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The Bone Crusher is a magical hammer which appears in Ultima VIII.


According to the Saga of Bonecrusher, this weapon had its origins in the early days of Pagan's Titanic rule. Myth carries that Lithos, the lord of the earth, demanded that the people of Tenebrae turn from their patronage of Hydros to worship him, and threatened to raze the city with an army of the undead should they refuse him. Lord Elsmil, the reigning Tempest at the time, petitioned Hydros for succor, and she bestowed upon him an enchanted weapon known as the Bone Crusher.

Using this legendary hammer, Elsmil was able to turn back Lithos' minions, although he died in the course of the battle and the Bone Crusher appeared to be lost with him. Through unknown means, it came to rest in a cave upon the Plateau, where it lay guarded by a horde of Invisible Stalkers for many years. Should the Avatar venture there during the course of their exile on Pagan, the hero would have the opportunity to retrieve the Bone Crusher, which would prove a potent weapon against the numerous undead who still roamed the land.

Effectiveness of the Weapon[edit]

This weapon will inflict between 1-19 damage per hit, and will inflict 2-38 damage if the target is an undead creature.[1]


And so it was in the early days of Pagan that the Titan of Earth, Lithos, declared that all who lived upon his lands should pay homage to him. With his mighty earthquakes, he demanded that the people of Tenebrae bow to him, lest he shake their houses down around them."But mighty Lithos," said the Lord Elsmil, the Tempest, "we are under the guidance of Hydros. From her we receive the rain for the crops and the fish for our table. We can not bow to you." This greatly angered Lithos and to punish the people of Tenebrae, he sent a great army of undead skeletons to slaughter them. Lord Elsmil, went to Hydros.

"Please," he begged her. "The people of your city are being slain by the minions of your brother, Lithos. We must have your help." Hydros heard the plea of her Tempest and gave to him a mighty hammer. "You shall have this weapon called Bone Crusher and with it defeat the minions of Lithos." she said. When Lord Elsmil arrived back at the battle, it was going poorly for the Tenebraens. They were fighting bravely, but were outnumbered two to one by the undead. Lord Elsmil let out a mighty roar and waded into the carnage wielding the mighty Bone Crusher. The skeletons fell before him like trees and the tide of the battle was turned. By evening the last of the skeletons were being hunted down in the woods and the town of Tenebrae was saved.

However, Lord Elsmil was missing. The Tenebraens began to look for him. They finally found his crushed body on the battle field, but the wonderous Bone Crusher was nowhere to bee seen. They looked for it for many days and nights, but did not find it. Though several of the searchers found the prints of bony feet in the soft dirt of the western forest. By the looks of the prints, they said, the skeletons were dragging something heavy behind them. A few of the searchers even say they caught a glimpse of bony white and the glint of light off something gold. To this day, intrepid treasure hunters continue to look for the hammer called Bone Crusher.


  • The Ultima VIII Clue Book lists this item as the "Hammer of Strength" -- an item which was actually replaced by Bone Crusher in Origin's official v2.12 patch for Ultima VIII.

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