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The spellbook
The magic system in the Super Nintendo port of Ultima VII differs greatly from that of it's PC counterpart, and is greatly simplified in comparison to the rest of the Ultima series - requiring neither reagents nor words of power. In addition to this, several spells appear which are unique to this port of the game. The player also only would get the spellbook from Lord British, and the higher spells only become available with higher levels.



  • Lv. is experience level of the Avatar;
  • MP is the required amount of Magic Points required to cast the spell;
  • Unique specifies that this spell is not found in the original version of Ultima VII, nor in any other Ultima game.
Spell Lv. MP Description
Location 1 1 Locates the Avatar's position on the world map. May only be used outdoors.
Kal Lor 1 0 Transports the Avatar to Lord British's throne room. Drains half of the hero's experience points and gold.
Illumination 2 1 Temporarily provides far reaching light in a dark area. Superior to the illumination provided by torches.
Healing 2 1 Restores two hearts of health.
Ring of Fire 3 2 Creates a ring of fire around the avatar, doing damage to enemies.
Unlock Door 3 2 (Unique) Unlocks mundane unenchanted doors, even if the caster lacks a key.
Lifting 4 3 (Unique) Magically lifts a heavy object, such as a boulder.
Explosion 4 3 Creates a magical conflagration roughly equivalent to an exploding Powder Keg. May be used to reveal hidden dungeon passages.
Levitation 5 4 Allows the Avatar to levitate over small barriers, such as shop counters.
Unlock Magic 5 4 Unlocks magically locked doors.
Great Heal 6 2 Restores eight hearts of health.
Water Walk 6 5 Allows the Avatar to walk over shallow bodies of water
Invisibility 7 6 Temporarily renders the Avatar invisible
Teleportation 7 6 (Unique) Creates a series of tokens which may be used to transport to locations throughout Britannia
Invincibility 8 7 (Unique) Temporarily renders the Avatar impervious to damage
Tremors 8 7 Creates an earthquake which deals damage to all non-flying enemies.

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