est possible
sab taste
sac sugar
sac-ku sugary; sweet
sadis pain; torture
sadis-túrn dungeon
saengkt, saeykt bless; force; protection
saengkt-grav force field
saengkt-lor invisible; invisibility
saep seal; stamp
saf yellow
sal spring (forth), jump
sarbo coal
sarp serpent; snake
sarp-an-zen-ex-lem Snakecharmer
sarp-arí-lem berserker
satis adequate; enough
sarpling Sarpling (name)
sed-tas chair; seat
seg grain; seed
sek two; both; second
sek-de other
sel choose; select
sel-tas choice; selection
sem seven
sem-de seventh
sem-lor-tim week
semi half
sent feel; feeling
sep cover
sept north
sera bar; fence; rail; rod
setil basin; bucket
sev intense; serious; stern; strict
sev-rem offer; proposal; suggestion
si if; whether
si-par compare, comparison
sik dry
sik-solu sand
sil star; astrology; prediction
silámo Silamo (name)
simi gorilla; monkey
síní blue
sinvráal Sin'Vraal (name)
sit lie; rest
skel calamity; crime
skel-lem criminal
skel-lem-reg prison
skí know; knowledge; tell
skí-tas intelligence; knowledge
skis crack; cut; divide; tear apart; separate
skis-char scissors; shears (tool)
skis-tas division
skrí print; write; writing
skrí-lem writer
sku shield
slaskow Slaskow (name)
sol only; but
solu floor
som cost; price; value
som-ku costly
som-teks silk
son sound
son-de music
son-lem musician
sop dismay; shock; confound
sor sister
spak distance; space
spec kind (type); sort (n)
sper anticipate; await; hope
squa scale (balance); level
stat condition
ster sneeze
stul foolish
sub grin; nod; smile
subi hasty; sudden; unexpected
súm suppose
summ honor
suo stitch (v)
suo-tas stitch (n)
suo-teks clothe
súr sun
ta shoot
ta-re-por boomerang
tab card
tabil board
tablap slab
tam nevertheless; still
tan touch
tas quality
te present tense of verbs; action in progress; in
te-in continue
te-mání survive
te-mání-tas survival
te-per-tas persistence
teg skin
teg-skis shear
teg-vul scar
teks cloth
tem storm
tem-ágra thunder
ten have
ten-te has
ter place (n)
ter-alt interior; bowels (of earth)
ter-áilem plane
ter-ánte entrance; mouth (of cave)
ter-ark hiding place
ter-esta there
ter-flam fireplace
ter-húr sky
ter-húr-mir rain
ter-init original(ly)
ter-ista here; present
ter-ista-por come (here)
ter-mír lake
ter-múr world
ter-ort temple; shrine
ter-per-tas persistence
ter-por reach
ter-reg earth; land
ter-reg-wís-lor map
ter-te place (v); put
ter-vas-arb forest
ter-zú bed
teregus Teregus (name)
thor chest; body
thor-teks tunic; shirt
tib flute; pipe
tim time; wait
tim-por arrive; come
tim-spak rhythm
tim-te waiting; timing
ting color; shade
ting-teks banner
tint adorn
tir stretch
tir-ku elastic; stretchy
ton note
trak to; toward; for; unto
trak-por pull; draw
trak-tas direction
trámel Trammel (the moon)
trav work
trav-ter office
trax across
trí interesting
tú-tas whole
tú-tim always; forever
túrn cave
ú you
ú-de your, yours
úi-de our, ours
úilem us; we
ul final; last
ul-tim ultimate
úlem you (pl): you and they; "you-all"
um shadow
un-lem shade (ghost)
umor liquid
umor-flam lava
umor-kans soup
ún control
ung claw
ungo annoint; run; smear
unq ever
ura breath
ura-char nose
uri east
urs bear (animal)
us diligence
us-ágra-lem general; military leader; troop-leader
us-arb-vas-lem agriculture leader; leader of farmers
usu experiment
usu-de experience
usu-lem expert
ut a
úus expand; increase; lift; raise; up
úus-lem leader; chief
úus-por ascend
úus-tas expansion
uy claw
vaglem wanderer; wandering
vak cow
vak-mání-áilem cheese
vak-mir milk
val curtain
válkadesh Valkadesh (name)
vas great; big; long; ultimate
vas-áilem everything
vas-an-ben plague
vas-an-lai grieve; mourn
vas-an-lor eclipse
var-an-ort mass dispel
vas-ang choke
vas-arb tree
vas-arg-sarp silver serpent
vas-bal cruel
var-cur carriage
vas-des bottom
vas-feb feeble; fragile; frail
vas-fu demented; insane
vas-kap chest (container)
vas-korp lethal
vas-korp-ágra battle; war
vas-korp-nox lethal poison
vas-ku fat
vas-leb cauldron
vas-mír ocean
vas-mír-an-nax greater cure potion
vas-mír-mání greater heal potion
vas-mír-nox greater poison
var-múr-om nation
vas-por-áilem earthquake; tremor
vas-pos-tim late
vas-prae-tim early
vas-quas confusion
vas-son loud
vas-ter-reg country
vas-tim old; age; epoch; great time
vas-úus elevated; high; top
vas-wís (great) knowledge; (ultimate) wisdom
vasagralem Vasagralem (name)
ve like; as
ved sell
ved-lem vendor
ved-ter market; shop; store
ved-ter-de merchandise; stock
veh brutal; ferocious; savage; violent
vel even; flat
ven discover; find
ven-tas discovery
ver true; truth; right
ver-de truly
ver-in-de perfect
ter-tas fact
ver-vid heed; respect
vers all right; ok
ves west
vest search
vest-tas, vestas quest
vex annoy; disturb; jolt; shake
vía path; course; road
vici exchange; trade
vid see; look; view; eye
vid-ku seem
vid-lem seer
vid-dúk, viduk point
vidúk-tas mark; sign
vil cheap; common; little; poor
vil-de less, least
vil-lem servant
vil-ved sale
vin wine
vin-arb vines
vink chain
vír green
vír-mír swamp
vit glass
vol fly; wing
vol-de winged
vórtex, vórteks vortex
vox voice
vul injury; wound
we, us (you and I/me)
wíde our
wílem we, us; all of us (you, they, and I)
wís know; knowledge; wise; wisdom; intelligent
wís-char head; face
wís-de wisely
wís-lem scholar
wís-lem-reg school
wís-lor see; vision; image; picture
wíslem Wislem (name)
wíssúr Wis Sur (name)
No Entries
No Entries
zash, zaw something; somewhat
zen creature; being (n); animal; existence
zen-crin fur
zen-for-tas muscle
zen-korp undead; daemon
zen-ku physical
zen-lem pet
zen-múr race; people; person
zen-múr-int meet, meeting
zen-teg leather
zen-tú body
zhah Zhah (name)
zhel, zel iron
zhel-kas Zhelkas (name; iron helm)
zhen, xen family
zú-áilem sleep dust
zú-ku sleepy; tired
zú-tim winter

