Ultima VII Part Two: The Silver Seed

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Ultima VII Part Two: The Silver Seed is an add-on disk to Ultima VII Part Two: Serpent Isle, published by Origin in 1993.


With the Silver Seed installed, a totally new quest becomes available, which can be played at any time during the game. It does announce itself when the player talks to Karnax - even after ressurrecting - and learns of the prophecy of Balance. Solving the quest not only does give lots of experience, but also numerous very strong items as well as training opportunities for the entire game. The add-on is included in most post-release compilations containing Ultima VII, including The Complete Ultima VII and Ultima Collection, fully intergrated into the main game.

Included with it is the "The Silver Seed Play Guide" pamphlet (in PDF format in later releases), which contains the complete solution to the dungeons.


The Xenkan Monks find a mysterious amulet, the Amulet of Balance, which they give the Avatar. Using it on a Serpent Gate, the Avatar and companions travel to the past, into the time of the War of Imbalance. The Avatar has to find and plant the Silver Seed, to prevent the imbalance from destroying the world. Finding many fine artifacts on the way, like the Ring of Reagents and the Belt of Strength, the Avatar succeeds in this task, thus saving the world from ultimate destruction and learning that the Guardian had been messing with the land already many centuries ago.



There are several new items in The Silver Seed that help the Avatar's quest.


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