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Birds, from Ultima VII manual
Variants: Chickens
First appearance: Ultima VI
Last appearance: Ultima IX


Since their introduction in the later stage of the Age of Enlightenment, these avian creatures come in many forms, shapes and colors. From the most common domestic egg laying chickens to the more exotic parrots, who can even master the human language.

You may say that the most birds in the wilderness of Britannia eat fruits or vegetables and are no danger to anyone. However, some species of birds of prey as the vultures rather prefer meat and carrion. They also will not hesitate to attack anyone daring to enter their area.

Birds of Serpent Isle[edit]

While the most of the same birds as in Britannia breeds here, several rare species that can ONLY be found here are here as well.


Main Article: Penguins

These flightless birds’ lives and breeds in the cold ice regions of the northern Serpent Isle.


Main Article: Phoenix

This unique and fiery bird lives for a thousand of years, before it returns to its birthplace to die. You can recognize it by its orange-plumed appearance. Only one exist.


Generally posing no serious problem to the traveller, these swift, delicate creatures can peck annoyingly about the head if they are disturbed or threatened.
This type of creature is not openly hostile to human beings, but many will probably attack if provoked or frightened.
A variety of avian creatures inhabit the land, though an attractive silver-winged creature seems the most prevalent. Preferring fruits and vegetables, birds rarely attack people, though I have witnessed a few that were so inclined. One of the most colorful birds, the parrot, is even rumored to be able to converse in human language.


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