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Cannonball stockpile, Ultima VI

Deadly iron cannonballs are necessary to fuel the numerous cannons seen throughout the realm. When propelled at high speed through the use of powder kegs, these destructive metal spheres are capable of sinking most waterborne craft, or blasting down stubborn gates and doorways.

Ship-mounted cannons have existed since Ultima I, only in the time of Ultima V did land-based cannons (and piles of cannonballs) appear.


Cannonballs galore, in Ultima VII
  • Through Ultima V, cannons had unlimited shots -- even when not placed next to a supply of cannonballs.
  • Only in Ultima VII the player can pick up the cannons and use them elsewhere.


Admiral Peary did, in fact, have an idea. He suggested that we have Carnegie manufacture some special steel cannonballs. We did so, then went east of Argyre and boarded a small barge with one cannon. We took it in as close as possible to the eastern wall of the city, and blew down the wall with the steel cannonballs.

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