Examples of Usage[edit]

Here are a few samples of Gargish sentences translated literally, then into more idiomatic English.[18]

Gargish Literal translation Idiomatic translation
Teresta sit lem antende nóm. place-that lie ones not-have-of name Here lie those that had no names.
Estatim i perle lorrel re inwíslor kódex ad quad. that-time I used light-change begin make-know-light codex upon cube Then I used the lens to form an image of the Codex upon the cube.
Ánte esta terreg máníte múr anísh zen. in that place-home living number strange creature In that land live many strange creatures.
A qua lemmúr wíste, an zen anku vol verde wís. but what ones-number knowing, not creature not-with wing true-of knowledge. But as everyone knows, no creature without wings is truly intelligent.
Ánte kódex skríle prí ben esh ver res quí quae. in codex written one well and true answer any problem Within the Codex is written the one right and true answer to any problem.
Anvolde lem ansa lók, esh anten skítas de volde lem. not-wing-of ones not-can speak, and not-have know-ness of wing-of ones The wingless ones cannot speak, and lack the intelligence of the winged ones.
Tú rete ku klí axi: ún, or, esh us. all beginning with three principle: control, passion, and diligence All begins with the three principles: Control, Passion and Diligence.
Ita anai de axi vidúkte trak semde bentas, ord. thus not-there-is of principle see-guiding toward seven-of well-quality, order Thus the absence of the principles points toward the seventh virtue, Order.


Just as there are two sides to every disagreement, so too does our world have two sides. And as the centuries have drifted past, both sides have known but whispered rumors of the other's existence. But, as it was written by out greatest prophet, in days long since faded from mortal memory, there shall be three signs that precede the end. Three times shall the false prophet come to our land.

He has already come twice.
The two sides of the world are not locked in deadly conflict, and by my power I have verified the prophecy. For I have seen that where there are now two worlds, soon there will be only one. And this shall come to pass after the false prophet returns a third and final time. What momentous events will soon come to pass I cannot say. But I know that the false prophet will arrive soon. Even now, on the other side of the world, a singer of songs and a teller of fortunes prepare to aid him...
      Naxatilor the Seer
      Translated from the Gargish by Captain John

Despite months of study, I find the Gargish language a mystery still. The simple passage above required every bit of knowledge and intuition I possessed. According to my young friend, Beh Lem, the passage below is of great significance, but I have much to learn, and he is not yet the scholar his father is. Even together, we have been unable to read it.
I hope and pray that you may have better luck...



  • Gargoyles name for both themselves and their language is gargl. Gargoyle and Gargish are English corruptions of their toungue.
  • A Gargish True Type Font is available on the Ultima Web Archive, allowing you to write in gargl.
  • In addition to the Words of Power, the Mantras for each of the Virtues are also present as the Gargish translation of that virtue!
  • Many of the Gargish words are Greek, Latin or scientific base words (i.e. aur is Au from the periodic table symbol for "gold"; semi is Latin root for "half"; kli is a variation of tri, the Greek prefix meaning "three").

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