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Parrot, from Savage Empire
Species: Parrot
Savage Empire
Location: Eodon
SE Transcript: Parrot

Parrots are loud squawking birds first encountered in the Savage Empire, but later seen both in Britannia and on Serpent Isle. Smart as they are, they are capable of imitating human speech.


The parrots of Eodon had little to say, although they were naturally interested in food. The only exception was the parrot Cleese in the city of the Nahuatla Tribe, who had some interesting things to say about Dr. Spector.[1] Also, the weaver Paxaptamac would trade 1 emerald for every 10 parrot feathers brought to him.[2]

In Ultima VII, a parrot could be found in Trinsic, which if properly mistreated, revealed the location of a special treasure. Interestingly enough, all other parrots in Britannia knew the secret as well. Otherwise, the parrot wanted crackers and called Spark an ugly boy, after he called it an ugly bird.

In Ultima VII Part Two, Edrin the shepherd was hit by a teleport storm and transformed into Ale the parrot. This process was later reversed with the help of Gustacio and the Avatar.

In Ultima IX, a talking bird (most likely a parrot) named Pearli, can be found fluttering around a pirate ship in the northeast of Buccaneer's Den. The parrot provides an important clue about the pirates on the island.


We journeyed through the jungle, found a lot of wild parrots, and killed them. The Avatar used his knife on them to remove their colorful feathers. Fortunately, the parrots of Eodon are far from an endangered species and we didn't upset the balance of nature one whit.

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