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An Arcane Focus, also called Focus Crystals, is a very important part of the magic school of Spellweaving in Ultima Online.

Uses and History[edit]

Ultima Online[edit]

An arcane circle
Arcane crystals are essential when wanting to use Spellweaving spells with an acceptable result. They also are the first spell learned in this school. In order to create such a crystal, the mage first has to stand within an arcane circle, which can be made with the Carpentry skill, and then cast the spell Arcane Circle in order to produce such a crystal.

The crystal will seriously raise the mage's efficiency with the spellweaving skill for a determined amount of time. The more experienced the mage, thelonger the crystal will hold, before vanishing. The maximum time is 10 hours, the minimum 1 hour. Holding an Arcane Focus increases duration, spell damage, healing spell effectiveness, and area of effect for the carrier's Spellweaving spells.


As in a dream, you ponder upon the cosmic forces of the multiverse. Numerous strands of astral energy form into enigmatic equations. They swirl around inside your mind attempting to engulf you like raging tempest. As the temporal storm calms, you come to an inchoate realization. You are able to calm it; you are able to understand it; you are able to control it. As you awaken, you feel invigorated with the arcane knowledge of the elves. You have now learned the rudiments of epic spellcasting: Spellweaving.
- from On Spellweaving (Ultima Online)


  • To create an Arcane Circle, a carpentry skill of at least 94.7, 100 Boards or Logs, 2 Blue Diamonds, 2 Perfect Emeralds and 2 Fire Rubies are needed.
  • Human characters with no real skill still have a 50% chance of casting sucess due to the Jack of all Trades racial ability.
  • Crystal lasts 1 - 10 hours (Spellweaving Skill x 10) / 240, minimum 1.

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