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A typical emerald (real photo)
Emeralds are a special form of gems, which are especially sought after because of their vivid green color. It's their rarity that makes them so precious.

In the valley of Eodon, the Nahuatla Tribe was the only tribe to engage in modern trading, having made emeralds their currency. During his stay however, the Avatar hadn't much chance to take advantage of this, due to the current political situation in the city.

Aside from finding emeralds, the weaver Paxaptamac paid the Avatar with one emerald for 10 parrot feathers, and the weaponmaker Atlipacta accepted them for her goods, with prices from one to three emeralds for one weapon.


  • There is a vending machine which gives chilled fruit for the price of emeralds in the ancient city of Kotl. Either the Kotl had a really huge supply of emeralds, or inflation was a huge problem at these times.

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