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Finding the reagent
Executioner's Hood (EX) is a reagent used in the magical school of Necromancy on Pagan.

Uses and History[edit]


It is not entirely clear if executioner's hood is an herb or a mushroom, as Vividos clearly describes it as being the former while Bentic's Chronicle of Pagan describes it as being the latter.[1] Whatever its exact taxonomy, the reagent my be used to imbue spells with magical properties relating to death.

Executioner's hood grows throughout Pagan, although it may be found in abundance at several sites. A cluster growing in the remnants of a tree stump east of the Cemetery may be found early on in the course of the game, although the area is riddled with hostile changelings.


Executioners hood.gif
The fungus is black in hue, dark in purpose and shaped like the head-covering of it's namesake.
It is a black, leafy plant. It grows nearby, between the Graveyard and Tenebrae. Look for the hood under a large tree. It is a rare plant, so look closely.


  • Executioner's hood derives its name from the common use of face-obscuring headgear by some professional executioners. On Earth, the profession frequently led to social ostracism, and it has become a common notion that executioners would hood themselves to preserve their anonymity.[2]
  • An item appears in the Upper Catacombs which purports to be "Sliced Executioner's Hood". It is unknown what purpose this item was meant to serve and it has no apparent function in game play, quite possibly being a remnant from the game's large body of cut content.


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