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Chicken, from Ultima VII manual.
First appearance: Ultima VII
Last appearance: Ultima IX

Chickens are domestic birds that serve as food for humans: They lay eggs, and they are butchered for their meat. While docile domestic animals are rarely of interest for heroes, they serve their part in the games in a more mundane way as part of almost every farm's lifestock.

Their appearance throughout the series does not change significantly. In Ultima VII, chickens lay eggs and farmer Mack will pay the Avatar for collecting them.


This bird can be found on many farms. It is the source of both eggs and delicious meat often served in inns. It poses no threat to humans, as it will generally run away if attacked.
Cowardly birds with little or no ability to fly, chickens are an excellent source for both meat and eggs. I have yet to see any that are not domesticated.

While handling chickens is a relatively easy task, as is collecting eggs, there are several pieces of information that will be of much use to the novice owner. For example, quite a number of hens have soft, delect fluff on their underside which they developed as chicks, but never outgrew. As a result, the coarse straw of the nest tends to irritate their hide. As a result, many hens will bury their eggs beneath a thin layer of straw. This provides warmth that the egg is missing because the mother will not fully set herself down upon the egg.

In addition, most hens do not lay their eggs at the same time as their sister hens. A hen must rest at the minimum three full hours before she will capable of producing another. And do not be concerned if more time is necessary for thy hens to create more of their offspring.

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