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Proposed Ultima Reborn logo

Ultima Reborn was an unannounced spin-off Ultima game for the Nintendo DS, developed and cancelled in 2008.[1]


The game was to be, as project designer and lead artist Stephane Belin wrote, “a reboot of Ultima IV on Nintendo DS. The idea was to make a brand new interpretation of my favorite game of all time. I wanted to shine a completely new light on the Ultima universe, while keeping all the great core values of the original game. [We] wanted to make it on NDS which cruelly lacked of good western RPGs. The project was canceled 6 months after the original pitch.”[1][2]

Concept art and in-game screenshots from the aborted project were subsequently released by Belin and artist Mathieu Latour-Duhaime,[1][3] showcasing a notable deviation in style from the classic Ultima series. Appearing to draw influences from Japanese RPGs and Howard-esque fantasy, examples of character classes show many females in a risqué manner of dress, with male appearances comparable to such diverse sources as Final Fantasy, Conan the Barbarian, and Roman centurions, among others.

Concept art[edit]

Released concept art reveals the planned depictions of each character class, as shown below:


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