Serpentine Dagger

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Serpentine Dagger
A Serpentine Dagger is a small knife with a wave-patterned blade, similar to that of a Terran kris. Such weapons appear in both Ultima VII and Ultima VII Part Two.


On Britannia, serpentine daggers and swords were emblematic of the Library of Scars, a martial academy in Jhelom which had adopted the serpent as its symbol, citing its cunning nature and quickness to strike. During the Avatar's adventures regarding the Black Gate the hero would find one of these unique daggers at a murder sight in Minoc, and would have the option of taking it to the Library's headmaster, De Snel. Unbeknownst to the hero, however, De Snel had previously been a Fellowship assassin, and would recognize the dagger as being connected to his pupil, Hook. Knowing that the adventurer was nearing close to his secrets, the shrewd tactician would attempt to murder the Avatar under the guise of a sparring match, only to be struck down by the hero.[1]

Later, when the Avatar journeyed to the cold world of Serpent Isle, they would find serpentine weaponry prevalent throughout the region, as its pattern was common amongst the snake-worshipping Ophidians who had previously inhabited the land.

Effectiveness of the Weapon[edit]

  • Serpentine daggers have a damage of 2 and a reach of 2 in Serpent Isle.[2]


  • In the SNES Port of Ultima VII, a serpentine dagger appears at the Minoxian kidnapping site, but it cannot be linked back to the Library of Scars.

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