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Gustacio, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Human
Ultima VII Part Two
Location: Moonshade

Gustacio (also known as the Green Mage[1]) is a Moonshadian mage living on Serpent Isle during Ultima VII Part Two.


Gustacio was a well-respected Adept in Moonshadian society, and at the time of the Avatar's arrival in the city of mages, he held position on the Council of Mages alongside the MageLord Filbercio and the red sorceress Rotoluncia. A severe and hard-working man, Gustacio was a specialist in magic dealing with weather and the natural world,[2] and he allied himself with the necromage Mortegro in the hopes of uncovering the secret of the magical teleport storms that had plagued the land in the wake of the coming Imbalance.[3][1] This undertaking so consumed his time and attention that he would initially refuse to speak to the Avatar should they approach him, being too caught up in his experiments to converse with anyone he deemed unworthy of his time.[4]

Despite not having a terribly warm demeanor, Gustacio was reportedly possessed of a strong sense of ethical obligation, a quality that set him apart from most magicians in the city, who deemed it their right to undertake whatever their magic could help them to accomplish.[5] He proved willing to defend the Avatar when the hero came under attack by Rotoluncia at a banquet held in their honor by the MageLord,[4] and while he would later join in sentencing them to the Mountains of Freedom after they were discovered in the bedchambers of the MageLord's mistress, he did so with the conviction that the trial was a grim but unavoidable miscarriage of justice.[6]

It was, in fact, only after the Avatar made their way through the dungeon to which they were confined for this offense that Gustacio grew to respect them to such a degree that he proved willing to meet with them. During the span of hero's imprisonment, the adept became friends with Iolo, and he began to look into the case presented to him by the shepherd Kane, who was seeking out an answer to the mystery of his brother Edrin's disappearance during a teleport storm. Once the Avatar finally emerged from the Mountains of Freedom and won official pardon for their transgressions, Gustacio gladly received them at his home, being greatly impressed with their abilities and willing to help their cause.[7]

One met, the adept endeavored to continue his research into the origins of the storms with the Avatar's aid, an undertaking made necessary by the fact that Mortegro had disappeared after being struck by an errant bolt of magical lightning, which had exchanged his body with an Ophidian altar stone in the distant Northlands. Gustacio, who knew not the full details of Mortegro's fate, explained that their research hypothesized that the variety of effects produced by the teleportation storms were connected to the different observable colors of lightning that occurred during the magical tempests. The Avatar, in order to examine these correspondences, carried an energy globe to an experimental tower that Gustacio had erected to the north of Moonshade and used the magical apparatus to summon a storm and record what colors were accompanied by what types of phenomena.[8] After this task was performed, Gustacio directed the hero to consult with Fedabiblio for a further interpretation of their results. The Magister bade the hero gaze into his crystal ball, and it was revealed there that Edrin had been the victim of magical transmutation, having been struck by a bolt of yellow lightning that transformed him into a parrot.[9]

Armed with this knowledge, the Avatar took the transformed Edrin, who had been found by Kane and taken in as a pet, and brought him to Gustacio's tower. Here, the hero summoned another storm and manipulated the lightning such that the bird was restored to the shape of a man. Gustacio, grateful for having his experiments brought to a successful conclusion, gave the hero the artifact known as the Mirror of Truth and offered to instruct them as to how to cast a number of magical spells.[8] He could also offer the Avatar some insights regarding their Black Sword that had once housed the daemon Arcadion, informing them that its sorcerous energies would need realignment before it could once again house a living soul.[10] The instrument that he had devised to fix such energy disruptions, however, had been lost for many years at the time the Avatar first met Gustacio, having been stolen by the necromancer Vasculio.

Eventually, following the catastrophic release of the three Banes of Chaos, Gustacio met his end at the hands of Shamino the Anarch, who slew him along with the majority of Moonshade's inhabitants.


  • The model for Gustacio's character portrait is Larry Kruitz.[11]
  • A search of Gustacio's home will turn up an awakening potion, a sleeping potion, 9 guilders, and a scroll of Summon.
  • Should the Avatar be male, Gustacio will mention briefly how he envies his tryst with Frigidazzi when asked about the trial.[6]


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