Dragon Turtles

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Dragon Turtles
Dragon Turtle, from Ultima I manual
Only appearance: Ultima I

Dragon turtles are a race of gargantuan aquatic reptiles which roamed the oceans in Ultima I.


The dragon turtles of old Sosaria seem to be a sub-species of the great fire-breathing creatures of legend. Having taken to the waters, rather than to the sky, these creatures developed flipper-like limbs, and were further outfitted with a large and immensely strong shell. Like their cousins in the air, the dragon turtles were gifted with the ability to breath bolts of flame, making them devastating foes both at sea and on shore.

After the death of Mondain and the restructuring of Sosaria, dragon turtles disappeared from the lands that would eventually become Britannia. Whether the end of the dark wizard heralded in their extinction or whether they disappeared to far flung lands severed from Lord British's realms by the sundering of the world is not known.

Erstam's giant turtle
While quite dissimilar in temperament and in form to the fire-breathing beasts of the past, a turtle of immense size is known to lie in service to the Mad Mage of the Serpent Isle, and may potentially be some distant relation to these dragon turtles of old.


These fire-breathing, aquatic dragons inhabit the seas around Sosaria and are considered an even greater menace to mariners than the winds of a typhoon. They are protected by a shell tougher than enchanted plate armour, and thus are extraordinarily difficult to defeat in combat.

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