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Harnna, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Human
Ultima VII Part Two
Location: Monitor

Harnna is a Serpent Islander and Monitorian knight who works as a healer. She appears in Ultima VII Part Two.


A knight of the city's Leopard Command, Harnna was a deeply knowledgeable woman with a firm command of her art. While she largely relied on primarily natural means of treating illness and injury, given Monitorian cultural suspicions regarding magic, she nevertheless dabbled privately in the mystic arts.[1][2] At the time of the Avatar's arrival on Serpent Isle, she was suffering the grief of being recently widowed, with her husband, Edmund, having gone missing several weeks prior and long been given up as dead. The hero could initially find her in the nearby crypts, mourning at his empty grave, and both she and her fourteen-year-old daughter, Cantra, would speak freely regarding his death, believing him to have been slain by goblins.[3][4]

Following the Avatar's successful completion of the Knight's Test, further calamity struck. On the day set for the Britannian champion's initiation into the Monitorian knighthood, Cantra was found to be missing from the city, and Harnna, frantic with worry, rushed to the celebratory banquet being held in the hero's honor to attempt to rally the populace for a search. The assembled knights, however, quickly attributed the girl's disappearance to another goblin attack and gave her up as lost. Harnna, who had managed to scry her daughter by magical means, attempted to protest, but eventually fainted under the emotional strain of her distress.

Later, Harnna spoke with the Avatar and confided in the hero about her belief in and use of magic, directing the hero to look into a crystal ball in her possession such that Cantra's plight might be made clear. The scene that revealed itself was a strange one, in which the Avatar's foe Batlin confronted Cantra, or something wearing her shape, and drew her into a magical duel. Harnna explained that, while she knew not the exact nature of the menace, she could sense that something perverse possessed her daughter and that it posed a threat to her very soul. She thereafter enlisted the Avatar' aid, explaining that the hero should seek out one of the legendary Hounds of Doskar and allow it to scent one of Cantra's possessions, after which it would lead the hero to whatever corner of the world the girl inhabited. After securing the Avatar's agreement to aid her, she lapsed into a prophetic trance, speaking of three powerful artifacts that the Avatar would need to secure Cantra's rescue and explaining that the hero's wanderings would eventually take them to the island's frozen northlands.[5]

In addition to offering such insights into the particular's of the hero's quest, Harnna would also prove instrumental in preserving the Avatar's life. Following the receipt of a tattoo from Lydia, a wasting illness began to sap the hero's strength. Upon being consulted, Harnna would identify this sickness as a poisoning of the blood and would direct the Avatar to obtain some varo leaves from Fawn's horticulturist Delphynia in order that curative ointment might be made. Furthermore, she would identify the likely source of the ailment as being the hero's tattoo and would suggest that they confront Lydia about the matter. Doing so would reveal that the tattooist had deliberately attempted to assassinate the Avatar, and Lydia would turn violent, likely forcing the hero to slay her in the ensuing combat.[6]

Should the Avatar manage to uncover a plot by Marsten and Spektor to collaborate with the goblins in the hopes of seizing permanent control of the city, the hero may have been able to put to rest the issue of Edmund's fate. Speaking to Spektor either while he was imprisoned or dying, the Avatar would learn that Harnna's husband had come across the hiding place of a new, experimental weapon and that he had been killed to protect this secret.[7] Should the Avatar manage to locate this cache, the hero would find Edmund's body and would be able to inform Harnna of what had befallen him.[8]

Eventually, Harnna's prophetic abilities would lead her to conclude that her daughter was dead, and when the Avatar finally made their way to Shamino's Castle in the north, the hero would find her premonition's to be correct. While the body of the slain girl was spirited away to Monk Isle, where the Xenkan order managed to return the spark of life to it, it soon became apparent that some part of her ordeal had broken the Cantra's mind. Harnna could sense this, but had no course of action that she could take, and she persisted in hoping that her daughter would be restored, although Avatar could find no way to cure Cantra of her insanity.[5] By the end of the hero's adventures on Serpent Isle, Harnna stood as the sole survivor of the calamity that destroyed Monitor, in which Dupre, possessed by the Bane of Wantoness led an army of goblins and beasts against the city. It is not known, however, what ultimately became of her or her child.


  • A search of Harnna's farm house on West Gate Street turns up a single monetari among her personal belongings.
  • Harnna is one of many characters in Ultima VII Part Two who can provide a wealth of information about people, places, and objects. Should the Avatar ask her about the various strange items exchanged for the hero's equipment during a teleport storm, she will provide leads that open up dialogue with additional characters when asked about the ceremonial breastplate,[9] the fur cap,[10] the ice wine,[11] the moonsilk stockings,[12] the pumice stone,[13] the severed hand,[14] the silver ring,[15] the slippers,[16] the strange coins,[17] and the urn of ashes.[18]
  • Dialogue found in the game's code indicates that Cantra was originally supposed to have been restored to sanity, presumably after having drunk the waters of the Temple of Discipline. A fan patch has been made for the Exult utility that allows this event to occur. (For more information, see: Cut Material in Serpent Isle)
  • Despite Harnna's seeming secrecy regarding her knowledge of the mystical arts, Brendann will comment that she is known to dabble in magic.[2]
  • Should he be drawn into talking about his various conquests, Brendann will imply that he has bedded Harnnna and is Cantra's real father, indicating that there is a resemblance between them.[2] Harnna, however, makes no comment that would indicate the truth or untruth of this claim.
  • In Ultima VII Part Two, Harnna is listed as the author of a book titled The Art of Field Dressing. This book is identical to one found in Ultima VII, in which the words attributed to Harnna in the later game are penned by Lady Leigh.[19]


Prices in Ultima VII Part Two are as follows: [20]

Goods Cost
Onion 1 (1) Monetari
Apples (3) 6 (3) Monetari
Carrots 2 (2) Monetari
Banana (2) 6 (3) Monetari
Grapes 2 (2) Monetari
  • All prices are represented by: initial asking price (minimum price).


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