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Yopo (Virola calophylla) is a psychoactive snuff used in South America to produce trance-like states. It is also a magical reagent which is used as an offering in the hidden valley of Eodon.

Uses and History[edit]


Yopo is a snuff powder used which may be used to incite awareness, ferocity and protection in battle. Specifically, it is used for the spells Detect Hostile, Protection and Battle Frenzy.

Greater Earth[edit]

The Virola species of plants contain sap which is used by various South American indigenous groups, such as the Waika, to create a potent snuff known as ebena which contains the psychoactive compounds dimethyltryptamine and monomethyltryptamine. This hallucinogenic powder is used by shamans to enter trance like states that they might diagnose and combat physical or spiritual ailments afflicting those who come to them. Care must be taken in its administration, however, as any error in dosage may result in the death of the user.[1]


Their offerings, cast to the wind during their rituals, include: Theobroma cacao, known to the natives as chocolatl; Banisteriopsis caapi, used by the natives (who call it pinde) to produce visions and gain wisdom; and Virola calophylla, a potent snuff that the natives call yopo.


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