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US box

The Ultima Collection is a compilation of games that contains all the main Ultima games released up to the point of its release; that is, Ultima I to Ultima VIII. The collection does not include Savage Empire, Martian Dreams, Ultima Underworld, and Ultima Underworld II. It was released on February 17th, 1998.

The Ultima Collection was the last official release of any of these games by Electronic Arts or Origin, which has made this highly sought after by enthusiasts and collectors. The games were finally re-published at GoodOldGames for online distribution. The Ultima Collection was later included in the Ultima Complete Japanese compilation, and in the Dragon Edition of Ultima IX.

A companion guide, Prima's Official Guide to Ultima Collection, was published at the same time that this compilation.

Included with the game[edit]

Together with the game in a CD came the following things:

  • An install guide
  • The "Ultima Atlas", which consists of black-and-white photocopies of the maps of the games.

CD contents[edit]

The CD included in the release contained the following materials:

  • Akalabeth, which was ported to the PC specifically for this compilation.
  • All the color maps are included as Microsoft WinHelp help-files. Some of the maps are strangely divided, making it difficult to put them back together. The maps also have rather poor quality.
  • Interviews with Richard Garriott, where he describes some backgrounds of the games. He also talks about Ultima IX, although his statements were already no longer reflecting reality at the time the compilation was published.
  • A slowdown program named "MoSlo".

Other Versions[edit]

The Japanese edition came out with a vastly different game box (pictured), and included an actual manual. Also, it had a special edition with the covers of all the games as game cards. It included Japanese ports of Ultima I to Ultima VIII, with the exception of Ultima VII which was never translated to Japanese. The whole collection was later re-published in Ultima Complete.

There also exists a Taiwanese edition. It sports a much bigger box which looks like a book, and also has a special trinket in form of a Crystal Paperweight. Other than that however, the contents of the box are the same.

In addition, the initial North American "big box" production-run eventually ended, and the collection subsequently shipped to retailers in a much smaller, reduced packaging (bearing the exact same cover artwork as the original large-box edition from February, 1998). As such, the "big box" version is very sought-after by collectors.

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