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Chocolatl (Theobroma Cacao) is a reagent used in the lost valley of Eodon.

Uses and History[edit]


Chocolatl, known to English-speaking Terrans as cocoa, is a small evergreen fruit which is possessed of a strong flavor and smell, and is used by the people of Eodon to calm animals, sooth raging emotions and bring light. Specifically, it is used for the spells Light, Charm Enemies and Summon Animal.

Greater Earth[edit]

The plant known in Nauhuatl as cacahuatl (which translates roughly to "bitter water") was historically used by both the Mayan and Aztec civilizations in ritual sacrifice to their gods, and was said to have been delivered to mankind by the Plumed Serpent or the diety Quetzalcoatl. The Madrid Codex has pictures of Aztec priests ritually piercing their ears and mixing the blood with cacahuatl for the sake of religious ceremonies.[1]

In addition to its spiritual uses, drinks made from cacahuatl were shared ritually in Nahua cultures, and the fruit itself often was used as a trade-good or currency. Modern Maya and Mexica people still consume and harvest cacao, which has become a globally demanded resource due to its use in creating confections such as chocolate.


Their offerings, cast to the wind during their rituals, include: Theobroma cacao, known to the natives as chocolatl; Banisteriopsis caapi, used by the natives (who call it pinde) to produce visions and gain wisdom; and Virola calophylla, a potent snuff that the natives call yopo.


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