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Wis-Sur, from Ultima VII
Species: Gargoyle
Ultima VII
Location: Vesper

Wis-Sur is a Gargish mage living in Vesper during Ultima VII.


Before the activation of the Tetrahedron Generator, Wis-Sur was a specialist in the application of energy and the destruction of barriers.[1] Following the corruption of Britannia's ethereal waves, however, the magician become short-tempered and paranoid. He would initially react with hostility should the Avatar approach him, promising that he had nothing the human should want. Although he could be grudgingly convinced to sell the hero spells and reagents, the erratic gargoyle charged a steep price for most of his wares, and would speak little of the current affairs of the community. [2]


I know the least about Vesper's Gargoyle mage, Wis-Sur, though I am planning soon to visit him and learn more about his view's on the art of spell-casting. What I have seen and heard indicates that he concenrrates his studies on the powerful effects of energy and the destruction of obstacles.


  • Wis-Sur translates to "wise sun" in Gargish.
  • In an earlier draft of the Ultima VII's plot, Wis-Sur was to have kept his home locked at all times, and to attack anybody he caught invading his property. He was also extremely paranoid about parting with any of his wares, always initially offering them at three times their normal cost and appearing relieved if they did not sell.[3]


A comparative list of Ultima VII's spell and reagent prices in may be found at: Ultima VII Magic Shops.

Prices for potions in Ultima VII were as follows: [4]

Goods Cost
Awakening 10gp
Curing 150gp
Poison 15gp
Protection 150gp
Sleep 30gp


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