Serpent Scales

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Serpent Scales (SS) are a reagent used on the worlds of Serpent Isle and Pagan.

History and Uses[edit]

Serpent Isle[edit]

Harvested from the skins of snakes, serpent scales were specially prepared by an unknown ritual process by the ancient Ophidians of Serpent Isle. While knowledge of this method vanished with the collapse of Ophidian culture, small caches of scales could still be found amidst the ruins of the once proud civilization, and could be employed in spells of Ophidian origin.

Curiously, scales which could be used as magical agents were often found in the possession of nagas - a serpentine race who could often be found amongst remote ruins and caverns.


On Pagan, serpent scales used in magical incantations had to be corrupted by the corrosive venom of the serpent in question, and were used in thaumaturgical spells as a catalyst for inciting the destruction of bonds. Mythran would sell the Avatar this regent freely - although the hero encountered no evidence of serpents during their exile on this dark world.


Spells gleaned from the serpent ruins require a peculiar reagent, serpent scales. However, untreated snake scales are useless, and the ancient method of preparation has been lost. The only known supply of this ancient reagent is within the serpent ruins themselves.
Serpent scale.gif
The poison in the mouth of this beast seeps into the flesh and corrupts the scales, giving them the magical ability to act as a destructor of bonds.


  • Snakes feature in numerous occult and spiritual traditions throughout the world, and it is not improbable that many cultures have used snakeskin or scales for ritual purposes. In the modern magical practices of African diaspora religions, such as Voodoun and Santeria, snake skin is used in curses and hexes, and sometimes in the creation of hoodoo such as goofer dust.

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