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Produced by females of many species, the eggs typically found in Britannia are collected from chickens, and many humans regularly consume them as a part of their diets.

History and Uses[edit]

Chicken eggs have been been a staple food for a long time, so that no special thought is given to them. They are used in countless food items when not eaten in pure form (often after cooking). Several farmers like Mack have specialized in breeding chickens in order to sell the eggs they lay.

Ultima Online[edit]

In Ultima Online, eggs are an unusual component for the skill Alchemy, where they are used in the creation of smoke bombs. However, otherwise it still is only useful as food.


While in recent years a series of droughts has hurt agricultural production in certain areas of Britannia, most farmers are enjoying a resurgence of bountiful harvests. Farmers will usually be glad to sell the passing traveller eggs, fruits, vegetables or whatever else they produce.

At the Farmer's Market in Britain, the fruits, vegetables, eggs and meats produced on the farms of Britannia may be found for sale. For a quick meal one could do no better than to sample the wares of the local food vendor. To find the local food vendor, one need only listen for ones friendly bark and call.


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