Lady Leigh

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Lady Leigh
Lady Leigh, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Serpent's Hold

Lady Leigh is the healer of Serpent's Hold during Ultima VII.


The attractive Lady Leigh was well accomplished in her field, and had numerous publications regarding the medical sciences to her name. She would speak, if asked, about a few of her fellow knights, talking about Horffe's human foster-parents and Denton's vast knowledge and sharp memory. She would also direct the hero to Lord John-Paul if they had not yet sought an audience with him, as she was vaguely aware that the castellan desired the Avatar's aid.[1]

Should the hero meet with John-Paul and agree to assist him with an investigation into a statue of Lord British which had been vandalized on the Hold's grounds, the champion of the virtues could enlist Leigh's help in analyzing the blood found on an assortment of stone chips taken from the crime scene. The astute healer could concluded that the blood on the fragments was Gargish in origin, leading the hero to question the lone gargoyle in the keep, Sir Horffe.[2]




Prices in Ultima VII were as follows:[3]

Services Cost
Healing 25gp
Curing Poison 8gp
Resurrection 385gp


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