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The second Trilogy
Ultima Trilogy IV V VI is a compilation of Ultima IV, Ultima V and Ultima VI, released by Origin in 1992. It was available for the IBM-PC and the C64 (this edition only in Europe).

Its contents are:

  • All three of the games on floppy disks.
  • A combined handbook for all three of the games, called "Age of Virtue Manual".
  • The cardboard map of Ultima VI.

Unlike the first trilogy, this one was only made available for the IBM-PC, and in Europe on the C64. The reason for this decision is mysterious, since in 1992, the Amiga and Atari ST still held sizeable market share in Europe and all three game had been released on these two computers, unlike the Age of Darkness trilogy. Du to this decision, all the Ultima games for the Amiga and Atari ST were never released in any kind of compilation and were only available through their original - and therefore rare - releases.

Of note is that Origin felt that the release of this compilation would be a good time to get rid of their surplus of cloth maps and trinkets, so a "Special Limited Edition", indicated by a sticker on the box (see the gallery), was issued. In it, instead of a cardboard map, were all three of the original cloth maps! Also, there were two possible trinkets: either the ankh amulet from Ultima IV, or the Codex Coin from Ultima V.

It was warned on the sticker, that this was a one-time only deal, only as long as they were in stock.


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