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Front cover
Ultima: 25th Anniversary Edition was a compilation of Ultima games by Electronic Arts (as Origin had become defunct earlier) planned to be released in 2005, before it was cancelled.

Ultima: 25th Anniversary Edition was not announced to the public by Electronic Arts, barring an Ultima Online convention at which the company alluded to the collection's existence. According to writer and illustrator Stephen Emond, who spearheaded the project's conception, its original release date of November 2005 was pushed back to January 2006 before an eventual cancellation.

The only two surviving remnants of the undertaking are the title's box art and an unprinted advertisement (which also promotes the similarly conceptualized but never released Wing Commander: 15th Anniversary Edition), both designed by Emond.

Planned Contents[edit]

Unreleased advertisement
The collection was to include the following:
  • Windows XP-compatible versions of all Ultima games ever released, with the exception of Runes of Virtue, its sequel, and Escape from Mt. Drash.
  • Special history book
  • Soundtrack CD
  • Atlas for all games
  • Related items from each game

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