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What would be the economy without shops? Here, the traveler, adventurer or simple citizen can buy almost anything he or she wants. Weapons, armor, equipment or simply food, there is nothing that can't be bought from the merchants in the cities. These pages of the Codex have these backbones of the economy as their topic. Separate are shops that once existed, but now are a thing of the past, and trainers for martial and magic arts.

Currently existing Types of Shops[edit]

  • Apothecary - Reagents and potions can be bought here.
  • Armoury - The armouries sell weapons and armour to the adventurer.
  • Bakery - It is here, where the baked goods are created.
  • Clothier - Creates and sells all kind of clothes, but no armour.
  • Fletchers and Bowyers - Masters of missile weapons.
  • Grocery - In this shop, one can buy food.
  • Healer - Due to the danger on injury and poison, healers are a godsend.
  • Inn - Renting a room for the night is possible here.
  • Jeweler - Buys precious stones.
  • Provisioner - The shop for all the various equipment.
  • Shipwright - These people are responsible for building ships and selling them.
  • Stables - Getting a horse quickens travel significantly.
  • Tavern - Drinking houses where one can enjoy spirits and listen to gossip.

Shops of Old[edit]

  • Armour Shop - A Shop that only sells armour.
  • Magic Shop - A crude magical shop that only sells spell scrolls.
  • Oracle - The Oracle can give hints of the future.
  • Weapon Shop - A shop that only sells weapons.

Trainers for Skills[edit]