The Complete Ultima VII

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The Complete Ultima VII
The Complete Ultima VII is a compilation that unites Ultima VII, Forge of Virtue, Ultima VII Part Two and Silver Seed on a single CD-ROM published in 1993 and 1994 (depending on the edition).

The very first edition from 1993 was sold in Serpent Isle boxes marked with a sticker, and contained The Book of Fellowship, Beyond the Serpent Pillars, and both cloth maps. This release still carried everything on the original floppy disks - 15 in total - meaning it was entirely possible to still play the games without installing the expansions as well. The release from 1994 in the final box replaced the cloth maps with paper ones and the games now were on one CD and could only be installed with the respective expansions included. At least the book of Fellowship is a reprint in the 1994 release, easily noticable by the different font on the cover and the fact that many of the illustrations were either not correctly framed or were zoomed-in.

The European release had a limited special edition with the Ultima VII cloth map, but otherwise it was identical to the 1994 US edition.

Even later, the compilation was released as a bare CD-only version in a small box, or even just a jewel case in Europe. The documentation and maps were stored as PDF-files on CD. The PDFs are notorious for their bad quality, with many illustrations completely pixellated and unrecognizable and the maps stored at low resolution in black-and-white. The Euoropean Edition actually contains the PDFs in English, German and French.


  • Both games are bundled with their respective expansions on the CD, thus are already patched to their final version.
  • Due to the fact that it generally is this version that is available to players nowadays, the original title screens (without the expansion titles) are virtually unknown by now. Also unknown is the fact, that the earthquake that heralds the rise of the Isle of Fire would happen after loading a save after installing Forge of Virtue. Nowadays most associate it with the opening scene, the earliest instance where it can and will happen.
  • the 1993 edition also includes an Ultima Underworld demo disk.


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